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Jupiter enters Aries on 22nd April, 2023. It remains here for one full year and transits into the sign Taurus on 1st May, 2024.


A. As it is moving through Aries, it doesn't get debilitated in Navamsa throughout its stay, which is good for its spiritual and religious dispositions;

B. Luckily its combust spell is for just four days, that is from 22nd to 26th April, 2023;

C. As it is transiting the moolatrikona sign of planet Mars it depends on the strength of Mars for full and timely manifestation of its significations (dispositor weakness).

The strength of Mars fluctuates; its prolonged spells of weaknesses are as below:-

1. It goes into a prolonged spell of combustion from 24th September, 2023 to 16th January, 2024 (about 4 months).

2. It becomes debilitated between 11th May, 2023 to 1st July 2023, for about two months.


Jupiter becomes stationary for a considerable period of time on two occasions in the sign of Aries, as per the following schedule:-

1. 21st August, 2023 to 21st September, 2023 around 21 degrees and;

2. 13th December, 2023 up to 19th January, 2024 around 11 degrees.

3. Fortunately its rendezvous with the nodal axis is for a very brief period of about two weeks that is from 24th May, 2023 to 8th June, 2023 when it comes in close conjunction with transit Rahu. At this time its dispositor Mars will also be weak due to debilitation which makes the position of Jupiter all the more vulnerable.

4. Jupiter while passing through Aries comes under a prolonged close third aspect of planet Saturn for the following two spells:

(natives and nations born with the rising signs of Virgo, Cancer and Pisces should be very careful and propitiate the nodes along with the and planet Saturn during these spells)

A. 9th June, 2023 to 30th June, 2023 - During this spell as well the position of Jupiter remains vulnerable as its dispositor Mars remains weak due to debilitation.

B. 5th January, 2024 to 11th March, 2024

The above spells are particularly negative for Virgo rising natives as both the afflicted and afflictors will be badly placed in the 8th and 6th houses.

Ascendant wise Impact

Readers can find out about the strengthening of Jupiter, in rising signs where it is a functional benefic planet, and the propitiatory remedies where it is a functional malefic planet (Taurus, Cancer & Capricorn) on our website:


While Jupiter travels through the sign Aries, its general impact for various ascending signs would be as given hereunder:-


For Arians this movement is much awaited as Jupiter leaves their twelfth house and transits their ascendant. Where Jupiter is strong in the natal as well as transit chart it will blesses the native with happiness, addition to family, marriage for those looking forward to settling down and creates new learning opportunities. It's positive for recognition, spiritual/religious pursuits, health and well-being of parents. It gives exceptional results when it comes under the influence of transit Saturn from the eleventh house (dates mentioned above) in the form of handsome financial gains and elevation in social/professional status.


Movement of Jupiter in Aries brings it to the 12th house of Taureans. Jupiter is their most malefic planet and its stay in the house of losses and expenses indicates persisting challenges. It indicates setbacks in relationships, financial crunch, stress for the parents, sudden health problems/injuries and delay in acquisition of assets. Regular propitiations for Jupiter and the nodes are all the more important to reduce the complications.


This transit movement brings Jupiter to the house of financial gains for Gemini rising natives. Being the significator for wealth, this transit augurs very well for the matters of cashflow, strengthening of financial position and heralds new business opportunities, some of them can be connected with foreign lands as well. Its impact on seventh house speaks well about relationships and facilitates finalization of marriage.


For Cancerians Jupiter is the lord of 6th house and its transit in Aries connects the house of profession with disputes and litigations. When strong in the natal chart and transit and unafflicting it gives good health and satisfactory finances. When it comes under the prolonged influence of transit Saturn (dates mentioned above) it indicates persistent issues with profession, conflicts and challenges to your status as well. During such spells you should avoid needless driving and be proactive towards your health. Propitiations for Jupiter, Saturn and the nodes are imperative for reducing the negative manifestations.


It's a welcome transit movement for Leo rising natives as Jupiter moves out of their house of obstructions and settles down in the house of fortune. Where Jupiter is strong in the natal and transit charts it blesses the native with happiness in matters of higher education, birth of children, happiness in emotional relationships, rise to parents/fortune, additional financial gains and recognition. From January, 2024 to March, 2024 it indicates exceptionally good results and you can plan your major decisions accordingly.


It is a very disturbing transit movement as far as Virgo rising natives are concerned as it brings their most benefic planet, Jupiter, to the house of obstructions where it comes under the negative influence of their sixth lord Saturn as well. It indicates stress and obstructions in the matters of assets, family happiness, health of parents and your efforts run into sudden obstructions time and again. It is a time for patience and being positive. Strictly follow the advised propitiatory remedies for Jupiter, Saturn and nodes to pass this spell with lesser problems.


Libra rising natives can heave a sigh of relief as their third lord vacates the house of conflicts and moves to a positive house signifying new collaborations, partnerships and foreign lands. It makes Librans active in their pursuance of selection of life partner and some of you forge new emotional relationships. Where Jupiter is strong in the natal as well as transit charts it blesses the native with happiness through new business opportunities in international marketing, jobs in foreign lands, additional financial gains and recognition.


For Scorpions, the movement of Jupiter into Aries is negative as it connects the house of speech, status, family and wealth with the house of conflicts, debts and diseases. Where Jupiter is weak in the natal chart as well it indicates stress through mishaps and conflicts. It indicates problems due to your aggressive behaviour and harsh speech and it may cause setbacks to your professional status as well. Some of you may find yourself in situations where you need to raise fresh debts to manage your finances. You need to wear a Special power kavach and a yellow Sapphire to strengthen Jupiter and reduce the negative manifestations.


Sagittarius rising natives immensely benefit from this movement of Jupiter as it transits Aries which falls in their fifth house (a trine lord in another trinal house). It connects their personality with knowledge, wisdom and good luck. It blesses the natives with promotions, recognition, happiness through relationships, addition to family and enhances their social status. It indicates very good results for those actively pursuing a spiritual path and helps them advance in their journey.


For Capricorn rising natives Jupiter is a functional malefic planet as it rules their house of losses, expenses and penalties. Its transit in Aries connects the abovementioned connotations with family happiness, assets and overall stability in life. When strong in natal and transit charts and unafflicting it provides comforts and good opportunities in foreign lands. When weak and afflicting it causes stress in relationships, problems in job, problems to parents and causes financial worries/setbacks in foreign lands.


Aquarians should welcome this transit movement with open arms as it gives strong impetus to their existing and new ventures. It brings in new business opportunities, additional financial gains, strong bonding with friends and happiness for those living in foreign lands. It connects the houses of monetary gains, friends, siblings with your efforts and indicates good gains therefrom. Months of January, February and March, 2024 are especially fortunate in above respects as it gets additional blessings from your ascendant lord Saturn.


Jupiter is the prime determinant of professional matters for Pisces rising natives. This transit movement, in Aries, takes it to their house of professional status and recognition. Where Jupiter is strong in the natal as well as transit chart it blesses the native with promotion in job, wealth, elevation in status, living comforts and recognition. When weak and afflicted, especially January to March, 2024 it indicates severe and sudden setbacks in business/professional matters. When strong in transit and strong in natal chart, it is very helpful and blesses with long term gains.

The impacts are enhanced for those who have strengthened their natal weak planets including Jupiter and afflictions are reduced considerably for those who continuously propitiate the functional malefic planets according to their rising signs.

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