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"A report on planetary influences in the Birth chart / Horoscope."

"Jyotish Amrit Report"

The planetary influences in a birth chart (horoscope) are studied through the natal conjunctions, aspects and placements of planets read in conjunction with the current planetary influences (transit) with reference to the ascending sign worked out in the natal chart on the basis of the birth date, time and place. The conjunctions, aspects and placements help us in identifying the auspicious and inauspicious planetary configurations. The placement of a planet in a particular house links the significations of the house ruled by it with the significations of its house of placement. A planet placed in a malefic house indicates suffering for the significations ruled by the said planet in the nativity.

The sign Virgo rises in the ascendant in the horoscope. The Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury become functional benefic planets. Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu and Ketu become the functional malefic planets.

Mercury ruling health in general and analytical power is strong and placed in the first house/ascendant itself and becomes protector of health to a great extent besides blessing the person with good analytical power and understanding. It is not debilitated in shashthamsa and dasamsa, the divisional charts ruling health and professional matters, respectively. The nature of the person is sensitive and caring and the urge is for perfection. The strong Mercury is very helpful for research oriented jobs/professions, brings in recognition and gives interest in gaining knowledge in variety of branches including astrology.

The Moon ruling the income, friends, fulfillment of desires and financial gains is well placed and closely and favorably influences the fourth and tenth houses. It is fairly strong. It blesses the native with confidence, financial gains and gains through professional ventures/job.

Jupiter ruling the house of native place, mental peace and assets is placed in the fifth house. Jupiter is weak as it is in its sign of debilitation. The placement of Jupiter in the house of intellect and emotions make the person emotional and gives flare for learning. The weakness Jupiter is not conducive for the long lived relationships and delays marital alliance. Jupiter needs strengthening for better results.

Venus ruling status, wealth and relationships is well placed in the chart. It is weak as it is under the exact aspect of the most malefic planet, Mars. It delays/reduces marital happiness and causes obstructions in professional pursuits. Venus needs strengthening and Mars needs to be propitiated for better results.

The Sun ruling professional matters, father, social position and life in foreign lands is well placed and does not cause any close influence on any other planet or house. The close influence of Jupiter on the Sun is helpful to some extent during the stay of the person in foreign lands.

Saturn ruling the financial position, health and the position in the matters of conflicts is well placed. It is weak as it is under the exact affliction of Rahu and Ketu. The health is protected by the strong placement of Mercury in the chart but for other significations of Saturn there are indications of persistent anxiety and concerns. The weakness of Saturn is likely to cause lack of confidence and lack of stability in financial resources.

Mars ruling easy gains, inheritance and interest in mystical knowledge is strong in the chart. As it is the most malefic planet, it causes strong unfavorable influence on Venus. It causes obstructions in status, marriage and relationships. It blesses with longevity, easy gains, inheritance, gains from properties and legacies.

The exact unfavorable influence of Rahu and Ketu afflicts (harms) Saturn making the person vulnerable to health problems arising out of stress, persistent tensions and financial concerns.

Rahu and Ketu are unfavorable planets for you and bring challenges during their sub periods. They make you vulnerable to anxiety, over-ambitiousness, sudden setbacks, immune disorders / problems, loss of reputation, allergic disorders, losses through cheating, inflammation, professional setbacks, depression, strains in business relationship, persisting infections, losses through risky or speculative ventures, problems of black magic / evil spirits, litigation, sudden mishaps and problems in marital relationship. They bring fear phobia, threat of loss and sleep problem. Strengthening of weak planets are likely to help in reducing the evil influence of natal and transit Rahu and Ketu afflictions to a large extent.

During the next five years you will be in the sub periods of planets which are weak in your birth chart. These sub periods create stress on health, finances and relationship matters through obstructions and setbacks. The suggested propitiatory (peace making) remedies and the use of Special Kavach are likely to help you in facing the challenges and having better results. If you need any clarifications, you are welcome. The following spells are likely to be stressful and needs care and regular propitiation of your functional benefic planets as advised in the end of the report:

1. January to April, 2009.

2. July to October, 2011.

3. June to September, 2012.



Favorable colors : Green, yellow, royal blue and white

Unfavorable colors (To be avoided in the matter of dress, furnishings in the room, and car) : Orange, black, red, grey, golden, pink, navy blue, brown and faded colors.

Favorable stones : Emerald, diamond, pearl and yellow sapphire.

Unfavorable stones (to be avoided) : Hessonite (gomedh), cat's eye (lasonia), ruby, blue sapphire and red coral.