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PLANETS & LIFE Exciting results in life are given by the strong planets in birth chart. The weak planets during their sub periods bring setbacks, delays, denials, instability and depression. They make one vulnerable due to natal/transit afflictions. By strengthening the weak benefic planets one reduces the chances of stresses and strains and increases the chance of betterment. The suggested propitiatory remedies for the malefic planets are based on the planetary tastes and bhoota yagya - one of the five great sacrifices.
AFFLICTION TO PLANETS :The strong influence of Rahu or Ketu or the most malefic planet to weak planets causes inflammation, deformities to children, congenital defects in children, professional setbacks, depression, strains in business relationships, persisting infections, allergies, over ambitiousness, losses through risky or speculative ventures, sexually transmitted diseases, problems of black magic/evil spirits, litigation, sudden mishaps and problems in marital relationship. The planetary afflictions diagnosis is as important as immunisation care for the newly born child. It helps in the growth of the child. Remedies help in reducing problems.
HOW ASTROLOGY HELPS: Astrology helps us (i) in understanding the potentialities of our personality to enable us to chart the course of success in our lives in the matters of health, career, finances, love and relationships; (ii) in easing anxiety; (iii) in preventing dreaded diseases; (iv) in developing leadership qualities and (v) in looking into the future. Astrology assists us to enjoy good health, prosperity & spiritual advancement besides helping to avoid strains in marital relationships, business and professional matters with the help of astral remedies. The blessed ones are impelled by God to make use of astral advice and astral remedies for happiness.

Karma results manifest through the principles of divine justice which is shown through planetary influences in the birth chart. Jyotish remedies are the means for alleviating these karma results.

LEARNING ASTROLOGY: You can learn predictive astrology successfully through Systems'Approach for greater confidence, speedy analysis, dependability and accuracy. Systems'Approach books and free access to learning material on this website make learning easy.

Tips for quick horoscope analysis are given hereunder:

1. Identify the strong planets and indicate the positive results for the aspects/significations ruled by the planet and the house which contain the mooltrikona sign of the said planet. The aspects ruled by houses and planets are indicated after the tips given in this section. The positive results are indicated in the sub periods of the strong planets. The close conjunction or mutual aspect of strong or fairly strong planets gives enhanced results for both of the planets.

2. Identify the afflicted planets of the birth chart and indicate setbacks and problems for the aspects/significations ruled by the afflicted planet and the house which contains the mooltrikona sign of the said planet. These setbacks are indicated in the sub periods of the afflicted planets.

3. Identify the afflicted planets of transit and indicate setbacks and problems for the aspects/significations ruled by the afflicted planet and the house which contains the mooltrikona sign of the said planet. The impact of these transit afflictions may be over when the transit impact comes to an end.

4. Identify the weak planets in the birth chart and indicate delay and setbacks in the results for the aspects/significations ruled by the weak planet and the house which contains the mooltrikona sign of the said planet.

5. Identify the close afflictions of nodes to theMEPs of houses which make the life of the person sensitive and troublesome.

6. Identify the close affliction of functional malefic planets to the MEP of houses.

The lord of sixth house causing affliction will give stress through disputes, diseases and financial difficulties.
The lord of eighth house causing affliction will give sudden setbacks, accidents, obstructions and death like experiences.
The lord of twelfth house causing affliction will give stress through hospitalization, expenses, problems in foreign/distant places, losses and problems with law.

7. Identify the placement of planets in the sixth house. Indicate the incidence of conflicts / disputes related to the aspects ruled by the planet and the mooltrikona sign of the house ruled by the said planet.

8. Identify the placement of planets in the eighth house. Indicate incidence of obstructions and setbacks related to the aspects ruled by the planet and the mooltrikona sign of the house ruled by the said planet.

9. Identify the placement of planets in the twelfth house. Indicate incidence of losses, expenses and complications related to the aspects ruled by the planet and the mooltrikona sign of the house ruled by the said planet.

