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IIPA INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF SYSTEMS'APPROACH ASTROLOGERS - GURGAON (INDIA) - 20TH AND 21ST FEBRUARY, 2010, ASTRAL REMEDIES, GURGAON ASTROLOGERS, KAVACH BY GURGAON VEDIC ASTROLOGER, LEARN ASTROLOGY WITH AUTHOR & RENOWNED ASTROLOGER, "World Famous Astrologer", V K Choudhry 91-9811016333, Get advice from World Famous Author & Astrologers, "Learn Vedic Astrology with World Famous and Noted Indian Vedic Astrologers & Authors, V K Choudhry & K Rajesh Chaudhary" Learn Jyotish Remedies with World Famous Indian Vedic Astrologers, Articles by World Famous and Noted Indian Vedic Astrologer, Books by World Famous Indian Vedic Astrologer, Kavach by World Famous Vedic Astrologers, "Indian Vedic Astrologer" advises Jyotish Remedies - "Gurgaon (NCR near Delhi) World Famous Vedic Astrologer & Authors, V K Choudhry & K Rajesh Chaudhary" advises Jyotish Remedies, Gurgaon (NCR near Delhi)Vedic Astrologer, Astral Remedies, World Famous Astrologers in Gurgaon, V. K. Choudhry & K Rajesh Chaudhary Ph: 91-9811016333 & 91-9899417444.""Learn Astrology", Self Learning Course in Astrology, "Learn Astrology", "eMail Course in Vedic Astrology", "Kavach Astrology",Learn Astrology Basics with Indian Astrologer, Learn Astrology Theory with Indian Astrologer Learn Astrology Applied Principles with Indian Astrologer, Learn Astrology Predictive Techniques, Learn Astrology Transits, Famous Vedic Indian Vedic Astrologers - V K Choudhry & K Rajesh Chaudhary."
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Proceedings of the Fifth SA Intl Conf[Feb 20th, 21st, 2010], at Gurgaon, India: PART I-B
Prof V K Choudhry on: “The Impact of the Functional Malefic Planets”
As the one documenting the Conf Proceedings, I might have made the inadvertent mistake of leaving out the last few minutes of Professor’s Inaugural Address. In case, I have indeed made such an omission, that material is what we now start with. So, all in all, we have not lost anything which the Professor has spoken about in the fore-noon session of the first day.

Let me also add at this stage, what, properly should have been done much earlier in the Inaugural Address itself, namely that there were very deeply involved Astrologers, from many parts of the world, all vibrant practitioners of the Systems Approach, who had sent in their warm good wishes to Professor Choudhry and all the delegates, for all success with this SA Intl Conference. They were Mr David Hawthorne, President, IIPA, (USA), Mr Jo Cohen IIPA (France), Mr Remi Panisset IIPA (France), Dr Shayn Smith IIPA(Colorado-USA) and Mr Thor (ever vibrant on SAMVA)(Iceland).

A few weeks prior to the Conf, I had made a request to the Professor, that it would be to the advantage of all delegates, if at each of these Conferences, he chose to speak to us, on a theme, which he considered important, for our general understanding of the SA. Notwithstanding the health reasons, which did come in the way [you will hear of this shortly]; acquiescing to this request, the Professor, in his lucid talk, has given us all the opportunity to absorb a number of lessons from many illustrative examples of Charts, where, the sufferings inflicted by the Functional Malefic Planets was in full relief.

As he had begun the Inaugural Address [with the traditional invocation of the auspicious ‘Ganeshaya Namaha’], for this talk too, the Professor’s first words were that same obeissance to God. Taking the example of his own personal life first, he now proceeded to illustrate the sufferings inflicted by the Malefic Ra, in his Natal Chart, during a persistent Tr Stationary impact on his natal Su, which was the Lord of the IIIH, in his Gemini Asdt Chart.

This was mentioned to show the various dimensions of prolonged transit influence of Rahu on the third lord. With patience and remedies one can be OK. Problem is when one leaves patience. Some amount of stress is always there.

