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Jupiter enters Taurus on the 1st of May, 2024. It remains here for one year and two weeks and transits into the sign Gemini on 14th May, 2025.


A. As it enters sign Taurus, it becomes very weak due to infancy as well as it falls into debilitation in Navamsa for the first two weeks, which is not good for its spiritual and religious dispositions.

B. It goes into combustion once during its stay in Taurus for about one month, that is from approximately 4th of May to 2nd of June 2024;

C. As it is transiting a non-moolatrikona sign it does not depend on the strength of any other planet for full and timely manifestation of its significations (dispositor weakness).


Jupiter becomes stationary for a considerable period of time on two occasions in the sign of Taurus, as per the following schedule:-

1. 13th September, 2024 to 5th November, 2024 around 26-27 degrees and;

2. 1st January, 2025 up to 11th March, 2025 around17-18 degrees..

3. Fortunately, its rendezvous with the nodal axis is for a brief period of about one week when it gets afflicted by transit Ketu that is from 6th to 14th July, 2024. This spell is short for natives and nations born in the ascending signs of Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces as the orb of affliction is one degree.

4. While the afflicted spell will be longer for natives and nations born in Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries and Gemini as either Jupiter or Ketu will be operating in a malefic house. The affliction will remain active for about one month for five degrees on either side that is from 25th June 2024 to 27th July, 2024.

Ascendant wise Impact

Readers can find out about the strengthening of Jupiter, in rising signs where it is a functional benefic planet, and the propitiatory remedies where it is a functional malefic planet (Taurus, Cancer & Capricorn) on our website:


While Jupiter travels through the sign Taurus, its general impact for various ascending signs would be as given hereunder:-


For Arians this movement of Jupiter brings their lord of fortune to the house of status, professional growth, family and accumulation of savings. It indicates addition to family, facilitates marriage, recognition of your work and you achieve much higher in proportion to your efforts. Blessings of parents and spiritual teachers help you move ahead in life.


For Taureans this is a much-awaited movement as it brings Jupiter to their ascendant from a very strenuous stay in their twelfth house. Jupiter is their most malefic planet and its stay in their ascendant will be much better and milder than its transit in their house of losses, expenses, ill health and setbacks. When it transits close to their MEP it indicates worries on account of kids, investments, parents, spouse BUT when it is not afflicting then it indicates good results in these areas. Regular propitiations for the Jupiter and nodes are all the more important to reduce the complications.


This transit movement brings Jupiter to the twelfth house of Gemini rising natives. Being the significator for wealth, this transit may indicate some losses and unplanned expenses. It also indicates foreign travel, stay there for a considerable period and it also opens up new opportunities for those looking forward to settling abroad. It needs strengthening by way of a Special power Kavach otherwise it may impact the health of spouse, harm marriage prospects and give difficulties while staying at distant places.


For Cancerians Jupiter being the lord of 6th house is a functional malefic planet and its transit in Taurus connects the house of income and friends with disputes and litigations. When strong in the natal chart and transit and unafflicting it gives good health, success in litigations and sound finances. When afflicting it indicates persistent issues with profession, friends, losses in investments and problems in relationships. During such spells you should avoid needless driving, initiating new things, making fresh investments and exercise patience in relationships. Propitiations for Jupiter, Saturn and the nodes are imperative for reducing the negative manifestations.


For Leo rising natives Jupiter travels out of their house of fortune to the 10th house and emphatically impacts their professional matters as it aspects their 2nd house as well. It indicates good growth in professional matters, rise in status and special recognition for those employed in creative or knowledge-based professions. It indicates an exceptionally positive spell for students and those planning to appear for competitive examinations as it rules the fifth house for them.


It is a very fortunate transit movement as far as Virgo rising natives are concerned for it brings their most benefic planet, Jupiter, to the house of fortune, from where it aspects their efforts, personality and wisdom. It calms them down, is a positive influence for parents and also indicates good gains from real estate, additions to assets and helps those looking forward to marriage. Those with a weak natal Jupiter must strengthen it through a Special power kavach in order to make most of this positive transit movement.


Libra rising natives are impacted by this transit movement in a negative way as it transits to their house of obstructions. It indicates persistent problems in their endeavours. Those planning to enter business or start a new project should defer their plans and wait for Jupiter to come out of Taurus otherwise there can be serious problems in the very beginning. Jupiter should be strengthened to improve its natal and transit strength.


For Scorpions, the movement of Jupiter into Taurus is a very welcome change as it brings it out of conflicts, health problems and financial difficulties. Natives can heave a sigh of relief as it brings peace and rapprochement in the professional sphere. This movement indicates new collaborations, friendships and handsome gains from business ventures. Those facing delay in marriage can also step up their efforts to make the most of this transit but must strengthen their natal Jupiter with a Special power kavach and a yellow Sapphire.


Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius rising natives as its moolatrikona sign falls in their first house. Its transit into the sign Taurus brings it down into their 6th house. It connects their health, disposition, personality with conflicts, diseases, legal and financial problems. Such a placement of Jupiter also makes one struggle and work hard and the results are lesser in comparison to the level of efforts. Natives should strengthen Jupiter with an appropriate Kavach and/or gemstones to deal with this transit.


For Capricorn rising natives Jupiter is a functional malefic planet as it rules their house of losses, expenses and penalties. Its transit in Taurus connects the abovementioned connotations with emotional relationships, the well-being of kids, investments and harmony with spouse. When strong in natal and transit charts and unafflicting it provides some opportunities in foreign lands. But one should tread very carefully with investments, stay away from speculation and handle emotional relationships carefully. Natives should continue to propitiate Jupiter regularly to control its negative manifestations.


For Aquarians the planet Jupiter rules income, gains, friends and elder siblings and its transit into Taurus connects these significations with assets, family, happiness and indicates good gains from real estate. It brings in new business opportunities and additional streams of income in the form of rent etc. Those with a weak natal Jupiter must strengthen it to harness timely results and reap the benefits of this transit.


Jupiter is the prime determinant of professional matters for Pisces rising natives. This transit movement, in Taurus, takes it to their house of initiatives, communication and inclinations. When Jupiter is strong in the natal as well as transit chart it blesses the native with new opportunities, help/assistance from younger siblings/team-mates and acts as a force multiplier for their efforts. When weak and afflicted it indicates problems in business/professional matters. Natives should appropriately strengthen Jupiter to improve its transit and natal strength and improve their professional/business affairs.

The impacts are enhanced for those who have strengthened their natal weak planets including Jupiter and afflictions are reduced considerably for those who continuously propitiate the functional malefic planets according to their rising signs.

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