10. Identify the strong afflictions to planets which give the following general problems besides the aspects of the houses where the mooltrikona sign of the afflicted planet is placed:

The strong affliction to Sun gives problems to father, problems in job, problems to son, problems to husband, health problems, digestion problem, high blood pressure, eyesight problem, lack of recognition.
The strong affliction to Mars gives problems through disputes, problems to properties, lack of younger brother, problems to younger brothers / sisters, problems with law, problems in job, blood infections and serious muscular infections.
The strong affliction to the Moon gives problems to mother, problems relating to property, mental unrest, problems in school education, loss of assets, problems in marriage, addiction, lung disorders, immunity problem, gynae problem to females, etc.
The strong affliction to Mercury gives problems in studies, problems in relationships, problems of health, nervousness, stress, depression, problems/losses in business, speech problem, skin problems, undiagnosed health problems.
The strong affliction to Jupiter gives problems relating to studies, relationships, finance, job, problems to husband, problems to male child and health problems arising out of malfunctioning of liver or arteries.
The strong affliction to Venus gives problems in relationships, problems to wife, problems in business, kidney problem, urinary problems, skin problems, and potency problems.
The strong affliction to Saturn results in job problems, struggles, unsuccessful ventures, problems in knees, constipation, congestion, etc.

11. The planets show their results in their sub periods. A planet gives results pertaining to its general significations explained in this page and the significations to the house which contains the mooltriknoa sign of the planet. For example the Sun will include the results of its general significations and the results of the house which contains the sign Leo in the particular birth chart. All good / bad influences on the house containing the Leo sign will also simultaneously fructify irrespective of the strength of the Sun in the birth chart.

12. Suggest astral remedies when asked for. Advise continuous propitiatory remedies for the functional malefic planets.

13. Suggest the wearing of an appropriate Kavach / Special Power Kavach / Special Purpose Kavach for strengthening natal weak planets.

14. Ask for feedback.


I House
Represents nature and state of health, vitality, longevity, happiness, personality, appearance, prosperity, general disposition in life, reputation and status, head (cranium and forehead) and brain, hair, pituitary glands, etc.

II House
Represents wealth, family, status, male child, higher education, professional position, speech, vision, face and its organs (nose, throat, mouth, tongue, teeth and eyes, especially the right one), facial bones, upper neck.

III House
Represents younger brothers, neighbors, courage, physical strength, sports, initiative, entrepreneurial nature, the power of understanding (learning), communications, short journeys, writing and communicative capability, lower neck, shoulders, arms and ears (especially the right ones), hands, shoulders and collar bones, respiratory and nervous systems.

Role of the Third House

The third house is a very important house and helps the native in his education and profession. This house acts like Mercury as well as the Sun as it is the house of understanding and confidence besides communication, writing, publication and marketing. This house has versatile significations and gives the role as a leader and consultant.

IV House
Represents mother, happiness, upbringing, relatives, basic education, vehicles and conveyances, domestic peace, mind, mental peace, spiritual life (ATMA), confidence, righteous conduct, comforts, luxuries, immovable properties, real estate, land, the rib cage, heart, chest, lungs and breasts.

V House
Represents intelligence, emotions, discernment and discrimination, intellectual and mental talents, memory, creative intelligence, emotional happiness, love, romance, speculative gains from investments, organizational ability, success, progeny, children, knowledge, wisdom, higher learning/education, training, digestion, upper belly, stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, colon, diaphragm, spine and spinal cord.

VI House
Represents disputes, diseases and injuries, debts, enemies, opponents, competitors, thieves, fears, doubts, worries, vices, weaknesses, sound financial position, maternal uncles, service, good health and protection against losses through theft, fire and cheating, misunderstandings, confrontation, litigation and the body parts - waist, navel, lower abdomen, kidneys, small intestine, upper part of large intestine, intestinal function, appendix, etc.

VII House
Represents long term relationships, legal ties, spouse, partners in life and partners in business, vitality, potency, fertility, passion, outgoing nature, adultery, moral conduct, pleasures, comforts and life in foreign lands, travel, pelvic girdle, lumbar region, bladder, lower part of large intestine, inner sexual organs such as ovaries, uterus, cervix, testicles and prostate gland, etc.

VIII House
Represents longevity, research, interest in mystical sciences, occult, MOKSHA, inheritance, death, insurances, easy gains, marital-tie, vulnerability, fear, accidents, obstructions, litigation, bankruptcy, theft, losses, misfortunes, disgrace, disappointments, scrotum and anus, outer sexual organs, excretory organs, pelvic bones, etc.