Professor Choudhry said, that: as soon as the Tr Stationary Influence of Ra, had taken hold of his Natal Sun at 26 degs in his Chart, “It tried to block off all channels of communication”[Tr Ra was in Sagittarius, and the Su was the Lord of the IIIH, well-placed in the IIIH itself, and he was also running the Ra sub-period].When he took some medicines to alleviate a cold, he found that he was completely unable to even speak, no words were coming out of his mouth, even when he made an attempt to articulate. In the restaurant, when I enquired further into this, as to why the IIIH should govern ‘vak’ or speech, as this was the special domain of the IIH, the Professor forthwith declared that, both the IIH, as well as the IIIH, governed the spoken expression, as the IIIH covered all channels of communication.[Sutra #1]

He was also saying earlier, again in the restaurant, during a conversation Dr J Miller and I had with the Professor, that, all in all, the affliction was communicating a message to him that he will now have to remain silent, at least for the next few days! The silence enforced by the Tr affliction lasted 3 days, after which, he was able to speak well again, but now, there were other new areas, where, there was fresh trouble, blocking communication again in one way or the other.

A painful sensation developed in one of the teeth, so he had to go and see a dentist, which was the beginning of a new cycle of trouble [Sun has the ‘teeth’ and ‘organ of voice’ as one of the general significations-See Pg 42, “Self Learning Course”].The dentist suggested a root-canal surgery, and though the Professor knew fully well, that this was hardly the time to go in for such a dental-surgery, yet, he was saying more or less, that even this basic knowledge and awareness were not allowed to have a say, so he, ‘unwittingly subjected himself’ to the root canal surgery[or, to be more precise, it was Rahu, who ‘pushed him into the root canal surgery’, notwithstanding his superior knowledge and awareness], and rather than this being a solution for his problem, it became the cause for fresh trouble-the problematic tooth now broke-off, and had to be ultimately extracted. This whole process lasted a month, during which time, the Tr affliction from Ra to his natal Su was in full swing.

In this way, Professor Choudhry threw much light on the various repercussions of a Tr Stationary long-lasting affliction, and went on to say, that:“Sometimes, during Transit Stationary long-drawn out afflictions, even Remedies will not give the adequate protection, which they are well known to give, under normal afflictions”[Sutra # 2] .

As though this misery was not enough, he now found to his consternation that his tongue was being bruised, because it was getting bitten by his teeth. This strange difficulty also persisted at night, when the Professor was not speaking-yet, the tongue in movement was hurt by his teeth.*

*Lest readers wonder how such an affliction could come to trouble, even so divinely inspired an astrologer, as Professor Choudhry; I am impelled to recall from no less hallowed a source than the Old Testament; a kindred admission, which the illustrious Jewish Prophet Moses, makes to God, in a moment of profound mystical communion. [God commissions Moses to lead his people out of slavery, from the Egyptian ruler Pharaoh. But Moses, intimidated by the enormity of this challenge, comes up with the excuse: ‘my tongue catches in my teeth’]:

||Moses understood. But he was afraid and felt the task resting upon his shoulders as heavy as Mount Horeb. He thought of his thick tongue, which moved with difficulty and struck against his teeth. So he spoke to the thornbush, making his tongue even more clumsy than it was: “Oh, my Lord in the fire, can you not hear? My tongue catches in my teeth, I lisp. Sometimes I even stammer and am altogether slow of speech’. Again the flames crackled. Moses heard the answer: ‘Who moves men’s tongues? Who makes men, makes them hearing or deaf, seeing or blind? Is not God the cause of everything? So go to Pharaoh. The same who sends you will also move your tongue.||

He also reminisced that even during the very first lesson that he was scheduled to impart to a new student of the SA, namely, Ms Neha Gupta[recently], no words could be uttered in that very first class-so merciless was the affliction that Tr Stationary Ra had caused to the IIIH Lord. Turning the ignition switch on in the car, was also so difficult - so great was the pain in the fingers [IIIH signification], as they attempted to do any task. When answering e-mails, that came pouring in, became necessary, the fingers did not have enough strength and functionality to even press upon the keys on the key board, so severe was the impact of the affliction on Professor’s life. Observing all these restrictions of speech and communications, that the Tr Stationary affliction was enforcing upon him, the Professor took the cue, and exercised patience even in matters of writing for the revised editions of the books. He settled down to write the additional chapter of the revised version of a book only after a few days. So, he said.

