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Amongst all other problems, the problem of health is the one, which affects a person both physically and mentally. Physical and mental disability or disturbance temporarily or in a chronic way touch each and every aspect of life to the disadvantage of the native. THE MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS, PREVENTIVE OR ACTUAL, HAVE BECOME VERY COMPLICATED TODAY IN A TOTALLY POLLUTED ENVIRONMENT. In contrast to medical science, astrology affords human beings the advantage of knowledge of diseases from which a native may suffer during the course of his life. THE MEDICAL SCIENCE STARTS TREATING WHEN THE PERSON STARTS SUFFERING AND CANNOT MAKE A TRUSTWORTHY VULNERABILITY CHECK. In contrast to medical science, it is astrology which not only forewarns the native about VULNERABILITY TO DREADED DISEASES, BUT ALSO HELPS IN AVOIDING THE SAME COMPLETELY OR PARTIALLY by strengthening the planets and by adopting suitable astral remedies, food habits, etc. How to diagnose diseases is the question which comes up next? The houses/planets which are weak or afflicted cause diseases connected with the significations ruled by them. This is the golden principle which provides us the key to diagnosing the health problems and suggesting possible remedies. For example, if the lord of the ascendant is weak and both the lagna and its lord at the same time are afflicted by conjunction/aspect of the malefics and further are devoid of the aspect/conjunction of benefics, a person has a weak constitution and during the period/sub-period of the lord ascendant the significations of diseases are aggravated. The strength of the planets should also be analyzed in the relevant divisional chart with reference to the lagna in the divisional chart. Then planets give us the further hint; for example, Mercury being the lord of the ascendant Virgo and weak/afflicted, may cause suffering by way of nervous breakdown, skin infections, breathing problems, etc. Whether the diseases would be temporary/permanent is revealed by the planets which are causing afflictions, i.e., if the afflicting planets are Saturn and Rahu, they cause sufferings which persist for a long time while planets like Mars, Sun and Ketu cause serious problems but relief also comes comparatively early. While the ascendant and the lord of the ascendant, the Sun (karaka for vitality), the Moon (karaka for mind) and Mercury (karaka for nervous system) signify the physical and mental health in general, the planets indicate parts of the body governed by them. Moreover, the planets, in addition to their lordships, cause suffering by way of significations ruled by them. Mars afflicted by Rahu or Saturn may cause boils, wounds, irregular blood pressure, impurities of blood, etc. If the Sun is in conjunction with Mars and one of these two planets is a functional malefic, both the significations of Mars and the Sun suffer. The person, during mutual periods/sub-periods of these planets, may have a bone fracture/operation of the part signified by the lordship of the Sun. Revolving around the foregoing general principles, numerous planetary combinations are available in the classical texts guiding us towards the possible diseases a native may suffer from. Afflicted planets give short duration health problems pertaining to their general and particular significations. If the lord of the ascendant is weak and there are severely afflicted planets, a person is amenable to dreaded diseases like cancer, skin infections, cardiac diseases, etc.

Price for Preventive Astral Diagnosis: US$ 150 or equivalent in Indian Rupees.