IX House
Represents father, preceptor, spiritual learning, spiritual inclinations, intuition, charity, virtue, duty, destiny on the basis of past lives and resultant happiness, meditation, foreign travel, long journeys of short duration and life in foreign lands, education abroad, grace, general fortune, religion, pilgrimages, thighs, left leg, thigh bones, bone marrow, hips, hip joints and the arterial system.

X House
Represents profession, career, vocation, promotion, livelihood, power, fame, public esteem, status, position, honor, karma in life, character, authority, government, employer, living abroad, ambition, next birth, happiness from male progeny, knee and kneecaps, joints and bones.

XI House
Represents income, prosperity, gains, profit, friends, elder brother or sister, hopes and aspirations and their fulfillment, shanks, ankles, shin bone, right leg, left ear and left arm.

XII House
Represents expenses, losses, expenditures for charity, end of life, exile, life in foreign lands, obstructions in life, separation from family, enlightenment, seclusion, imprisonment, hospitalization, pleasures of bed, sound sleep, left eye, lymphatic system and feet.

The lord of the ascendant, or the second house or the third house or the tenth house or the eleventh house in the twelfth house takes one to foreign lands in connection with professional matters. The lord of the fifth house in the twelfth house takes one to foreign lands or distant places for higher studies. The lord of the fourth house or the seventh house or ninth house takes one to foreign lands for residence. The lord of the sixth house in the twelfth house brings health problems and unmanageable debts. The lord of the eighth house in the twelfth house makes one vulnerable to loss of inheritance and problems in marriage. If the planet placed in the twelfth house is weak due to debilitation, infancy or old age and is under close affliction of the functional malefic planets then this planet brings misfortunes.


The signification of the houses fructify under the planetary sub-periods connected with them.

The nature and extent of significations are dependent on three things, i.e.

(1) the strength of the lord of the house in the birth chart, in case of mooltrikona signs;

(2) the strength of the significator of the house in the birth chart; and

(3) the influences on the house itself in the birth chart. The significations of the houses containing mooltrikona signs suffer if their lords and significators are weak or they or their lords or significators are under the influence of functional malefic planets. The significations of the houses containing non-mooltrikona signs suffer if their significators are weak or they or their significators are under the influence of functional malefic planets.



It signifies father, government, digestion, heart and vitality. It also rules head, body, soul, ego, intelligence, will power, clarity, self-realization, health, bone structure, constitution, blood, brain, When the Sun is strong the father will be well placed, the person will have good job prospects, health will be good and vitality will be good. Strong Sun denotes high administrative positions in government, including politics, doctors in medicine, etc., self-confidence, courage, nobility, dignity, ambition, splendor, prestige, faith, loyalty, generosity, authority, power, leadership and creativity.

Weak Sun gives weak health, problems to father, problems in job, problems in eyesight, lack of recognition, lack of confidence and problems with government.

When weak it gives weak eyesight, headaches, digestive disorders, erratic blood circulation, heart trouble, dental problems, bone fractures, fevers, high blood pressure, baldness, neuralgia, bone cancer, weak immune system, etc., and denotes pride, egotism, self-centeredness, pompousness, ostentation and despotism.


The Moon rules the mother, senses, training, public relations, administration, hospitality, public relations, moneylenders, eating establishments, cooks, catering, mind, consciousness, perception, feelings, tolerance, thought, intellect, receptivity, femininity, sensitivity, imagination, good memory, fertility, general weakness, emotional health and functional health as it governs fluids in body, good quality of blood and lymph, glands, tonsils, breasts, stomach, lymphatic system, face, lungs and chest. It also rules left eye in the case of males and ovaries, menstrual cycle, uterus, generative organs, right eye in the case of females, sleep, nourishment, public, social behavior, change, travel, basic education, comforts, emotional peace, family, financial solvency, happy married life, inheritance, income and gains, love and care, mental peace, milk, grains and liquids.
When the Moon is strong, the native does not have to strive for acquiring status and it denotes affluence, receptivity, sensitivity, imagination, good memory, meritorious deeds and sound habits.

When the Moon is weak besides psychic problems and problems to mother, it causes sleep disorders, lethargy, drowsiness, lung problems, mouth problems (including loss of taste), neurological disorders, epilepsy, water retention, blood disorders, anemia, blood-pressure, enlargement of spleen, diseases of the uterus and ovaries, tuberculosis, menstrual disorders, and the native is vulnerable to frequent cough and cold, fever, lack of appetite, general weakness, etc., and denotes hyper-sensitivity, over-reaction, inability to respond and difficulty getting in touch with feelings.