In conclusion, he mentioned another new principle, which would account fully for the merciless nature of the present Tr St affliction:

“When the Mo is weak or placed in Malefic Hs, then the intensity of the Tr Stationary Influences [TSIs] are more. If the Mo is strong, then, the intensity of such TSIs is less.”[Sutra #3]

To appreciate this new Sutra, we must remember Professor’s statement: “For the kind of problems which I had, any other person, could not have even get out of bed.” It was indeed generous on Professor’s part to have laid bare such life-events, towards a greater appreciation of the SA Sutras, pertaining to Tr Stationary Influences.

Wondering about such very persistently painful situations, which are bound to leave the victims in a thoroughly perplexed condition; he remarked that it is in such situations that Astrology comes forward to throw astounding light, on an area of darkness, in which even medical sciences are often able to give only evasive or nebulous answers.[“Ra-caused afflictions invariably manifest as non-diagnosable diseases”] [Sutra #4]

This took him to Astrology as a Profession, and he had this to say:

“As a profession, when we adopt it, Astrologers have to charge, but those who get benefit never think, how much benefit, they get. The only thing is that, individual who becomes an Astrological Consultant, should not be driven by greed. Whatever the fees, it is OK, some people may not pay, but the advice should be complete and very sincere”[Sutra # 5, on Ethics in Astrological Practice].

Hearing the distressing story of the impact of the Tr St affliction on Professor’s life; Praveen Tyagi, went on to share with all, how even in his own case, as Tr Ra had become coincident with his Natal Ra (27 deg 48 minutes), during this present Tr St affliction, there was so much stress in his life, but he held that he did not suffer a great deal. Tyagiji also mentioned the recent earth quake in Haiti, and said, how devastating in was for Haiti, with so much loss of lives, etc.[Sutra #3 would account for Tyagiji’s experiences, as well as the Haiti earth-quake. In addition, the sub-period running for Tyagiji, was different – that of a strong Jupiter. Dwelling more on such Transit Stationary Influences of Ra and Ke, it was emphasized by the Professor, that Kaushikji had remarked that every nine degrees, Ra and Ke become stationary for four months. And that whenever Ra and Ke become stationary around 1 to 2 degrees, or around 29 to 28 degrees, then the afflictions could be caused to weak Natal Planets in these positions, and thereby the sufferings arising from such Tr Afflictions will be more intense.

[Sutra #6]

It was next pointed out by the Professor, that people wish to know when they are scheduled to come out of a certain persistent problem, and as Transits hold the key to this, the study of Transits becomes very important.

He cited the example of one individual [A Scorpio Asdt-this is Case Study # 3, which follows: Birth Details: Dec 7th, 1966; 5:58 AM; [74E48, 34N06, IST]] who did not have a job for 4 consecutive yrs, and then went on to get a job, after performing remedies. However, in spite of the job, he was having lot of stress in the job, so he was contemplating returning back to his home country. So, that individual had sought clarification through his pertinent question: “What are the astrological reasons for this impasse, in the SA?” The Professor explained: it is because of the loss of mental peace in distant lands, due to difficult Transits, that in such cases, they want to know, “How long will it take, for the present difficulties to subside?” In yet another example, the Professor mentioned how, once when Tr Ju was slowly transiting the Ra-Ke Axis, it made the person, grievously sick. So, the individual was admitted into a good hospital, which in spite of the best diagnostic facilities, could not make a ‘correct’ diagnosis, so finally, they gave antibiotics, and sent him home![Recall ‘evasive and nebulous’ answers] This illustrates how Tr St Influences also cause health problems.

After Tea, Fore-Noon on the First Day[20-2-2010]:

Prof V K Choudhry’s Talk [Cont]:

“The Impact of Functional Malefic Planets”:

The Professor reminded us that the Lords of VIH, VIIIH, & XIIH[when they have, MTSs] are Malefic Lords for any Asdt, in addition to Ra and Ke, which are always Malefic Lords for all Asdts.

And that the MMP [Most Malefic Planet], which causes death and very difficult obstructions, is the Lord of the VIIIH, when the VIIIH, has a MTS.

