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"How to Analyze Financial Prosperity & Apply Astral Remedies"

Materialism is all pervading in this world.  To satisfy their desires, human beings need finances.  That is why the study of the sources of finance in a nativity is one of the important aspects of the interpretation of a horoscope.  One's satisfactory financial position enables one to control basic human instincts of greed, anger, pride, lust, etc., and generates positive personality traits like kindness, honesty, sincerity, benevolence, contentment, etc.  A contented person is in a position to progress physically, intellectually, morally and spiritually.  Progress enables the optimum use of an individual's life.  The conservation, protection and promotion of good human values results in the progress of nations and humanity as a whole.  In Kaliyuga, one who controls the basic instincts viz. greed, anger, pride and lust besides performing his duties sincerely and honestly, is considered to be in the service of God.  This shows how important the study of the financial position is in a nativity and the approach to enhance the financial prospects.

To analyse the financial prospects of a person from the horoscope, we look for the strength of planets, the Moon and Jupiter, being significators for finance and the planet Venus ruling luxuries.  Besides these planets, we look for (1) the lord of those houses which contain Mooltrikona signs of various planets, (2) the houses ruling finance that is the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 8th, 10th and 11th houses, when they contain mooltrikona sign and the strength of the lords of these houses, (3) the close conjunctions and aspects of various planets to the above mentioned houses and planets, (4) the planets placed in the houses signifying financial gains.

Now, we take up the approach to analyse the sources of financial gains, the reasons for financial strains and astral remedies for augmenting financial gains.

Besides being significators of wealth, the operating planetary periods of the lords of the houses which contain mooltrikona signs indicate the sources of finance - be it through inheritance, business, service, investments, etc.  If also strong in transit, the strong planets generate good finances during the course of their operating periods.  When the dhanakaraka, acting as a functional malefic, forms close conjunction/aspect with other planets or the most effective point of any house, instead of being helpful it would be detrimental for growth.

A strong lord of the first house, depending upon the planet, gives good finances through initiative and drive.  The planets, the Sun and the Moon indicate executive posts with the State/Govt. while the planets Mercury and Venus indicate financial gains through business ventures including trading.  The planets Mars and Saturn involve one in manufacturing industries/production units, while Jupiter engages one in the service of state as a professional adviser in the fields of law and finance or as a practising lawyer or a Chartered Accountant, if the planet Mercury is supporting, being strong in the chart.  Hereafter, we refer to the lords of various houses being strong and well placed.  'Well placed' would indicate any of the houses except the sixth, eighth and twelfth houses.  The lord of the second house containing a mooltrikona sign gives financial gains through status, investments and family wealth.  Similarly, the lord of the third house indicates financial gains through the fields of communications, publications and through entrepreneurial activities.

The lord of the fourth house indicates gains through business in the fields of items of luxury-including properties and vehicles, hotel management and education. The lord of the fifth house gives financial gains through work in teaching, training and development organisations, research organisations, etc.  The lord of the sixth house when not afflicting any other natal planetary position or the MEP gives financial gains through legal, financial and medical professions. The lord of the seventh house indicates gains through partnership business, the items of luxury, import-export and trading, especially in the fields of cosmetics and exclusive items of personal grooming.  The lord of the eighth house, without causing any affliction, when strong, gives gains through inheritance, winning in the games of chances and through the draw of lots. The lord of the ninth house blesses with financial gains through parental wealth and status, working in religious/spiritual organisations and working with export-import organisations.  The lord of the tenth house gives executive status with the state or business, in case the concerned planets are strong. The lord of the eleventh house gives gains through elder brothers, friends and through the signification of the houses where the lord of the eleventh house is placed.  The strong and unafflicting lord of the twelfth house gives financial gains in foreign lands and through the business of luxury items.

If the significator planets are weak, even if they take the person to the business/profession/service indicated by these planets, or the significations of a particular house, the results would be poor and will cause financial strains. Weak planets, when afflicted by the functional malefic planets, cause severe financial strains.

The Systems' Approach owes an explanation to the learned astrologers for suggesting changes in the fundamentals of Astrology. The fundamental changes have been suggested with definite reasons. The aim is to achieve predictive accuracy and for this, the Systems' Approach is dependable. Moreover, fundamental changes have also been suggested to simplify analysis. This approach is universally applicable to all horoscopes with one single technique of analysis. This enables one to identify the area of a problem, the positive traits, the strengths and weaknesses of various planetary configurations right at birth without any explanation given by the person seeking astrological consultation.

The Systems' Approach explains why the second house is connected with education. It also explains as to why, for Cancerians, significations of the various houses as well as the planets are adversely affected when they are closely conjunct/aspected by Jupiter and Saturn.

The subject will be discussed further through case studies given hereunder:

CHART 41: Male born 22nd April, 1950, 0315 Hrs. 80E53 16N00 TZ 5.30 Hrs. India.

The first, eleventh, third and eighth houses ruling financial matters contain the mooltrikona signs.  Therefore, besides the dhanakarakas, the planets Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury become significators for financial prosperity.  All the planets are well placed and the planets Saturn and Venus aspect each other closely.  The close influence of Venus on the ascendant and the lord of ascendant, Saturn, made the native an expert in the field of management and law. At a young age, the native worked at very senior levels and could draw the highest possible remuneration.  The real boom came in the sub-period of Venus in the dasa of Saturn as both of these planets are functional benefics and are strong in the nativity.  To ward off the possibility of transit affliction to these planets, the native was advised to wear a Kavach in an auspicious time and perform propitiatory astral remedies for the Moon, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu. The weakness of Mars, the lord of the house of initiatives, and Mercury, being the most malefic planet, in the house of initiatives, did not allow the native to venture into his own business despite his excellent professional competence.

