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INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF SA ASTROLOGERS 2011 - GURGAON, (INDIA)", Astrologers & Authors, V K Choudhry & K Rajesh Chaudhary" advises Jyotish Remedies, Gurgaon Astrologer, Astral Remedies form Gurgaon Astrologer, Astrologers in Gurgaon, V. K. Choudhry & K Rajesh Chaudhary Ph: 91-9811016333 & 91-9899417444.""Career Report", Indian Vedic Astrologer" guides on professional problems, "Jyotish Remedies" for career problems, "Kavach" for career problems, Special purpose kavach for career problems.
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Proceedings of the Sixth SA Intl Conf[Mar 12th, 13th , 2011], at Gurgaon, India:
PART I-B:Fore-Noon Session on the First Day [Cont]:
Prof V K Choudhry’s Inaugural Address[Cont]:

After the house assembled again after the Tea Break, at 11:45AM, the Professor, continuing his Inaugural address further, said at the very beginning itself that he would now show us the Charts of some very fortunate individuals, and in fact, he began with one such ‘good’[or to be more precise, ‘God Blessed’]

Chart. CS#1: [12th Sept, 1957, 22:07Hrs, (76ºE46?,30ºN45?), TZ=-5:30Hrs, Taurus Asdt Chart, with the MEP at 9º 11?]

From a direct knowledge of the individual, with whom the Professor seemed to be well acquainted, he declared right away that he is the chairman of a big group of companies-one of the ‘Nine Gems’ [Nava Ratna]companies of the Govt of India. As is evidenced by the strong Sa, aspecting the Asdt, Professor confirmed that this individual was good and very competent at his work, and the only reason, he did not go to create and build his own company, was his weak Lord of the IIIH of initiatives. The ‘goodness’ came from the reasonably strong XH, IVH and VIH.

CS#2: [12th Aug, 1946, 18:19Hrs, (77ºE13?,28ºN40?), TZ=-5:30Hrs, Capricorn Asdt Chart, with MEP at 23º32?]

The Professor’s perceptions should have been surely interesting to all the delegates, because, they were getting a firsthand experience of how the Professor thinks, when a Chart is placed before him. For example, in the previous CS#1, he did not make much ado about the close association of the FM, Ma, with the Leo Su, with which that FM, had an orb of about 3º Conj. This was significant, because, it immediately, drove home the fact that, the Su was very strong [being a Leo Sun, which is ‘famous’ in the SA, for its exceptional strength], in spite of being weak due to old age, to the extent of about 25%.

Likewise, the presence of four strong FBs in this Chart, in the Professor’s opinion, ‘seems to have imparted so much grace to the individual’[IXH Lord Me blesses the Asdt MEP, closely] that, the ‘exact’ affliction to the Su, as the VIIIH Lord, from Ke, did not seem to disturb him much, except to the extent that, the individual, because of this affliction, is expected to have conflict with authority figures, like father, boss in the office, Govt, etc. He did stress on the weakness of Ju, because of its old age and affliction from Ra, but was very pleased with the Chart as a whole. Because of the weakness of Ju, the Professor held that, after a stint abroad, the individual had to return to India. He observed that the individual was known in a good way throughout the world, and has presently set up a huge Medical Centre, bringing genuine good health and medical relief to thousands.

CS#3:[5th Oct, 2001, 4:30AM, (72ºE57?, 22ºN33?), Gujarat, TZ=-5:30Hrs]

It was pointed out that this was another exceptional ‘God Blessed’ Leo Asdt Chart, with all Planets strong. This is by far, the strongest Chart, I have seen in the SA. With the exception of both Nodes being 20% weak, because of their debilitation in the D9, there is no other weakness of the Planets. The parents named this child ‘Anand’, because ‘Anand’ was the place of birth, ‘Anand’ also means happiness.