And, that such Malefic Hs [Houses] which rule such things as health- problems, disputes, litigations, losses through theft; death & serious obstructions; losses, imprisonment & expenditures; respectively, bring their various Malefic significations through the ‘close’ influence of the FM Planets on other Planets and Hs.[‘Close’ means, the orb of affliction is less than 5 degs, ‘Exact’ means, the orb is within 1 degree].[Sutra # 7, See also Pg 23, Predictive Techniques]

“In case of special or multiple afflictions, the otherwise "strong" planet is considered afflicted (and weak) even when the orb of affliction is of two degrees.

“The affliction is special or multiple i.e. when it comes from:

1) a conjunction with/ aspect from the most malefic planet,

2) an aspect from a functional malefic planet placed in a dusthana,

3) a conjunction with Rahu or Ketu (Rahu-Ketu axis)

4) an aspect of a functional malefic planet afflicted by other(s) functional malefic planet,

5) more than one functional malefic planet at the same time.”

“And that in the case of Exact afflictions, they manifest in the early stages of life, in the first sub-period of either the afflicting FM, or the afflicted Planet.”[Sutra # 8]

Lest we form an entirely negative impression of the Malefic Hs: VIH, VIIIH, & XIIH, the Professor hastened to add that: “These three Malefic Hs, also indicate positive things in life, conducive to our general well-being in one way or the other. And for receiving these fruits of the Malefic Hs, they should always be strong in the Natal Chart and the Malefic Lords should not also cause any afflictions in the Natal Chart”.[Sutra #9]

The fruits of these Malefic Hs, when strong were mentioned by the Professor: “That the strong VIH Lord [when strong], blesses, with a sound financial position, with victory over enemies, with no apprehension of losses through theft, fire, and litigations.”[Sutra #10]

“A strong VIIIH gives the fruits of a long-lived father, long-life, long -lasting marriage, easy gains in life”[Sutra # 11].

“If the XIIH is strong, then one has good gains in foreign lands, blessings of comforts & luxuries, the blessings of not being subjected to unnecessary expenses, no danger of being pursued by the Law of the Land[little chances of imprisonment]”[Sutra # 12].

To illustrate the impact of Malefic Hs, the Professor cited the classic example of the SAMVA USA CHART, in which the IVH Lord was badly-placed in the Malefic VIH. This had caused, he said, an abnormal fall of the property prices in that country due to mortgage problems, partly triggering the recent economic recession [2008-2009]. He also added that the weakness of Venus, as Lord of the IVH, had put the US in deficit financing.

In passing, he mentioned that a strong Asdt Lord in XIH, made the US ambitious for wealth, a strong IIH, Lord placed in the VIIH, had given the US a commanding prestige in foreign countries [which is signified primarily by the VIIH in the SA]. And that a strong XH Lord, placed in VH of intellectual creations, had put the US again, in a commanding position, with respect to the whole world, where the holding of “Intellectual Property Rights” was concerned.

The Professor now took up a series of significant case studies, to throw light on the Impact of the Malefic Lords, in the lives of people.

Case Study # 1:

Birth Details: [02-06-1980, 5:27AM, [77E14, 28N39], TZ=-5:30hrs] ‘Never agrees with the views of the others’. Taurus Asdt, with MEP at 17degs 53mts.

Commenting on the Chart of this young lady[more than 29 yrs old], the Professor explained, that in this Taurus Asdt Chart, the affliction to the H of emotional intelligence[ruled by Me] by the Malefic VIH Lord, Ve, has made her very stubborn, thereby making her stick to her views only.[Sutra #13]. In addition, he explained, the placement of the Malefic Ma, almost on the MEP of the IVH, and throwing the 4th aspect on to the MEP of the VIIH of marital relationship-has created weakness of the Marital Hs, and hence delay in marital settlement. When the Professor was asked whether the impact of the Benefic Su on the Asdt MEP, will not also make her egoistic and somewhat proud, which could be unfavourable for a harmonious marriage, he answered that as the Su is the MBP [Most Benefic Planet] for the Taurus Asdt, the affliction to its MTH, is certainly also another unfavourable factor, causing delay in marital settlement.

Case Study # 2:

Birth Details:[Feb 9th, 1958, 17:00Hrs, [74E48, 34N05]

Cancer Asdt with MEP at: 13degs 46mts.