CHART 42: Male born on 9th February, 1965, 2337 Hrs. 77E13 28N39, TZ 5.30 Hrs. India.

In the nativity, besides the dhanakarakas, the planets the Moon, Jupiter and Venus become also significators together with the Sun and Saturn. The well placed Sun, which is under the exact influence of Rahu from the eighth house, aspects the house of profession.  Rahu not only makes a person manipulative but also gives courage to defy all social and governmental norms. The affliction of the Sun robs him of happiness from father, friends and does not bless the native with an elder brother.  The benefits drawn in the sub-period of Rahu are generally lost in the sub-period of planets under their exact influence. Such a planetary position gives heart problems at a young age and lots of persistent anxiety.  Saturn occupies its own mooltrikona sign and is close to the most effective point and promotes affairs of the second, fifth, seventh and eleventh houses, i.e. the houses occupied and aspected. The native made an industrial kingdom in the sub-periods of Jupiter and Saturn in the main period of Rahu. Jupiter rules and aspects the house of initiatives and the strong good placement of Saturn has already been explained above. The weak lord of the tenth house i.e. the Moon as also the Sun needs strengthening through a KAVACH or stones i.e. a pearl and a ruby.

CHART 43: Male born 11th October, 1960, 74E30 27N00, TZ 5.30 Hrs. India.

The strong placement of the eighth lord confers good gains through inheritance i.e. indicates a sound financial position of the father.  The lords of the ascendant and the second house posited in the second house near the most effective point indicate very good status in life through self-efforts besides the role of the lord of the house of inheritance, Mars.  Jupiter and the Moon closely aspect each other and are indicative of long-lived parents and gains of property. The close influence of Mars in the tenth house, the ascendant and on the planet Saturn gives a hot temperament and puts up obstructions in the smooth progress besides indicating disputes in the matters of inheritance and goodwill. Such a planetary configuration makes a man short tempered. The close aspect of Mars to the ascendant gives a very aggressive attitude in life. The close aspect of Ketu to natal Venus, ruling the house of status, threatens the status with prolonged litigation. The native is the managing director of a big industrial group and has been advised astral remedies to ward off the evil influences of functional malefic planets, the Sun, Saturn, Mars and Rahu-Ketu.

CHART 44: Male born 17th June, 1942 1450 Hrs.74E44 30N40 TZ 5.30 Hrs. India.

Besides the dhanakarakas, the planets Moon, Venus and Jupiter also become significators of financial resources together with the Sun and Saturn. Coming from an average family, the native acquired a good position as a general manager in a production unit and earned large sums of money in the dasa of Venus.  Venus is well placed and unafflicted.  The lord of the tenth house is well placed and associated closely with the planet ruling factories, Mars.  The planets the Sun (though weak) and Jupiter are well placed.  The Sun causes an exact influence on the MEP of the third and ninth houses. The fifth house lord, Saturn, closely aspects and promotes both the Moon and Mars.  Jupiter blessed the native with good initiative and drive and its placement in the house of fortune made the native a self-made successful professional. The Sun, though weak, as the lord of eleventh house, in the house of fortune near the most effective point of the ninth house, bestowed gains through highly placed friends.

CHART 45: Male born 20th June, 1956, 1035 Hrs. 80E53 27N13 TZ 5.30 Hrs. India.

Besides the dhanakarakas, the planets the Sun, the Moon, Venus and Jupiter become significators for financial prosperity.  The Sun is strong and placed in the eleventh house. The Rahu-Ketu axis, in their signs of debilitation, is close to the most effective points of the fourth and tenth houses and severely damages the houses occupied as well as aspected.  The weak Saturn, in its infancy, is severely afflicted by the most malefic planet, the Moon, and the weakness and affliction of Saturn damages the planet Mars as well, as Saturn is a dispositor of Mars.  The influence of the Sun and Jupiter is not pronounced as they are far away from the effective points.  Mercury is severely afflicted by Rahu-Ketu axis.

The operation of the sub-periods of weak, afflicted and afflicting planets did not allow the native to get established financially.  The performance of propitiatory remedies for Rahu-Ketu and the Moon and wearing of a Kavach/Yantra was suggested.  This would strengthen the functional benefic planets, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn to bear the influence of the natal/transit afflictions of the functional malefic planets.  The wearing of the Yantra in an auspicious time started helping in a big way.

CHART 46: Male born 21st October, 1957, 1955 Hrs. 91E45 26N11 TZ 5.30 Hrs. India.

In this nativity, besides the dhanakarakas, Saturn, the Moon, Jupiter and Mercury become the significators of financial resources. Saturn is strong in this chart. The Sun is in its sign of debilitation and is badly placed in the sixth house ruling debts, disputes and diseases. The weak combust Mercury is also placed in the sixth house. The close influence of the functional malefic Mars on the most effective point of the eleventh house caused losses and obstructions in the sources of income. The close influence of the functional malefic Mars, by way of conjunction with Jupiter, the planet ruling inheritance, caused enormous loss of wealth to the father. The placement of the Moon in the fifth house indicates some gains in life through the entrepreneurial ventures. However, the Moon, as a significator, indicates lots of changes in life, and weakness of dispositor of the Moon in this case induced frequent changes in the professional pursuits of this native. The use of the propitiatory astral remedies for the functional malefics and use of a Kavach for the weak functional benefic planets in an auspicious time were suggested for improvements in the matter of health and financial resources.

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