CS#4: [17th Oct, 1981, 12:15Hrs, (77ºE13?, 28ºN40?), TZ=-5:30Hrs]

Professor cited this Sagittarius Chart as an example of ‘how far you can go in reaping benefits through the prolonged performance of the remedial measures’. Though, there are no afflictions in the Rasi Chart, yet the two professional significators [Su, Me], as well as the XH Lord are weak because of the ‘Dispositor’s Affliction’. In spite of such weaknesses of Planets, this individual, secured the degree of MD in orthopedics, and is pursuing to secure also the PhD in an allied field.

CS#5: [21st Nov, 1961, 2:10PM, (77ºE17?, 28ºN22?), TZ=-5:30Hrs]

The delegate Sri Rakesh Sharma [If I am correct], brought up this CS, for the Professor to throw any additional light. The lady, we were told, was in penury, when she firstly sought consultation, in the wake of her husband’s death[See the PD of the husband, Me, badly placed in the VIIIH of death, and that too, with a close affliction from the MMP], but in due course, when she adopted the Remedial Measures, in all sincerity and faith, good things started happening to her-she secured a good job, bought a Honda City car, even went to Malaysia, to do a special course in Feng Shui, etc. Professor made the observation that the Su was strong, in the house of fortune, guaranteeing financial solvency, and even Ma, signifying ‘accumulated wealth’, and ruling the IIH of professional status was well placed in the IXH. He further added, “Astral Remedies have done wonders to people, who have been sincerely doing them.”[SA Sutra].With regard to Aquarius Asdt people, the Professor observed that in the course of the last two yrs, they ought to have been struggling, as their slow moving Asdt Lord, Sa, was transiting the Most Malefic VIIIH. However, he gave a message of hope for such people, as from Nov 2011, he said, their Asdt Lord Sa, will be moving into the house of fortune, which is also its exaltation Sign, and was scheduled to bring them, a much better period, with good things happening.

CS#6: [22nd June, 1974, 6:10AM, (83ºE30?, 20ºN41?), TZ=-5:30Hrs]

We must remember that, in this post Tea-Break fore-noon session, the Professor, was mainly interested in dwelling on ‘good’ Charts, and had asked the delegates to come up with such Charts. So, here in another instance, Sri Rakesh Sharma, brought up the present CS#6, of a young man, who boldly stepped into the mainstream of life in Delhi[he came from Orissa], with hardly a penny in his pocket. His family had enjoyed good status in the society of Orissa, with the grandfather having even been a Governor in the past. The young man in question however, did not want to shine in borrowed feathers, he rather wanted to stand on his own feet [a strong Su in the Asdt of the Gemini Asdt Chart], gave him a spirit of independence, Himalayan courage and entrepreneurial drive, and the grace for success therein. Not only, did he come out in flying colors in his MBA course from a top university, he succeeded to such an extent that, at this rather still young age of 36, he had amassed assets in Delhi, amounting to no less than INR 70 crores.

In an aside, I might remark that in his Gemini Asdt Chart, we see not only two ‘Sun-Like Lords’, Su and Sa placed in the Asdt house, but even the Lord of the house of assets, Me, is placed therein, and significantly impacting on the Asdt MEP. In the Turyamsha [D4] DC, Me, as a FB, is again placed in the Asdt, and blessed by the strong Su, which now rules the house of fortune in the D4 DC. When examining such Charts, we may come to appreciate the SA Sutra: ‘That a Planet suffering debilitation in the D9 DC, weakens that Planet, by no more than 25%’.

I am unable to tell at this stage, whether the fortunate individual was doing the Ra-Ke remedial measures or not, but the CS brought up in some way the question of the severity of the Transit Stationary Afflictions, which are usually prolonged, and Professor paused to remind us, how last year [actually the TSA went on from Dec 2009 to end Feb 2010], when the Su in his natal Chart came under this TSA; even with the help of medicines, speech was palpably impaired. Why, even turning the ignition switch in the car was impossible[so much was the pain].When last year, on the last day of the Conference or something, when I was walking with the Professor to his car and expressed my amazement, at the intensity of the TSA in his Chart, he was quick to provide the answer - he had said something striking, regarding the role of a strong Mo in any Chart, which we may always bear in mind: “Whenever, the Mo is badly placed or weak in a Chart, then TSAs always do comparatively more havoc”[SA Sutra]{In Professor’s Chart, the Mo was in the VIIIH of occult studies}.