Professor pointed out that, though Ju rules the Malefic VIH, and afflicts the Asdt Lord Mo, almost exactly; the good strength of Ju and the Sun had nonetheless blessed her with a son. However, the XH Lord, Ma is weakly-placed in the VIH, and is further seen to suffer an exact affliction from the Malefic Ke. Because of the affliction, though she tries to work professionally, no success is seen in her work. Under these trying circumstances, she has posed two Qs to the Professor. Q1: In what manner should she set up her work? Q2: Whether her fate, will make her successful in any kind of partnership?

The Professor ruled out partnership, as the affliction from the Malefic VIH Lord to the Asdt Lord, the Mo, would make the person argumentative and lacking in flexibility and adjustment. He also recommended Remedial Measures, for warding off Natal and Tr afflictions from all the FMs: Ra, Ke, Ju and even Sa. The Professor has [if I remember correctly] given her the mandate to enter business, as her strong IIIH, strong Ve and strong Me were patently, good assets, for such business ventures.

Roop Saranji asked the Prof whether the affliction to the Mo-will not spoil health? To this he replied that, Ju, being strong as the VIH Lord, equally contributes to the health [like the Asdt Lord], so the affliction to the Mo from the VIH Lord is not so damaging. Turning from health to marriage, the Professor also remarked that: “As marriages are made or destroyed, depending upon the strengths of the IIH & IVH; or afflictions to these Hs”[Sutra #14] , this Chart shows a favourability for sustaining Marriage.

Case Study # 3:

Birth Details: Feb 9th, 1934; 5:00AM; [75E30, 32N02]] ‘Longevity Question’]

In this particular case study, it was pointed out that the individual had almost lost all inheritance and earnings [see the Lord of inheritance badly placed & deb at that, in the Malefic XIIH of losses, and the further exact affliction to: the Su, as the Lord of the IXH of fortune, and also to a deeply combust Sa, as the Lord of the IIIH of success, & drive.

Pointing to the almost exact conjunction of the two Benefic Professional Lords: Me and Ma, in the IIIH of understanding and communication, he said, this conjunction was good, despite the weakness of the planetary energies and had lead to his qualifying himself as a Chartered Accountant.

The individual had a massive heart attack in 1970[when he was only 36 yrs old], when he was jogging on Marine Drive in Mumbai, and after an unavoidable loss of time of about one hour, he was moved to a hospital. In reply to a question from (probably) Rakesh Sharmaji, Rajeshji pointed out that the exact affliction of the Nodes to the Su had caused the problem.

Going back to his ‘difficulties in life’, the Professor, emphasizing that in the late evening of his life, instead of his children coming to live with him, it was he who is living with his children. The difficulties were caused mainly by the close Rahu-Ketu affliction and “the VIIIH Lord being placed in XIIH, which brings about, loss of most of the things, gained”. [Sutra #15]

It was also pointed out that as, as many as, 5 FB Planets were placed in the Sun-like Hs, this had indeed given the initial rise in life, but Ra’s Conj with the Su, had also resulted in frequent enquiries, and that this torment from the Government departments went on for many years without his being guilty. “Malefic happenings in life came to pass, the Professor emphasized, whenever the FB Planets Tr over Natal FMs”[Sutra #16]

In passing he said always, the comprehensive picture of the TTT, must be examined: “This is called the Triple Transit Triggering (TTT) influence, as it is true for the three possible combinations of the Transit Influence – i.e., Transit over Natal, Transit over Transit, and Natal over Transit.”[Sutra # 17, See Pg 13, Predictive Techniques]

Drawing attention to the Nodal affliction to the Su, in this individual’s Chart, he said, “The essence of Ra’s impact on the Su, is invariably action by the State on the individual”[Sutra #18].. Another Sutra was also given, of more general utility [Sutra #19]: “Ra gives ‘severe threatening situations’. One may not lose everything gained, as this depends on the placement of the Su, and the severity of its multiple weaknesses, etc. However, if Su is badly-placed in Malefic Hs, then the impact of Ra’s affliction can be very bad. The multiple weaknesses, have to be always examined. Gravity of Ra’s affliction is always in proportion to the multiplicity & severity of the weaknesses of the afflicted Planet” [Sutra # 20].

Case Study # 4:

‘A case of the influence of the VIIIH Lord’.

