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Mars enters Capricorn on 3rd May, 2018, and stays there up to 6th November, 2018.

For whole of this period planet Ketu is also transiting Capricorn and would afflict Mars on multiple occasions, especially the month of June, causing injuries, infections, accidents and muscular problems.

Those born in Aquarius, Leo & Gemini ascendants need to take extra care in this period as the malefic conjunction of Mars with Ketu would be in their 12th house (losses, hospitalization), 6th house (financial setbacks, injuries) and 8th house (accident, obstructions) respectively.

For natives born in Taurus, Scorpio or Virgo rising signs the abovementioned period would be challenging as Mars is a functional malefic planet for them.


Between 14th June, 2018 to 10th July, 2018 its prolonged influence will be on those who have the ascending degree around 14.

Between 19th August, 2018 to 6th September, 2018, its prolonged influence will be on those who have the ascending degree around 4.

During June, 2018 it would be in exact conjunction with Rahu/Ketu axis.

For those born in the ascending signs of Taurus, Scorpio and Virgo these prolonged stationary transit periods can cause difficulties, if MEP is around these degrees or if they have any planet at these degrees in Capricorn, Aries, Cancer & Leo signs.
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Mars's impact for various ascending signs would be as given hereunder:


For Arians planet Mars becomes the prime determinant of professional matters and as its moolatrikona sign falls in the ascendant. Being the lord of ascendant it is primarily responsible for health as well. An exalted and strong Mars blesses them with good professional rise, promotion and recognition in social circles as well. It is especially good for those pursuing a career in sports and physically active fields such as the armed forces. It gives them initiative and drive to undertake new ventures and makes them active, alert and bestows good health provided it is unafflicted in their transit/natal charts.


For natives born in Taurus ascendant planet Mars rules the 12th house and when exalted and unafflicting it gives impetus to positive aspects signified by the twelfth house. Exalted, strong and unafflicting Mars blesses Taureans with comforts in life, staying together with partner, good life in foreign lands and mental peace. It also protects their health and guards them from losses and unplanned expenses provided it's not causing any affliction.


Mars rules the house of income and gains for natives born in the Gemini ascendant. When exalted it gets placed in the eighth house ruling easy gains such as inheritance, obstructions and loses some of its strength but eventually gives sizeable income, coming out of authoritative posts in cases where Mars is strong in the nativity. An exalted and otherwise “strong” Mars blesses them with good financial gains and one may get some earning opportunities from distant places as well.


For Cancerians Mars is the prime determinant for professional matters as it rules the tenth house. An exalted & strong Mars blesses them with executive authority of higher order such as CEOs and high ranking army personnel. It also indicates promotion/recognition in career progression. Exalted Mars may indicate movement to foreign lands in connection with one’s profession and it also opens up good/profitable partnership opportunities.


Mars rules general fortune for those born in the Leo ascendant. When exalted it becomes connected with conflicts & health issues as it gets placed in the sixth house and indicates conflicts and delays which ultimately leads to sluggish growth. It indicates concerns on account of health of parents as well. Those residing in foreign lands also find this transit a bit troublesome.


Planet Mars is the most malefic planet for those born in Virgo ascendant but when well placed and unafflicting it gives good results. Exalted, strong & unafflicting Mars blesses them with good inheritance, easy gains, gains through speculative investments & endeavors and happiness in marital relationship.


Mars rules seventh house and becomes prime determinant of marriage for natives born in the Libra ascendant. Exalted Mars blesses Librans with a good spouse and rewarding joint venture opportunities. It also indicates movement to foreign lands/distant places. Exalted and strong Mars indicating authority blesses with good social status and facilitates acquisition of properties.


When Mars, as lord of the sixth house, is exalted and is not causing any affliction in transit the Scorpios are highly active and enjoy good health besides good finances. Exalted, strong and unafflicting Mars blesses them with sound financial position, good health, excellent energy and drive to pursue their goals. Natives may encounter some conflicting situations but they are able to successfully manage the circumstances when Mars is not causing any affliction in their natal/transit charts.


Mars rules fifth house for Sagittarians and when it transits Capricorn, which is in the second house, it indicates success in higher professional education. It also indicates a rise in professional as well as social status. Exalted and unafflicted Mars also blesses the natives with happiness in emotional relationships and indicates additions to the family. It indicates completion of professional qualifications and getting good placements in government.


Mars rules assets, vehicles, mental peace and mother as its mooltrikona sign falls in fourth house for those born in Capricorn ascendant. The transit of Mars in exaltation indicates acquisition of properties, vehicles and gains from assets. It also facilitates good proposals for those awaiting finalization of marriage. An exalted and strong Mars in transit indicates better initiative & energy, good financial position, mental peace & gains in real estate transactions.


For Aquarians Mars rules initiatives as its mooltrikona sign falls in the third house. An exalted and otherwise “strong” Mars blesses them with successful business ventures abroad and good financial gains as Jupiter is also transiting ninth house of fortune. One should carefully evaluate the business proposals as the transit of Mars in twelfth house indicates setbacks through losses & delays, when it comes under natal or transit affliction.


Mars rules the second house for those born in Pisces ascendant. An exalted and strong Mars in transit indicates good accumulation of wealth, additions to family and rise in professional status. It also indicates getting much awaited promotion or recognition in one’s career and good gains from social circles and acquaintances.

The impacts elucidated above are enhanced for those who have strengthened their weak natal planets including functional benefic Mars and afflictions are reduced considerably for those who continuously propitiate the functional malefic planets especially functional malefic Mars, Rahu & Ketu.

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