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Let us add here a few case studies showing significant transit events and results where astral remedies were performed. 


Transit Significant Event 1


This is a significant case that shows how the transit weakness of planets can cause difficulties for a person.


One of the principles of Systems' Approach for judging the results in a horoscope is that the transit strength of the sub period lord must be studied. Another principle involves the triple transit influences in which the strength of transit planets with reference to the ascendant is studied in order to identify the results of planets for a person.

February 6, 2015, the author shared following prediction on Facebook, Twitter and SATVA / SAMVA Yahoo Groups:

 "The transit planetary influences are quite difficult for those whose ascending degree is around 16 or some planet is around 16 degree in even signs between middle of February to middle of June, 2015. Take care of your health. The time is especially difficult for those with Leo, Libra, Aries and Aquarius ascendants."



The author received the following message for an urgent health issue on
16th February, 2015, from an astrologer in UK:

"I wanted your advice on my wife's cousin, her nickname is Neeta. About one week ago she had been taken to hospital for infection related illness. However, yesterday she was given 48hrs to live. Although overnight her condition has somewhat stabilised, she is still in intensive care.

I was examining her chart to see whether SA
could help.

Looking at her natal chart, there does not seem to be any significant afflictions and has the following weaknesses:

(1) Sa (7HL) is weak due to infancy;
(2) Me (2HL) is weak due to infancy;
(3) Ve (3HL) is weak sue to debilitation in D9.

The above weaknesses do not seem significant and the current sub-period lord (although malefic) is strong, in its MT sign and unafflicting.

In transit, the transit nodes are afflicting the MEPs. The afflictions seem severe until May 2015 (within an orb of +/- 1 degree of ascendant). Also 6 planets (
Ju, Mo, Me, Ve, Ma and Ke) in transit are placed in malefic houses but most will be placed in benefic houses around April 2015.

The above combinations seem quite tricky. The ultimate question is will she survive? The factors representing longevity are OK but the 8H is sevrely afflicted in transit. What would you suggest?

I was wondering whether remedies should be done for Neeta and whether you could arrange to do them."

The reply of the author was certainly the remedies could be done for the person and these were started from the morning of
17th February, 2015.

The transit chart was as shown here:

Rahu and Ketu afflict exactly the most effective points of the houses occupied and aspected. Jupiter, Mercury, Moon, Venus, Mars and Ketu are placed in the afflicted malefic houses. The dispositor of the Sun is also placed in an afflicted house.

The astrologer from
UK asked the views of the author on the chances of survival. The author said if the birth time was correctly noted, then there was a chance of survival but the health may remain critical for about three months because of the prolonged transit of Rahu and Ketu to the most effective points of the houses occupied and aspected besides currently all transit planets except the Sun are in afflicted and/or malefic houses. Even the Sun will be going into the eighth house, which is also afflicted. This is a peculiar situation. The strong planets of the natal chart are under a prolonged transit impact since the nodal impact is on the MEP of the houses. The author also sought details of the problem and medical treatment etc. On 19th February, 2015, the author was informed of the following:

“From what we understand in Summer of 2014 Neeta had a problem with the liver. This was apparently treated quite well. Recently Neeta had returned from a holiday. However, on Tuesday (
11 February 2015) she was admitted to hospital for having swellings all over her body. Neeta's family have said that she had a chest infection. Also later she had difficult breathing. The tests performed by Doctors showed that she had excess protein in her body.

Later whilst in hospital she developed a kidney problem. Her condition had worsened to the extent that she was put on a life support machine and a dialysis machine for the kidney.”

The author sent him another message saying that it meant the problem had not been diagnosed until then. The problem could also be due to an amoebic abscess near the liver. Once it was found then the abscess could be drained out and the person treated with antibiotics. If this angle could be suggested to the attending doctor then maybe it would help.

Another message was received on her health status as under:

"When talking to relatives who see her everyday, they said that on
18 February 2015 they noted a little improvement in her condition in the morning and this had became a little more improved by the evening.

Apparently, she is still on a life support machine.

I will keep you informed of her status."

2nd March, 2015, the author received the following report:

"Hi Prof. Choudhry,

I've had a status report on Neeta's health. She is making better recovery. She is out of intensive care, and of course off the life support machines. She is in a normal ward of the hospital. However, she is still weak and is put onto the dialysis machine every other day. Currently, the issue seems to be that she is having difficulty in urinating. If she gets this issue sorted out she is likely to be discharged from hospital. The doctors have indicated that she is likely to take about 3 months to recover from this health issue.