CS#7: [14th Sept, 1994, 00:34Hrs, (77ºE13?, 28ºN40?), TZ=-5:30Hrs]

Here is another such example of a ‘God Blessed’ Gemini Asdt Chart, brought up by Sri Rajesh Hasija. The Chart, like those of many others, already discussed in this post Tea-Break fore-noon session, had spectacularly many strong FBs, but the thing on which attention was focused, was the influence of Ra on the XIH Lord, the Ma, placed in the Asdt. Sri Chidanand Samarth, who had been out of the country for several years, and whom I was therefore seeing at this Conference, after a break of many years, asked an astonishing Q: “Will such Ra-induced gains be sustained?”, for we were told, the influence of Ra on Ma, had made the individual plunge into the field of ‘speculation in games’, especially so, as Ra was placed in the VH of speculation. Professor’s verdict was bereft of any doubt, he said, “Yes, because there are so many strong FB Planets in this Chart, and the individual is simply fortunate, lucky and favored by the grace.” Many delegates would have appreciated the Professor’s delightful As, as all present, were repeatedly witnessing the way Professor Choudhry is thinking-he is always taking the whole Chart into account, and from such ‘total perception’, he is giving us the A, as his insight.

CS#8: [5th Aug, 1920, 6:00AM, (79ºE24’, 28ºN20?), TZ=-5:30Hrs]

This is a Cancer Asdt Chart, with the MEP at 23º46?.Professor introduced the Chart as that of a 90 yr old man, who had enjoyed the prestigious position of the ‘Director of National TV’. It had a strong Su, in the Asdt, which gave him the blessing of a royal status in the professional sphere. The Asdt Lord, the Mo was strong and placed in the IXH of fortune and overseas. Me and Ve as FBs were also well placed in the Asdt. The conspicuous affliction in the Chart came from Ke, upon the Lord of the VIIIH, namely Sa. Professor said, the strong Su had given him 4 sons[Ju, the Putrakaraka, or significator of male progeny, was strong, except that it suffered from the single weakness, due to infancy to the extent of 50%.However, the ‘placement benefit’ of Ju in the IIH of progeny(for a Cancer Asdt Chart), brought in the huge blessings, with reference to male progeny].He observed in addition that, the affliction to the VIIIH Lord, gives financial difficulties to the father and curtails the longevity of the father. Apart from these results of affliction to the lord of the eighth house, the life went on, more or less, smoothly. Pointing to his current financial position, Professor said, that his present pension was a good 20 times, the magnitude of his last drawn salary! He was now 90, still going strong, and had also written a book, which is scheduled to be shortly published.

Summing up, the Professor, as though to balance his earlier well-known SA Sutra: “In any Chart, Afflictions have the first say”; now gave us the converse Sutra: “Strong Planets cover Afflictions also”. This takes us straight away to the principle we dwelt upon, recently, namely, that the Professor is always taking a ‘total perception’, before he arrives at any verdict, so that one has to constantly bear in mind, the context of the whole Chart, from which his SA Sutras keep emerging.

CS#9: [24th Aug, 1968, 10:00AM, (76ºE58?, 29ºN41?), India, TZ=-5:30Hrs, Libra Asdt Chart, ‘Rasi Sandhi Birth’ MEP=0º03?]

