"Donald Trump Presidency Prediction made in October, 2015....on SAMVA group at Yahoogroups.com"

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Donald Trump Presidency Prediction made on 22nd October, 2015.

on SAMVA group at Yahoogroups.com

This is the birth chart of Donald Trump the presidential candidate for US Presidential election in 2016. The lord of the ascendant, Sun, is well placed but weak due to old age. It is under the close influence of exalted Rahu which gives material gains. The Sun is closely afflicted by the Moon. Mercury ruling the house of status, family and wealth is strongly placed in the house of gains. Jupiter ruling the house of intellect is strongly placed in the second house ruling wealth and status. Mars is well placed but becomes weak due to weakness of dispositor. Saturn and Venus are weak due to bad placement and infancy. Through his intellectual enterprises he earned a huge amount of wealth and acquired status due to the contributions made by Mercury, Jupiter, Sun and Mars. The close influences on the Sun and weakness of Saturn and Venus brought in the element of delays in his political pursuits. The weakness of Venus brought some moments where his communications were not appreciated. The element of ambitiousness, material prosperity and pride were brought in by the close influence of exalted Rahu on the Sun. He has a fairly good chance of political success and becoming President.

V K Choudhry

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Subject: [SAMVA] Professor Choudhry's accurate prediction on Donald Trump

My dear Professor Choudhry,

CONGRATULATIONS on your amazing prediction from October 2015 regarding Donald Trump

"He has a fairly good chance of political success and becoming President." .

Donald Trump shocks the world as US voters put him on the brink of the presidency - live

Commentators are calling this the biggest upset in modern political history.