The doctors changed their opinion and said that she was likely to take about 3 months to recover from this health issue. The advice which the doctors indicated on 2nd March, 2015, had been indicated by me after analysis of planetary influences on 17th February, 2015, The author informed the UK astrologer that her urinating problem is likely to be sorted out in about two weeks’ time when transit Venus would be out of the eighth house. But she remains on care status for about three months. So, in my view the performance of peace making remedies helped in changing the medical opinion.

12th March, 2015, the following message was received from UK astrologer:

"Hi Prof. Choudhry,

Concerning Neeta's health, I spoke to her father last night, he said that a day or so ago she was discharged from hospital. She is now recovering at home. Although her father did tell me a great deal no medical details, I learn that the doctors have said that she will take a couple of months to fully recover. Also I think that she is still on dialysis."

22nd March, 2015, the following message was received from the UK astrologer:

"Hi Prof. Choudhry,

I've had some feedback on Neeta's health status. Neeta is at home now, making slow recovery and feels really tired. She is having dialysis 3 times a week because her kidneys are not working. So she seems very dependent on dialysis and it appears that she will continue to be on dialysis. Therefore, although she is out of critical unit in hospital she is dependent on dialysis.

Last night I was phoned by Neeta's father. He told me a rather interesting story. Apparently, he said that a relative of theirs (it was not clear whether it was from Neeta's in-laws side or her own family's side) who does a lot of prayers had come to see Neeta at hospital. This relative said that (based on her 'foresight') she could sense that there was something (which was essentially good) that was protecting Neeta . I wasn't sure how to respond to Hardev, he thought may be it was something to do with the remedies that were being performed for Neeta. Could you please comment on this?

Her father also asked me to resume the remedies. So could you please restart them again.

The main issue is for the kidneys to start functioning again. Could these kidneys start to function with the help of remedies?

Looking forward to your response."

We share with you our reply to him:

Thanks for the update. Dependency on dialysis may reduce after the transit affliction is over and kidneys can also start functioning. The feelings of the relative and Neeta’s father are right. Remedies protect against the planetary afflictions. The propitiatory remedies for Neeta have started again from this morning.

13th August, 2015, the following message was received from the UK astrologer:

"Hi Prof. Choudhry,

My wife informs me that Neeta told her that around the end of July 2015 Neeta's Kidneys were working to 25%. This means that she did not require dialysis. This means that if her health (which seems to be still sensitive) continues to improve then she will not require dialysis. In fact the doctors have given Neeta the go ahead to go abroad on holiday.

So many thanks for your advice and support. The time frame for Neeta's recovery did coincide with the planetary afflictions mentioned by you.”

This certainly gives good feedback on the analytical power of SA astrology, the impact of astral remedies and of prolonged transit influences.





This reminds me of an old case where a lady, who had met with a car accident, was diagnosed by doctors as a paralysis case. As she also had injuries in her spine, the prognosis was that she would remain bed-ridden throughout her life. Over a year previous to this accident, she had come to my house to meet with my sister-in-law in March, 1993. My sister-in-law was not at home as all of the family members had gone to the house of my sister for a family function. This lady knew of my being an astrologer and asked if I would prepare her horoscope. I set up the horoscope and asked her for questions. The lady responded that she had no questions. I said that was okay, her horoscope was ready for whenever the lady wanted to ask something, and she could even inquire over the phone.

As luck would have it, she purchased a new car in May, 1994. She along with her husband visited Haridwar using the new car for transportation. On the return journey they met with an accident near
New Delhi. Both of them were taken to a renowned hospital in New Delhi. The doctors admitted her to ICU and after all the tests, including an MRI, etc., they gave the prognosis as mentioned above.

My sister in law informed me about this. It was on a Saturday and I was at home. An Indian Customs Officer was scheduled to meet with me for advice in an astrological matter. I reviewed the birth chart of this lady and found that she was in the sub period of Mercury in the main period of Rahu. Mercury was placed in the eighth house in the birth chart and was closely afflicting the most effective points of the eighth and second houses. This placement threatens life. I saw that the lord of the ascendant, Mars, was weak but it was well placed and under the close benefic influence of Saturn, which is a significator for longevity. Transit Ketu was conjunct with weak natal Jupiter and aspected onto weak natal Moon which had caused this accident. In the transit chart the benefic planets Sun, Mars and Saturn were strong and there was no other transit affliction. No planet was badly placed in the transit chart. This lead me to believe that the prognosis may not be as bad as was given in the medical status report of the hospital.