Birth Details:[Sept 9th , 1979, [0W10, 51N30], 2:20AM,

Cancer Asdt, MEP at 8 degs, 19mts, Time Zone=BST(-1:00Hrs)].

In this Chart, the MMP Sa is seen to be in conjunction with the Su, which is the PD [Prime Determinant] of the life-partner, and the Prof put it succinctly: “For Cancer Asdt people, the Su, basically rules marriage”[Sutra #21] .He also pointed out that: “When the affliction caused by the VIIIH Lord[MMP] is severe, then securing relief through the Remedial Measures also becomes difficult”[Sutra #22].

Though his problems are now gone, the Professor remarked that when the crisis had struck, his foremost question was: “Why am I having difficulty in finding a partner?” Prof added that: “In such circumstances, the individual, who has come seeking answers for his questions, must be educated about the affliction to the Su, the general significations[GSs] of the Su, as well as about the significations[Ss] of the H, ruled by the Su; as this knowledge, will give him peace of mind, for it will be seen to tally with his real-life experiences, which show to him, that all these GSs of the Su, & the Ss of the House ruled by the Su, had in fact, not meet with fruition so far”. [Sutra #23]

Case Study # 5:

The Professor gave the good news that this case study [which was also discussed at the last SA Conf] pertained to an individual, who had in fact married just yesterday! Here too Su[which was already seen to be the PD of marriage], was under an exact Ra-Ke affliction, and not affliction from the other Malefic Lords. Birth Details:[26 -11-1965, 21:45hrs, [0W10, 51N30] , Time Zone=GMT].Cancer Asdt Chart with the MEP at 25degs, 42mts.

Case Study # 6:

Birth Details: [16-09-1967, 7:30hrs, [102E13, 2N23], TZ=-7:30Hrs, JVT] Virgo Asdt Chart with the MEP at 13degs,31mts.

This was a case study, the Professor said, which pertained to the professional sphere. The individual, could not find a job at all. All efforts had failed.

For Virgo Asdts, the PD of profession is Ve, and as Ve was badly placed in the Malefic XIIH of losses, & further also very grievously afflicted by the highly Malefic Ra from the Most Malefic VIIIH, & as Sa, another Malefic Lord had also afflicted the Asdt Lord Me exactly, & even the Asdt H, closely[& Sa even afflicted closely the VIIH, IXH, the IVH in addition], for this individual, professional settlement had become a near impossibility. In this condition, he had approached Prof Choudhry for guidance.

It was pointed out that there was some small measure of Grace in his life, amidst all these difficulties, as the mere placement of the XIH Lord of income and gains, the Mo, in the Benefic VH, had taken care of his survival necessities [Sa was strong as the VIH Lord].

In the context of the Malefic Sa afflicting the VIIH ‘closely’, the Professor, asked us to take note of the important sutra: “In the case of a Non-MTH being afflicted ‘closely’ by a Malefic Lord, even such a ‘close’ affliction must still be taken seriously only”[Sutra #24]

Case Study # 7:

Birth Details: [6-9-1969, 3:20AM, [80E21, 26N28], TZ=-5:30hrs], ‘Case of a Professional Setback’. Cancer Asdt, with MEP at 16 degs 02mts.

Afflictions in the Chart, caused by the Malefic Lords, Ju and Sa:

XH afflicted by MMP. The MMP, Sa, also afflicts the IVH, the VIIH, the XIIH, and the Asdt Lord, the Mo, which is badly-placed in the XIIH. VIH lord afflicting the IIIH Lord, the IIIH, the IXH, the VIIH, and the XIH. Dasa of VIIIH Lord was running, all planets [except the strong Su] are weak. The Professor narrated that this lady had numerous problems, the husband was bed-ridden for many yrs, so she had to earn a living by running a grocery store. The affliction to the XH, the IIIH, the XIH of income brought her to the Professor-for a professional consultation. He said, the afflictions caused by the MMP, Sa and by the FM, Ju to four Hs each, took its toll. Though the Su, as the PD of marital life was strong, the severe afflictions to so many Hs, also had their say. The lesson drawn from this Chart was the following: “If there are close/exact afflictions in a Chart, then even though a strong Planet may be there, sufferings will still be part of life”[Sutra #25].