Mars signifies courage, younger brothers, muscles, power, police, metals, engineering, chemicals, surgeons, dentists and executive posts. It also governs gangsters, manufacturers, executioners, athletes, builders, entrepreneurs, fire-fighters, martial arts, mechanics and project erectors. A weak Mars makes a man lacking in courage and not enjoying the help and comforts from the younger brothers. When strong in the nativity, it denotes thirst for action, passion, ambition, physical strength, goal-directed energy, power to carry through, courage, bravery, heroism, competitive and fighting spirit, vim and vigor.

Mars gives a short stature as well as a stout and well-built body, red eyes and thin waist. Its complexion is blood red and it rules bright red colors. It also rules the south direction, copper, red coral, places near fire, kitchens, battlefields, places for aggressive and violent or physical contests, football stadiums and military installations.

Mars represents the chest, bone marrow, blood, bile, digestive fire, forehead, muscular system, acuity of vision, sinews, nose and external generative organs. When afflicting or itself being weak and/or afflicted it causes inflammations, overheating, inability to tolerate hunger, wounds, burns, accidents, fractures, piles, liver complaints, skin rashes, ulcers, lacerations, operations, all sorts of acute complaints, fevers (particularly eruptive), epilepsy, mental aberration, tumors, cancer in the muscular parts of the body when closely conjunct with Rahu, dysentery, typhoid, cholera, pox and boils, etc., and denotes anger, irritability, haste, impatience, inconstancy, lack of drive and courage, and an 'all-or-nothing' attitude


Mercury rules the rational mind, speech, analytical faculties, sharp intellect, power of discrimination, confidence, intestines, nerves system, computers and accounting. Mercury signifies advisory roles, astrologers, financial advisors, strategists, business, commerce, engineering and related fields, research scholars, communicators, editors, authors, accountants, bookkeepers, lawyers, experts in analytical works, software engineers, auditors, intellectuals, teachers, transporters, publishers, salesmen, traders, mediators, diplomats, authors, etc. When strong in the nativity, it denotes a good confident person, communicator with intelligence, rationality, imagination, wit, cleverness, skill, dexterity, verbal and mental ability, shrewdness, sound judgment, humor and flexibility.

Mercury has the best appearance, is witty, fond of jokes and laughter. Attractive features, well-proportioned body, large eyes and witticism are its significations. It also signifies the North direction, brass, emeralds, places for sports, business, communication or transportation, airports, post offices, accounting offices, places where public but non-violent games are played, parks, libraries, bookstores and public assemblies.

Mercury represents the lower part of abdomen, skin, mind, nervous system, bronchial tube, intestines, lungs, tongue, mouth, hands and arms. When weak, it causes psychic diseases, insomnia, nervous breakdown, epilepsy, skin diseases, leucoderma, impotence, loss of memory or speech, vertigo, deafness, asthma, diseases of respiratory canal, disorders of intestines, dyspepsia, etc., and denotes difficulty in thought and communication, timidity, low self-esteem, aloofness, amorality and poor discrimination. As Mercury is weak quite frequently, whenever its sub-period is in operation in any nativity it creates tensions in life, lack of confidence, situation of indecisiveness, etc., which ultimately leads to faulty decisions. The effect is more if Mercury is weak in the natal chart as well as in transit at the time of operation of its sub-periods. It makes a person a nervous wreck and can even cause paralysis when closely afflicted by Rahu-Ketu axis, if the ascendant and its lord are also weak or the sign Virgo falls in the ascendant.
Mercury is also a general significator for consciousness, communications, eloquence, learning, childhood, logic, maternal uncles, potency, nervous control, respiratory functions, basic and higher education, humor, wit, mathematics, professional position, psychic ability, speculation, short journeys, books, papers, publishing and places of entertainment.


Jupiter signifies guru, teaching, knowledge, wealth, male child, elder brother, husband, liver, hearing power, spirituality, generosity, morality, divine grace, legal and financial expert. When strong in the nativity, it signifies the fields of top political and administrative positions, chairmen of industrial establishments, contractors, financial advisors, bankers, high administrative positions in government, politicians, bureaucrats, lawyers, priests, judges, teachers, astrologers, management experts, administrators. When strong, it gives growth, expansion and a humanitarian and spiritual outlook, and denotes wisdom, optimism, faith, generosity, joviality, humor, idealism and good powers of judgment. It bestows intelligence and knowledge of scriptures in its main and sub-periods.