Here is another Libra Asdt Chart, which the Professor considered ‘good’ and ‘God Blessed’. The Asdt Lord Ve was just a trifle less than ‘strong’, and so the close affliction from the MMP, Me, need not be feared, as the orb of 2º24’ is still out of the ‘danger zone’. Ju, ruling the IIIH will also behave like a ‘Sun Like Planet’ [SA Sutra], and the Su, as Lord of the XIH of gains is also fully strong. In an aside, I may observe that on account of so many strong Planets in the XIH of gains, the ‘life drama’ fundamentally revolves around the XIH affairs, and success is the basic foregone conclusion, in view of the strength of the XIH, and the occupation of that house by many strong Planets. The individual was a university topper [strong Me, Ju and Su], an Electronics Engineer, and, as we may well imagine, from our knowledge of the SA, regarding the house of income here, he was drawing the stupendous figure of something like USD 20,000/- every month. However, in reply to a Q, regarding the MMP’s affliction to the Asdt Lord Ve, Professor Choudhry mentioned as Venus is nearly strong (93% strength), Me does not really afflict Venus. He faced loss of interest in studies in 1977 and was not obeying the parents during the Ve-Ra sub-period. The fortunate individual is blessed with a wife, and two children, a daughter and a son.

Colonel Kailash, pointed out the dicey nature of his fate-that “had he been born a minute or two earlier, the story of his life, would have run along entirely different lines.”

With the remarks, that a strong Ve, signified wealth [especially in the house of income], while, Ra’s influence on the weak and deb Ma [the VIIIH Lord], would pose problems in marital relationship, and that in the scheduled TSA at 29º [between April and Aug later this year], he was in for unexpected suffering; the Professor closed this CS#9, which was strongly tilted on the side of a fortune life.

CS#10: [12th June, 1992, 10:35AM, (86ºE58?, 25ºN15?), TZ=-5:30Hrs, India, Leo Asdt Chart, MEP=12º49?]

This CS#10, was brought up by Sri Rajesh Hasija. In this Rasi Chart, there are no obvious afflictions which give us a clue to the short longevity, except that, the Asdt Lord is having the weakness of old age to the extent of 50%, and Sa, Ayushkaraka is weak in the VIH. The individual was reported to have died of dengue [viral infection], on 13th Sept, 2010 [Sa-Me sub-period]. Professor Choudhry observed, it may be due to some prolonged transit influence and there may be some error in the birth data.

CS#11[27th Jan, 1968, 11:19AM, (82ºE08? 26ºN46?), TZ=-5:30Hrs]

Dr Bhatra brought up this Aries Asdt Chart as an example of a ‘good’ Chart. Ju, as Lord of the IXH of fortune blesses the Asdt, the Mo, and even Ve closely. She said that he is presently in Bangalore, has a daughter [represented by the strong Su in his Chart]. As the IXH is the house of God, this is most certainly another stunning example of a ‘God-Blessed’ Chart. Professor, was just observing the correctness of all that Dr Batra was saying.

CS#12: [25th Aug, 1972, 11:00AM, (77ºE00?, 28ºN28?), TZ=-5:30Hrs]

Another one of those ‘God-Blessed’ Charts-a Libra Asdt, with the MEP=14º09?.As we were approaching lunch time, the session was nearing its end, so Professor mentioning that “Good strong planets bless with happiness and comforts” [SA Sutra], closed this session. Studying ‘God-Blessed’ Charts is a rare thing in Vedic Astrology, because, most of the time, the ones who seek astrological consultations, come because of horrendous problems in their lives. However, unless one is also exposed to a large number of ‘God-Blessed’ Charts, one may not be able to appreciate the totality of life, which encompasses fortunate individuals, side by side with the large number of unfortunate ones. So, this wide angled vision of the totality of life, given to us by the Professor, through these ‘God Blessed’ Charts, is very helpful, for the cultivation of a broader vision of life.

This marks the end of Professor Choudhry’s Inaugural address, during the fore-noon session of the first day. It clearly had two distinct themes. The first one was ‘The Dispositor’s Affliction’, and the second, which has just ended, revolved around the theme of ‘Good, God-Blessed and Fortunate Charts’.

In the afternoon, Professor went to his second discourse, which revolved round the theme: “Debts, Borrowings’ and their Malefic Impact on the Professional Sphere”. We shall cover his second discourse in PART II-A, which will follow the present PART I-B.