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V K Choudhry If you are interested in astrology, this group is for you. It is proposed to start a group in Gurgaon for interaction at personal level. The group can meet, in the beginning, once a month for 5 to 7 hours on a Sunday. This meeting can be organised in the form of a seminar for exchange of views for furthering and enriching our collective knowledge of astrology. The meeting can also be used for presentation by members and case studies discussions.

Presently, the Venue of the monthly meeting would be Club Patio South, South City II, Gurgaon.

The monthly subscription for organising the Seminar, Venue, Tea/coffee and Lunch would be Rs.1000/- per month. We can jointly decide about the rules for organising the Group, when we meet.

If you are interested in the idea, you may contact:
V K Choudhry, Author and Astrologer
at or Mobile Phone 9811016333.