Jupiter gives an impressive and magnificent disposition, thin brown hair, tawny eyes, large body when found strong in a nativity and rules the ascendant or influences the lord of the ascendant. Jupiter is intelligent and endowed with all the branches of learning. It rules the yellow colors, treasuries, banks, vaults, dignified places such as courts of law, prestigious universities, altars, political assemblies, charitable institutions, high level financial institutions, monasteries and missions.

Jupiter represents the hips, the fat tissue, blood, arterial system, glands, liver/gall bladder, pancreas gland, digestion, absorptive power, ears/hearing power, navel, feet, physical development, palate and throat. When weak, it causes lymphatic and circulatory congestion, thrombosis, anemia, tumors, jaundice and other liver complaints, ear problems, dyspepsia, flatulence, cough, cold, asthma, phthisis, diabetes and other diseases of pancreas glands, etc., and denotes overconfidence, overindulgence, extravagance, immorality, greed, materialistic attitude.


Venus is the significator for comforts, luxuries, wife, guru, knowledge, teacher, love, team spirit, skin, kidney, venous system, knowledge of life saving drugs and arts, and vocations in the field of financial administration, art, cinema, theatres, paintings, music, designing, architecture, interior decorator, modeling, advertising, legal, teaching, hotels, medicines, fashion and luxurious items. When strong in the nativity, it denotes an aesthetic sense, worldly knowledge and pursuits, psychic ability, potency, pleasures, correct behavior, luxury, beauty, harmony, creativity, rich tastes, affection, friendliness, love, gentleness, sociability, clarity, charm, harmony, balance, elegance, gracefulness and refined sensuality.

Its nature is royal, sensual, generous and benevolent and its temperament is easy going and accommodating. Venus is joyful in spirit, possesses a slim body, is splendorous and has lovely eyes, giving a charming appearance, sharp and beautiful facial cuts, and dark-bright and slightly thick curly hair when found strong in a nativity and rules the ascendant or influences the lord of the ascendant. It rules royal blue and variegated colors, the water element, sour flavors, the sense of taste, Fridays, the southeast direction, silver, diamonds, places of pleasure and amusement, theatres, cinemas, restaurants, bedrooms, art galleries, opera and symphony halls, dance halls, beauty salons, elegant shops and clubs.

Venus represents the pelvis and the sexual organs, desires and yearnings, reproduction, the semen/ovum, private parts, kidneys, face, eyes, neck, throat, chin, cheeks, skin, venous system, etc. When weak, it causes venereal diseases, diseases of urinary or reproductive systems, diabetes, anemia, stones in bladder or kidneys, cataract, weakness of sexual organs, paralysis, asthma, phthisis, cough, cold, sexual perversions, impotence or inability to have sexual relations, loss of bodily luster, etc., and denotes greed, laziness, vanity, ambiguity, lack of charm, sentimentality, vice and sensual corruption, and lack of taste and refinement. Venus is also a general significator for assets, vehicles, conveyances, comforts, luxuries, art, dance, drama, music, painting, jewelry, romance, family, marital tie, income and gains, prosperity, wealth, materialistic pursuits, opulence, financial solvency, medicine, hypnosis, mantras, ornaments, perfumes, flowers, festivals, professional position, musicians, singers, songwriters, actors, actresses, artists, dancers, designers, engineers, fashion designers, financial advisors, jewelers, perfumers, legal advisors, ministers and teachers. It signifies also people dealing with entertainment, pleasure and beauty as well as people that tend to earn their livelihoods through arts, romance, silver, delicacies, ornaments and finery, poetry, advice or counseling, and fashion design.


Saturn is the significator for statesman, leader of low castes, labor oriented industry, income, routine workers, engineers, real estate agents, research work, scientists, dealing with labor, servants, stones or wooden materials, mines, nervous systems, knee joints, shanks, etc. When strong in the nativity, it signifies perfection and highest human qualities, spirituality, detachment, concentration, inwardness, dutifulness, reliability, honesty, humility, sincerity, stability, longevity, authoritativeness, discipline, responsibility, conservatism, practicality, realism, durability, eye for detail, sobriety, constancy and consistency.

