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"Kavach is a powerful tool of "jyotish remedies"for strengthening one's weak benefic planets. "KAVACH"- Design and concept created, tested and popularised by Author and Indian Astrologer Mr. V K Choudhry. Kavach - Energize your weak functional benefic planets with "KAVACH", "Kavach/Special Power Kavach"Info on KAVACH," POWER KAVACH ASTRAL MYSTICAL KAVACH" Energisation and Effectiveness of Kavach Power of Kavach."
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Ascendant-wise Tested Household Jyotish Remedies/Propitiatory Measures.

1. Offering sweet fried bread (Indian pancake stuffed with sugar and fried) in small pieces to crows daily in the morning
OR Offering food to lepers daily for Rahu.

2. Offering two slices of bread dipped in milk to a street dog daily in the morning after prayers for Ketu.

3. Offering Bundi Laddus/yellow colored sweet to crows daily in the morning for Jupiter.

4. Offering sweet food made of wheat and in milk to a cow for the Sun on Sunday mornings.

These simple propitiatory remedies are based on Bhoota yagyam, one of the five great sacrifices mentioned in Vedic literature and Upanishads, and the planetary tastes and preferences.

We can arrange these to be performed in India for you if you cannot arrange to do it at your own. Cost US$ 151 per month.