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V K Choudhry

The advice of astrological remedies is the crux of benefits from the divine knowledge of astrology. Those, who are impelled by God in the hour of necessity, turn to astrological advice. Divine will is again required for performance of the advised astral remedies. Sometimes, after seeking the astrological consultation, people come to the conclusion that they do not believe in astrological remedies and cannot wear an amulet for strengthening their weak and afflicted planets. This reasoning is prevalent in some sections of the Hindu, Muslim and Christian populations. When faced with serious problems, such people can find themselves of two minds; they fail to decide whether they should follow their family / religious beliefs or the advice regarding astral remedies. Due to this situation they sometimes become hesitant and lose precious time in making a decision. The blessed people rise above family / religious beliefs and benefit from the use of astral remedies. There are numerous cases like this. Let me take up a few cases for discussion.

In this case study the person was preparing to take an entrance test for medical school graduation. She was under lot of anxiety concerning the result of the entrance test and whether or not she would achieve admission. She sought astrological insights regarding her horoscope in May, 1991. She was in the sub period of Venus in the main period of Rahu. Venus is a functional malefic and placed in the house ruling profession matters. I indicated that success in the entrance test was doubtful and suggested that the propitiation of Venus and Jupiter occupying the tenth house may help to bring success. The person and her father responded that they did not believe in the remedies. They also commented that another famous astrologer in Delhi had predicted that she would get the admission. I replied that they could then wait for the result. She did not gain admission in 1991 nor in 1992. They contacted me again in December, 1992, and indicated that they were ready for the astral remedies; wanting success in the 1993 entrance test. I advised the wearing of a Special Kavach and propitiatory remedies for Rahu, Ketu, Venus, Jupiter and Mars to attain success. The same sub period was still in operation. The performance of propitiatory astral remedies and the wearing of the Special Kavach helped her to achieve admission into the MBBS course.

The father of the owner of this female chart sought astrological advice on the timing of marriage for this female and her three sisters. All the sisters were well educated and eager for an early marriage. In this case Saturn and Mercury are the determinants of marriage. Both of these planets are weak due to close affliction and combustion, respectively. The significator for husband Jupiter is also weak due to combustion and close affliction of Ketu. She was advised to wear a Special Purpose Kavach and regularly perform the peace making remedies for Rahu, Ketu and the Moon. Her father refused to let her wear the Special Purpose Kavach. A few days later the female met me in a shopping mall and requested that I prepare a Special Purpose Kavach for her. After wearing this Kavach in a few months she got married. In a year's time she was blessed with a son. In this situation I feel that both divine intervention and her assertion for the astral remedies helped. Her third lord is placed in the sixth house and such people are assertive in their lives.

This is the birth chart of a lady who faced challenges on various fronts in life including the education of her children. The sign Cancer rises in the ascendant. The planets, the Moon, Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury become functional benefic (favorable) planets. Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are the functional malefic (unfavorable) planets. Mercury acts as a Sun-like planet. The Moon is lord of the ascendant. It rules health in general, personality and status. It is placed in the second house ruling family, wealth and status. The Moon is weak but well placed in the birth chart. The native worked as an officer and will have a good pension after her retirement. The Sun is lord of the second house. It rules wealth, status, family, professional success and speech. It is placed in the ninth house ruling father, religion, spirituality and fortune. The Sun is fairly strong in the birth chart. It blessed her with good education, wealth and professional success. Mercury is the lord of third house. It rules younger brothers, initiatives, communication and entrepreneurial nature. It is placed in the eighth house ruling accidents, obstructions and inheritance. Mercury is weak and afflicted in her birth chart. It slows down her initiatives and indicates problems to younger brothers as the lord of the third house is badly placed and the most effective point of the third house is closely afflicted. She lost her three younger brothers in the sub period of Jupiter in its own main period. Jupiter closely afflicts the third house.

Venus is the lord of fourth house. It rules the mother, education, properties, vehicles, mental peace and happiness in relationships. It is placed in the tenth house ruling professional matters and happiness through male child. Venus is weak and the most effective point of the mooltrikona sign of Venus is afflicted in her birth chart. It indicates mental stress, causes problems in acquisition of properties, indicates loss of assets; indicates challenges to parents and reduces / threatens comforts of life. She lost her father at a young age.

Jupiter is the lord of the sixth house. It rules the features of health, financial strength, confidence, analytical powers and presence of mind. It is placed in the tenth house ruling professional matters and happiness through male child. Jupiter is weak and placed in an afflicted house in her birth chart. It afflicts the most effective points of the eleventh, third, fifth and seventh houses. This makes her vulnerable to stress, intestinal disorders and malfunctioning of the liver.