Saturn is short-tempered, worn-out, tamasic and vata. Its nature is cruel, selfish and indolent and its temperament is harsh and hard-hearted. Saturn has an emaciated body, long stature, brown and sunken eyes, protruding teeth, prominent veins, wrinkles, long hands and face, lazy and melancholic nature, coarse and excessive hair when found strong in a nativity and rules the ascendant or influences the lord of the ascendant. Its complexion is dark and it rules black, navy blue and bright brown colors, the west direction, iron, steel, lead, blue sapphire, dirty places, slums, gutters, sewers, garbage heaps, subterranean places, basements, cellars, mines, graves, inaccessible places, hermitages, retreats, prisons, neglected and lonely or melancholy places, cemeteries, abandoned houses and ruins.

Saturn represents the nerve tissue, the muscles, joints, spleen, teeth, knees, shin and part of leg between ankle and knee, gall bladder, phlegm and secretive system, and bones. When weak, it causes constant and painful diseases, all sorts of chronic and degenerative diseases, leg fracture, cancer, diseases of glands, skin diseases, paralysis, arthritis, rheumatism, gout, emaciation, rickets, consumption, flatulence, deformities, coldness of the body, nerve disorders, insanity, numbness, windy diseases, senility, impotence in men, pain, asthma, etc., and denotes anxiety, inhibition, isolation, depression, rigidity, stinginess, loneliness, lack of adaptability, melancholy, suspicion, slowness, austerity, worry, pessimism, fear, miserliness and selfishness. Saturn is also a general significator for longevity, obstacles, suppression, humiliation, fall (from a high position or from a height), poverty, misdeeds, debt, sorrow, grief, ambition, authority figures, form and structure of buildings, coal, wood, steel, denial, delay, elders, labor, land and property, leadership, death, disease, misery and sorrows, renunciation, restrictions, thieves and theft, subordinates, servants, construction workers, leaders of the underdog, low technology industry, mass production work, morticians, farmers, gardeners, sweepers, agriculture, agriculturists and menials, ascetics, hermits, monks, work with metal, iron, steel and leather products, service, slavery, imprisonment, loss, fate, limitation, contraction, separation, obstruction, jails, asceticism, solitude, ugliness, crime and paranoia.


Rahu is personified as a diplomat and a shadowy planet and a legendary deceiver when disposed beneficially. Indicates diplomatic jobs, jobs requiring manipulations with facts, dealings with poisons and drugs. It signifies politicians, manipulators, pleasure seekers, insincere and immoral acts, speculative trading / capital markets, etc.

It is phlegmatic in nature and its strong influence over weak planets gives malignant growth. When afflicting, it causes financial setbacks, malignant growth, diseases of phlegm/intestines, boils, skin, ulcers, spleen, worms, high blood pressure, etc. It gives a smoky and unpleasant appearance due to habits of overeating, resulting in foul smells and unclean body and nails.


Ketu is personified as a saint and inclines a person more towards mystic science and spiritual pursuits.

Its affliction causes sudden setbacks in life, wounds, inflammations, fevers, intestinal disorders, aberrations, low blood pressure, deafness, defective speech and gives an emaciated body with prominent veins. THE PLACEMENT IMPACT OF PLANETS

The placement of planets is an important factor in horoscope reading. The placement of a planet gives results connected with the significations of the house ruled by the planet with the house of placement despite its weakness or despite the planet being away from the most effective point of the house.

If a functional malefic planet is on the most effective point of a house it causes problems but the problems may be connected with the significations ruled by the said planet.

For example, if the lord of the second is placed in the twelfth house, the person may move to a distant place or a foreign land in connection with the professional status.

If the second lord is placed in the tenth house the person may acquire status in life due to his/her professional achievements.

If the second lord is placed in the fifth house, one may acquire professional qualifications and acquire status through the same.

If the second lord is placed in the seventh house one may attain status in a foreign land.

If the second lord is placed in the fourth house one may attain status by being born in a resourceful family.

If the second lord is placed in the eighth house one may attain status in life with some delay.

If the second lord is placed in the ninth house one may be lucky to attain the status in life without many efforts through the help of parents and preceptor.