I decided to provide a Kavach to this lady through the Customs Officer who was coming from New Delhi. The Customs Officer said he believed that in the ICU they would not allow the patients to wear amulets, etc. I told him to contact the Medical Superintendent cum Director of the hospital. The Customs Officer was surprised and asked if the Director of the hospital would allow the wearing of a Kavach in ICU. I told him the Director himself was wearing a Kavach and in my assessment he would allow it. The reported prognosis of the patient underwent a significant shift in the evening when the Kavach was put around her neck. There was movement in the numb parts of the body and with the passage of the time she recovered fully. The transit impact was not prolonged and it helped in a fast recovery with the performance of peace making remedies suggested to the family of the lady.




Let me add here, another case study of significant transit affliction and the application of astral remedies.

This person had suffered from a problem in his left kidney and was admitted to the Apollo Hospital in Chenai, India, for about one and a half years from 1991-92. In the birth chart Rahu forms a close affliction to weak Jupiter. Jupiter is also closely afflicted by its conjunction with Ketu. Ketu also afflicts the badly placed weak Moon in the natal chart. In 1991-92 this person was in the sub periods of Rahu and Jupiter in the main period of Rahu. He was operated upon for his kidney problem. In September, 1994, when Rahu was transiting the ascending degree this person again experienced a health problem. Unable to pass urine for many days he was admitted to the hospital for another operation in September, 1994. At this time one of the students brought up this case and the native was provided with a Kavach on 4th September, 1994; the native's family was advised of the necessary propitiatory remedies for Rahu and Ketu. The surgery was fixed for the 15th September, 1994. With the separation of transit Rahu by one degree from the ascending degree and with the application of astral remedies, on the 14th of September, 1994, he was able to pass urine. His pain and trouble were over. The doctors decided that there was no need for an operation and he was sent to the normal ward for further treatment. A couple of days later he was discharged from the hospital.




Yet in another case I received a phone call on 16th May, 2015, from a person saying his medical situation was very serious and that he may live for only another two to three days. In his birth chart with Pisces ascendant, Mars was under the prolonged transit influence of Ketu, transit Mars was under the exact affliction of transit Saturn and he was in the sub period of a weak, badly placed and afflicted Mercury in the twelfth house. He was advised to exercise patience and continue to perform the propitiatory remedies with the help of his wife.

17 May, 2015, I received the following email message from him:

"It is my
SOS. Circumstances are so grave I have no other person to look except you. Let me narrate the events in order. Sir, with start of TR affliction of Sat to TR Mars. I was kicked with high fever (104-5 Fahrenheit) There was no gradual built up of body temperature. My doctor told me it was heat stroke. After two days of observation he advised a list of tests. I told my doctor that problem is in blood only. All test were ok except blood test . A serious infection was observed in blood.. (Hats off to SA)

Since start of the event I am facing constant head pain. Body temporarily falls to 102-103 then shoots up. I am unable to sleep. Sometime I feel slightly disoriented. Now I come to shattering point.

Besides my doctor I am also monitoring blood reports. Particularly haemogram. In the haemogram I focus on
ESR (measure of attack on defense system) haemogram. In haemogram dated 15/07/2015 ESR was 79 in haemogram of 17/05/2015 ESR has increased to 103. A very dangerous signal. My doctor is suspecting cancer. I am shattered. He is sending me to senior doctor.

My humble question, how a mere transit affliction of three months by Rahu in benefic houses cause such a drastic change in blood system For the first time I am doubting my capability as an astrologer. For your analysis I have given all these details."

I sent the following reply on
17th May, 2015:

"There has been multiple afflictions during this time besides the afflicted planets being in the state of weakness. The current sub period lord is also closely afflicted. Besides, the transit afflictions this is another factor. Let doctors diagnose and treat. I believe your wife is doing all remedies. Some of the transit afflictions are easing. Things happen as per the plan of the God. So, have faith, positive attitude and remember God or recite some mantra."

17th May, 2015 I received another message:

"Thanks for kind reply. I patiently checked my horoscope for past transits. further I checked future transits and all related aspects. Now I understand your letter. Sir I am wearing two power kavachs. as regards upayes these are being performed for all members of family. Sir I understand you are giving health/ vitality kavach (SL). will you provide me the same. My wife cannot come manpower is negligible with me. Further my father is 93 years old. So I will send one of my relations. He is son of my elder sister-in-law. You have met him. Kindly don't discuss these thing with him.

Always seeking your blessings"

The following reply was sent to him:

“I can give you two special Kavaches (laminated card) as a gift. One you can keep one in your pocket and the other you can keep under your pillow.

Your relative can collect these. There is no time to wear any metal Kavach in the near future."

22 May, 2015, he informed me by telephone that the fever had come down and there was no blood infection.

These two above-mentioned examples have been added to show how serious situations can be under the prolonged transit influences. So, patience, peacemaking remedies, a positive attitude and the proper treatment helps a lot.



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