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V K Choudhry

Existence of confusions and contradictions, a lack of a systematic approach for interpreting horoscopes and the repeated requests from the students of the divine science of Vedic Astrology impelled me to go deeper into my studies and present the findings to all lovers of Astrology. My findings with the initial Systems' Approach predictive techniques were published in the form of a book, Systems' Approach for Interpretation of Horoscopes in October, 1991.

In the first edition, the analysis of case studies had been based primarily on the functional nature of the planets. In the second edition other features like the applicability of conjunctions and aspects, along with the transit and multidimensional roles of planets were included. The third edition included the advanced predictive techniques and FAQs. The fourth edition included updated predictive techniques and multidimensional significators involved in interpreting the planetary influences for various facets of life.

This book was followed by four more books: Self Learning Course in Astrology; Impact of Ascending Signs; How to Analyze Married Life; and How to Identify Significant Events.

In 1994 my son, Krishan Rajesh, started learning astrology and helping me in my exploratory work. The Systems' Approach was further enriched and another four new books were published in the year 1997, based on the synthesis of valid principles enunciated in the classical texts, the commentaries as well as the empirical studies undertaken by us.

The objective of the books was to equip the students of the divine science of Vedic Astrology with tools that would:
1. Clearly delineate the results of planetary influences in a nativity.
2. Identify the intent of the inquirer from the horoscope without its being disclosed.
3. Increase the probability of correct predictions.
4. Apply the principles on a uniform basis.
5. Suggest effective astral remedies.
These objectives may appear to be very tedious and time consuming. However, the Systems' Approach technique helps the astrologer to delineate the planetary positions to one's satisfaction and to realize the objective of helping mankind through the analysis of planetary influences in the natal chart in an easy manner. The perfection in astrological analysis comes with experience, but with the application of the Systems' Approach one achieves such success much faster.

The basis of Vedic Astrology is the Karma theory based on the premise that the planetary influences in the natal chart are the results of one’s deeds of past lives. The ascendant establishes the functional nature of planets. The Moon sets the clock in motion. The type of karma one is destined to is deciphered from the nature of influences on the tenth house, the lord of the tenth house, the Sun and Jupiter.

For understanding concepts and how to apply them, the first and foremost requirement is concentration. Concentration can only be achieved when a person is mentally at peace. This said state of mind helps the creative faculties of an individual to develop, which is god gifted. However, efforts can be made to achieve the same by following the teachings of our ancient rishis (spiritual and learned persons).

Those who have no lust, anger, arrogance or pride; are without greed, excitement, attachment; and are free from fraud, hypocrisy and deceit can attain mental peace and spirituality which are necessary for learning and mastering the divine science of Vedic Astrology.

The other necessary attributes are developing a feeling of contentment; the practices of kindness, generosity; and not to hanker after materialistic pursuits. The divine science of Vedic Astrology propounds and believes that the actions/deeds of human beings known as ‘Karma’ are guided by planetary influences.

Free will operates in the form of the strength of the significators of spirituality, which include the ninth house, fourth house and the planets, Sun and Jupiter.

To establish comprehension of the Systems’ Approach the matter has been taken up in an extensive manner through various case studies; the prominent delineations taken up are only illustrative.

The books bring up some unique deviations from the traditional approach, which will show their relevance when applied to the real life case studies by learned readers. The studies will surely help the learned readers in achieving the objectives set forth by the books. The books have a separate chapter devoted to the methodology of initiation of astrological remedial measures for deriving the full benefits from both the knowledge of astrological interpretive skills and the remedial measures.

Some fundamental changes have been suggested in the books based on solid reasoning. The aim is to achieve predictive accuracy and for this, the Systems' Approach is dependable. Moreover, fundamental changes have also been suggested to simplify analysis. This approach is universally applicable to all horoscopes with one single technique of analysis. This technique enables one to identify the area of a problem, the positive traits, the strengths and weaknesses of various planetary configurations right at birth without any explanation given by the person seeking astrological consultation.

Birth particulars in the books have been withheld in some case studies out of respect for the privacy of the natives, even though the inclusion of such charts has been considered necessary.

When my book “Systems' Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes” was in the process of publication in October, 1991, another author, who was writing books with some mystical titles, suggested to me that it would be better if I had changed the name of this book to a mystical title. The author advised that the change of title would increase the sales of the book.

I told him that I was aiming to sell my book only to those who appreciated its contents based on the title itself. This book was written for the removal of confusions, contradictions, inconsistencies and missing links found in the classical literature of Vedic astrology. The name of the book sent my desired message to its audience.

After the book’s publication, a large number of people from across the world communicated with me. I received many letters about the book and what it meant to them. This was really encouraging.

One of the letters was from a professor of Gujarat University, who had two doctorate degrees. He told me that he had been studying astrology for the last 40 years and only this book, “Systems Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes”, that helped him in understanding the true functional nature of planets in a horoscope. He sought my advice on his own birth chart and the charts of his sons, one of whom was a Chief Judicial Magistrate.

When this book was published, the publisher suggested that a complimentary copy be given to a prominent astrology teacher, who was teaching at Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan. The publisher accompanied me to his residence and we gave a complimentary copy to the astrology teacher. Upon receipt of the book, he started asking questions based on his earlier information regarding my published articles. His questions and my answers went on for about two hours and then I asked for his leave as I was busy. Upon leaving, I said we would meet again.

Another interesting incident happened at the residence of this astrology teacher while I was there. A lady visitor happened to be in his home seeking astrological advice from him. This lady visitor witnessed the question and answer session which occurred between the astrology teacher and me. She waited for about one hour, then left and went straight to Sagar Publications to inquire about my new book which she had seen in the hands of the astrology teacher. She obtained my phone number and sought an appointment from me.

During the course of discussions on her horoscope this lady mentioned that she had been to number of astrologers, but neither their predictions nor the correct advice for astrology remedies had come to fruition. I informed her that it was due to the confusions in the classical literature. Because of those confusions the astrologers had not able to give precise and correct predictions for her.

This lady continued taking advice from me. In the year 1995 when my son, Rajesh passed his school education and was set to join a professional course, this same lady suggested that I let Rajesh enter into a business venture. The lady further promised that she would finance the same and also provide the agency of whatever item we were interested in - for example the agency of Pepsi products.

I started laughing. She inquired about the reason for my laughter and I responded that God had blessed us with this knowledge of astrology for reading the divine message in the horoscope and she was suggesting the business of Pepsi products which involved the counting of bottles, packets, etc. I informed her that with the capabilities of the SA astrological knowledge, I and my son would assuredly only pursue this knowledge. She has continued to seek our advice regarding all the important aspects of her life for the last 23 years.

My confidence about the SA astrological knowledge proved to be right and thousands of people have benefited from the predictive techniques contained in this book for removal of confusions. Thousands have learned and become astrologers helping thousands of others with astrological advice. It has been a very satisfying and fulfilling journey.

The extent of confusion in the classical astrology was so much that even classical astrology teachers were not able to see in the chart of their would be son-in-laws as to whether or not they would have good longevity or be vulnerable to a critical illness. The fact is known that the son-in-law of a classical astrology teacher died of cancer within about 2 years after marriage. The Systems' Approach astrology has been able to remove such confusions and get better insights from the birth charts so that people seeking astrological advice have benefited.

Over the years, the SA astral remedial suggestions have also been educating practicing astrologers; they are able to use the remedies and read their own horoscopes with greater confidence and clarity.















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