Saturn is lord of the eighth house. It rules the marital bond, spiritual values, parental health, wealth, inheritance and easy gains. It is placed in the fourth house ruling mother, assets, marital happiness and school education. Saturn is weak as it is placed in an afflicted house in her birth chart. It causes close afflictions to the houses occupied and aspected. It gives serious health concerns.

Mars ruling the tenth house becomes the prime determinant for professional matters. It is placed in the tenth house ruling professional matters. Mars is weak as its mooltrikona sign house is afflicted by the aspect of the most malefic planet, Saturn.

She sought astrological advice in 2006 after the death of her brother. The planetary positions were explained to her. She further requested advice regarding the astral remedies. The peace making remedies for Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu were advised. Special Purpose Kavaches were provided to her and her daughters. Life became better for her and the daughters. The daughters gained admission into good courses in the University. Both obtained masters degrees and were married. And as the pressures eased the remedies and wearing of the Special Purpose Kavaches were discontinued. Then the problems started surfacing again.

She suffered from extreme arthritis and typhoid in August, 2014. Transit Jupiter was under the influence of natal Ketu. Transit Saturn and Mars were conjunct. On 9th November, 2014, her husband suffered a heart attack. Transit Saturn was on the most effective point of the fifth house and afflicted the seventh and second houses. Transit Jupiter afflicted the most effective point of the second house. Transit Venus and Sun were under the close affliction of natal Jupiter. In the face of multiple afflictions and problems, she again remembered the astral remedies and started wearing the Special Purpose Kavach on 26th January, 2015. On 5th February, 2015, she offered feedback that ever since she started the propitiatory remedies in November, 2014, and the wearing of the Special Purpose Kavach in January, 2015, she has been feeling much better regarding her knee pain and was able to walk comfortably. This result came about in spite of the fact that natal Rahu and Ketu continued to be afflicted 100% by the same degree from transit Rahu and Ketu.

This is the birth chart of a person who contacted me in the year 2001 when he had lost his job due to termination. He sought the help of astral remedies for his reinstatement in his job with a government department. The sign Cancer rises in the ascendant. The planets, the Moon, Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury become functional benefic (favorable) planets. Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are the functional malefic (unfavorable) planets. There are two strong afflictions in this birth chart. The first is a strong affliction by the lord of the sixth house, Jupiter, to the houses occupied and aspected. The second affliction is the exact affliction to Saturn by Ketu and Rahu. These indicate sudden problems regarding job, father and self, along with serious health concerns. The afflictions caused by Jupiter indicate problems in life due to disputes relating to inheritance, job, family and assets. At this stage, the astral remedies were sought. A Kavach and propitiatory remedies for Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Jupiter were suggested. As the afflictions were very strong, the results were expected but with delay. So, despite the strong lord of the tenth house, there was the prolonged problem with his career during the sub period of Rahu in the main period of Jupiter. The problems continued during the sub period of Saturn in the main period of Saturn. Even with the help of the astral remedies, success was delayed in the sub period of Mercury, as Mercury is weak due to bad placement, however he was reinstated. The person then became less diligent and did not attend to the propitiatory remedies regularly. So, his work pay for the period from 2001 to 2008 remained pending. He once more contacted me for astral remedies help. Astral remedies and a Special Power Kavach were again suggested to him.

There is another significant case which comes to my mind and is based on a lack of faith in the remedies. In 2001, on the suggestion of his wife, a classical astrologer contacted me to seek advice for the marriage of his two daughters, who were of marriageable age. I analyzed the horoscopes and found that in one of the birth charts the most malefic planet was influencing the most effective point of the 7th house. In the other case: (i) Rahu/Ketu were causing exact affliction to the second, fourth, eighth and twelfth houses ruling marriage and marital happiness; and (ii) the most malefic planet was causing an exact affliction to the lord of the second house. In both cases inordinate delay or denial of marital happiness was seen. The classical astrologer was advised that in these cases diligent performance of propitiatory remedies were required and both of his daughters needed the special power kavach. The classical astrologer and his daughters had never thought Systems' Approach to be very accurate and decided to try arranging the marriages without the help of the SA remedies. The performance of the suggested peacemaking remedies was not done diligently, which has resulted in that as of 2015 both of the girls continue to remain unmarried.

So this is my advice to all those who are following the astral remedies: they should continuously perform the astral remedies as recommended to them throughout their life. This is a karma (results of deeds of our past lives) tax. We can only get relief by performing the astral remedies.














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