If the second lord is placed in the eleventh house, one may acquire status in life because of good earnings in life and because of friendship with highly placed persons.

If the second lord is placed in the second house, one may enjoy good status in life due to the appointment with the state or due to the family status.

If the second lord is placed in the ascendant one may enjoy authoritative status.

The placement of the Sun and Mars, if benefic, in the third house brings courage. The close influence of the fifth lord on the tenth house brings the element of intellect.

The placement of the planets in the second house, which rules status, brings status as per significations ruled by them.

The good placement of eighth lord in the house of status brings easy gains with small or little efforts.

The planets in the first house influence the personality traits.

The planets in the second house contribute to professional ventures.

The planets in the third house bring entrepreneurial ventures and opportunities.

The planets in the fourth house contribute to assets.

The planets in the fifth house contribute to learning.

The planets in the sixth house involve the person in debts, health problems and conflicts.

The planets placed in the seventh house give rise to living in foreign lands, long journeys and associations.

The planets placed in the eighth house cause easy gains, obstructions and delays.

The planets placed in the ninth house involve the person in family or religious traditions or spiritual pursuits.

The planets placed in the tenth house involve the person in professions connected with the planet.

The planets placed in the eleventh house contribute to earnings through the significations ruled by the concerned planets.

The planets placed in the twelfth house take one to distant places and foreign lands and can cause losses and expenses.
Similarly are to be read the impact of planets ruling other houses and placed in different houses.


During the sub period of Mercury things work with stresses and strains even when Mercury is strong and or well placed in the natal chart. This is due to the volatile strength of Mercury in transit. When Mercury is weak in the natal chart the results in its sub period do create stresses and strains. The situation becomes further difficult when either the Sun or Mercury is a functional malefic planet.

Whenever the lord of the twelfth house is placed in the sixth house or afflicts some planet from the sixth house closely, there are chances of problems with government which may result in arrest, legal penalties, imprisonment, etc.

The problems and mishaps are represented by the weak and weak and/or afflicted planets.

When the natal Moon is afflicted by Rahu, Rahu-like planets or is placed in Rahu-like houses the person becomes more sensitive and especially to unfavorable incidents.

The exact affliction to a badly placed lord of the fourth or second or ninth or third houses (most benefic planet) reduces the strength of the other strong planets in the natal chart.

The weakness of the lord of the eighth house makes the father vulnerable to damage, both in terms of his longevity and finances.

The weakness of the lord of the eighth or fourth houses curtails the financial resources or longevity of the father. In the Pisces ascendant there is no MT sign in the ninth or fourth houses. So, the eighth house becomes the pertinent significator of the longevity of the father. We also consider the strength of the Sun in the natal chart as it is the significator for father.


Strong Planets

A strong natal planet protects and promotes its general significations and the significations of its mooltrikona house. Any planet is considered strong when its longitude is between 05 to 25 in a particular sign and it is not in the state of weakness. It can increase its strength further if:

The results of planets placed in the Sun-like houses that is the second, third and ninth houses get magnified.

Any planet has the capacity to bless the native with its results if its natal strength is at least 60% and it is unafflicted. In such a situation the results may come with some delay and of a slightly lower order. With the help of the strengthening measures - gemstones or Kavach - the strength of the planets, where it is less than 60%, can be brought to the level of 60% so that it blesses the native with the significations ruled by it.

One can (i) strengthen the weak planets by way of a Kavach if the planetary strength is between 50% to 60%; (ii) strengthen the weak planets by way of a special power Kavach if the planetary strength is between 35% to 50%; and (iii) strengthen the weak planets by way of a special power Kavach cum gemstone pendant (special purpose Kavach) if the planetary strength is lower than 35%.

Weak Planets

A weak natal planet is not capable of fully protecting/promoting its general significations and the significations of its mooltrikona house during the course of its sub-periods and during the triple transit functional malefic influences. A planet becomes weak when:

1) The most effective point of its mooltrikona sign is afflicted by a functional malefic planet within an orb of one degree.
2) The most effective point of its house of placement is afflicted by a functional malefic planet, within an orb of one degree for mooltrikona signs or within an orb of five degrees for non-mooltrikona signs.
3) It is conjunct or aspected by any functional malefic planet within an orb of one degree.
4) It is combust due to its nearness to the Sun.
5) It occupies malefic houses from the ascendant, except if in its own mooltrikona sign.
6) It occupies its sign of debilitation.
7) It is in the state of infancy or old-age.
8) It occupies its debilitated sign in navamsa.
9) It occupies the mooltrikona sign of a weak planet. However, its strength would be in proportion to the strength of its dispositor.