Case Study # 8:V Birth Details: [12-10-1957, 20:14hrs, [76E08, 29N00]] Taurus Asdt Chart with the MEP at 8 degs 52 mts.

This Chart, the Professor said, illustrates the sufferings arising from the afflictions caused by the Malefic Ju[MMP, Lord of the VIIIH], which afflicts Ma, the XIIH Lord, and the afflictions caused by the Malefic VIH Lord Ve, which afflicts the Asdt as well as the Mo.

During sub-period of Ve in the Dasa of Ju, the MMP[i.e., between Sept ‘01 & May ‘04], the individual was involved in a massive accident, went into coma[as the VIIIH of ‘longevity of life’ is closely afflicted by the loss & injury giving FM, Ma] and was confined to a hospital for many months. The affliction was so grievous [orb of affliction is less than 2 degs] that he remained in coma for as long as 5 yrs, before finally succumbing to death. The Professor’s point was that: “Whenever there are afflictions from the VIIIH Lord [MMP], very dangerous life-threatening situations can arise, like coma, death, or such other sufferings, as can even be worse than death itself.”[Sutra # 26].

Case Study # 9:

Birth Details:[02-08-1942, 0:15hrs, [88E18, 27N06]]Taurus Asdt Chart with the MEP at 9degs 26mts.

In this Chart, the affliction [exact] due to the conjunction of the VIH Lord and the VIIIH Lord was firstly pointed out. The IVH is also seen to be afflicted.

Professor mentioned that in the life of this individual, there was prolonged health problems[VIH Lord afflicted by the MMP] and also prolonged disputes for securing inheritance[because of the affliction to the Lord of inheritance, Ju].The affliction to the IVH also shows that peace of mind is disturbed.

Case Study # 10:

Birth Details: [Oct 8th , 1977, 22:00hrs, [80E17, 13N05], TZ=-5:30hrs]Taurus Asdt Chart with the MEP at 27degs 52mts.

Professor pointed out that in this individual’s life, there have been persistent problems on the job front, because of the many close/exact afflictions, to the professional Hs.VIH Lord, Ve, he said, creates affliction to the XH of the profession, Ma, another FM, afflicts exactly the IIH [of professional status], VH [of creative intelligence], VIIIH [of easy gains], even the Su, the significators of the profession, is afflicted exactly 100% by Ra and Ke. And that for the last decade, there have been three or four terminations, many disputes-because of the afflictions caused by the Malefic VIH Lord Ve, and Malefic XIIH Lord, Ma.

Case Study # 11:[Supplied by Rakesh Sharmaji]:

Birth Details: [Dec 27th , 1980, 20:40 hrs, [77E01, 28N27]TZ=-5:30hrs].Cancer Asdt Chart with MEP at 23degs 29mts.

Rakeshji made the statement that the individual sought to have children, but was not successful. The progeny matters for Cancer ascendant persons are ruled by the Sun and significator, Jupiter. Looking at the Chart, one found, Su, the PD of children, for a Cancer Asdt Chart, was badly placed in the Malefic VIH whose Lord is afflicted; Ju, the general significator[GS] of male progeny, exactly afflicted by the Most Malefic Planet, Sa. Thus all significators of progeny seemed to be afflicted. The Mo, another supplementary Determinant was also weak due to the weakness of dispositor, Sun.

Commenting on the vagueness of the reply of this individual, that ‘everything is OK’, the Professor said, quite often, people, just do not know how bad their situation is, until some huge calamity strikes, and knocks them down.

Somewhere in the middle, the Professor introduced to us, Mr Brian Conrad’s very useful new Jyotish Tools’ Software which can be used on mobile phones with Android Operating System. This software has facilitated the lives of astrologers while travelling. One can also in an instant take a look at any Chart in their library, and how, not having their LapTop with them, will now no more come in the way of offering astrological guidance, anywhere in the world, at anytime. Sri Rajeshji had a Samsung Galaxy cell-phone model i7500 with the Jyotish Tools installed, and it was unbelievable!

Referring to the forthcoming presentations of Sri Roop Saranji, Dr Jonathan Miller, Dr S Bhagavadpada, and other delegates, who would also bring up many Charts for discussions, the Professor brought to a close, this highly encouraging, and instructive talk, and thus passed on the baton to other speakers who were already in the line.