In case of special or multiple afflictions, the otherwise "strong" planet is considered afflicted (and weak) even when the orb of affliction is of two degrees.

The affliction is special or multiple i.e. when it comes from:

1) a conjunction with/ aspect from the most malefic planet,

2) an aspect from a functional malefic planet placed in a dusthana house,

3) a conjunction with Rahu or Ketu (Rahu-Ketu axis)

4) an aspect of a functional malefic planet afflicted by other(s) functional malefic planet,

5) more than one functional malefic planet at the same time.

Fairly strong planet: A planet which has at least 70% power, is unafflicted and well placed, is considered as fairly strong planet.

Mild affliction: An affliction to the extent of 25% or less to a strong or fairly strong planet or the most effective point of a non-mooltrikona sign house is considered as a mild affliction.


a) A planet will lose strength to the extent of 75% if its mooltrikona sign house is afflicted. The loss of strength can be judiciously adjusted proportionately to the extent of affliction and to the strength of the lord of the house.

b) A weak planet placed in an afflicted house will lose strength to the extent of 75%.

c) An otherwise strong planet placed in a non mooltrikona sign afflicted house will lose strength to the extent of 50%. Such a planet may give good results in the first place and will cause setbacks later.

d) A closely afflicted weak planet will lose strength to the extent of 75%.

e) A closely afflicted otherwise strong planet will lose strength to the extent of 50%. Such a planet will give good results in the first place and will cause setbacks later.

f) A planet becoming weak due to close combustion will lose strength to the extent of 75% if the Sun is a functional malefic planet. Where the Sun is a functional benefic and it causes combustion to another planet, the planet will become 50% weak for the purpose of transit affliction. A combust planet in its sign of debilitation and placed in a malefic house will have only 10% power.

g) When planets are placed in the malefic houses, they generally lose strength by 50% besides suffering through the significations of the malefic house. The placement in the sixth house can involve the person in disputes, debts and can cause ill health. The placement in the eighth house can cause serious obstructions for the significations ruled by the planet. The placement in the twelfth house can cause expenses and losses for the significations of the planet.

h) When planets are placed in their signs of debilitation, they lose strength by 50%. When planets are placed in their signs of debilitation in both the birth chart and navamsa divisional chart, they lose strength by 75%.

i) If in the Rasi (birth)chart the planet is badly placed and at the same time debilitated in the navamsa chart it would lose strength to the extent of 60%.

j) A badly placed planet in its sign of debilitation will lose its power by 75%.

k) A planet debilitated in the navamsa chart would lose power by 25%.


An exact conjunction or aspect by a strong functional benefic planet raises the strength of the planet by 50%.

The impact of conjunction and aspect by a strong functional benefic planet remains within an orb of 5 degrees and is at the rate of 20% per degree. At exact conjunction/aspect the impact is 50% and at a longitudinal distance of 5 degree aspect/conjunction the impact becomes 0.

An exact conjunction or aspect by a weak functional benefic planet raises the strength of the planet by 12.5% - just marginal. This benefit is only applicable for exact conjunction or aspect.


Whenever a planet is already weak for any other reason and is under the close influence of any functional malefic, it is treated as an afflicted planet. But when the planet is not weak for other reasons, it can only be considered afflicted under the exact influence of any functional malefic, becoming a weak planet for that reason. So whenever any planet is afflicted, it becomes weak. The significations of the house having a mooltrikona sign of an afflicted planet are harmed.

Afflicting Planets

Only the functional malefic planets can be afflicting planets.

It is very necessary to understand the difference between afflicting planets and afflicted planets.


Dispositor is a planet in whose moolatrikona sign another planet is located in the natal chart.


The functional nature of planets is the key analytical factor in the horoscope analysis. Besides Rahu and Ketu, the planets, whose mooltrikona signs are in malefic houses (sixth, eighth and twelfth) with reference to the ascendant, act as functional malefic planets in a nativity. For this purpose, under the Systems' Approach, the sign Cancer is considered as the mooltrikona sign of the Moon.