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Handling Queries
"New Book: Methodology for Handling Astrological Queries"
As is evident from the name of the book, the book empowers the readers for handling astrological questions and giving suitable advice. The book includes the Predictive techniques and the background, how these predictive techniques were developed for precise, fast and dependable astrological advice. On the back cover you will find the narration of a prediction made more than an year in advance regarding the election of the US President. This prediction was made when Mr. Donald Trump had not even been chosen as the official nominee of the Republican party. We want to share predictive techniques and the methodology for analysis of planetary influences.

There has been a large number of students studying astrology courses with various institutions across the world in the last few years. These courses are run on the basis of the classics of Vedic astrology and the books written by modern authors based on the classical literature. Most of the time the teachers who are still plagued by their own confusions and contradictions in the classical literature, do not reply to the questions raised by the students. In many cases even after studying for six to eight years and spending a valuable amount of time of their lives the people still do not understand how to make predictions and how to read planetary influences in an unambiguous manner.

We were not surprised when some students narrated such a situation. Such students fail to develop confidence as they are intelligent enough to know and understand that their knowledge is not complete and they do not wish to offer misleading advice. Some of those who are in the same situation of confusion derive their confidence based on the time spent by them in study and the number of years they have used up in learning one after another of the courses. These students come to the same understanding after a few years when they are faced with failures of their predictions brought to their notice by the people who had consulted them.

Systems approach is a predictive methodology which is easily learnt by those who are desirous of developing the predictive method of competence. The crux of the matter is that we have to understand what the true functional nature of a planet is in a natal chart; meaning whether it is benefic or it is malefic. Then we have to understand what the strengths are of the planets; meaning whether they are strong or weak. The identification of planetary strengths is also a significant and distinct principle of Systems' Approach. The strong planets are generally able to bless the natives with their general significations and the significations of the mooltrikona sign house ruled by them in the horoscope. The weak planets, whether functional benefic planets or functional malefic planets, are the causes of problems in one's life generated through delays and less than expected levels of achievements. Then comes the planets which are under the close influence of the functional malefic planets and the planets which are placed in malefic houses from the ascendant. Such weak and afflicted planets are the causes of serious problems in life. Then comes the decision as to whether the planetary influences in a birth chart are analyzed through the ascendant or the Moon sign. The identification of planetary influences and identification of the functional nature of planets on the basis of ascendant is the right approach. Study of planetary influences through the Moon sign is always misleading and is the cause of most of the confusions and contradictions in the study of planetary influences. It brings failures in predictions.

The students who are learning now or who have already spent a number of years without any confidence and rational approach for prediction are welcome here to understand Systems’ Approach Astrology and its predictive method in a short span of four to six months. Here in this book we are taking up the predictive methodology, predictive techniques and the method for handling questions from the people seeking astrological advice. The remedial measures in astrology are the crux of the benefits of Astrology.

We sincerely hope that this book will help the readers of all categories including those who are new to Systems' Approach. This book will even help the Systems’ Approach Astrologers and those who are learning through Systems’ Approach with the methodology of handling astrological queries. Reading this book with patience answers most of the questions of the learners and advance students of Astrology. The readers can have free access to lessons on our website ( for learning the basic concepts of Systems' Approach. Even studying the first ten lessons on the website gives a good understanding into the analysis of planetary influences.

Readers would find this book useful. One chapter has been included in this book for identifying the important aspects of each ascendant which are helpful both for analysis of planetary influences and the basis of advice.

Salient features
Understanding planets in malefic houses, Combust planets, Debilitation of planets, Conjunction of Planets, Making Predictions, Divisional charts, Ascendant-wise important aspects and Diverse Case Studies for making learning of handling Queries easy.

Planetary Influences in Zodiac Signs NEW ASTROLOGY BOOK - "Planetary Influences in Zodiac Signs"
This is a new book on the popular readers demand.


• Detailed explanations for: • Placement effect of Planets in all Zodiac Signs • Application of Various Orbs of Affliction • Percentage-wise calculation of Planetary strengths • Case studies on : • Rectification; Cancer Patients; Living abroad; Fits & Seizures; Losses in Commodity trading; Missing persons queries; Death in Adventure sports; Divorce & Child custody cases, etc.


This book fulfils the popular demand of students and advanced practitioners of the Systems’ Approach to Interpreting Horoscopes. It delves deeply into the placement effects of various planets in the twelve zodiac signs. The explanations given in the book seamlessly synthesise the general and particular significations, as well as the effect of the zodiac sign and the house of placement of planets.

When read along with our book titled Impact of Ascending Signs, this work acts as a complete reference for the practicing Astrologers. It helps them in providing the precise guidance on the possible results of a particular planet or a sub period to their clients.

This book contains a simplified method for calculating the loss of strength by the planets afflicted by a Normal or a Special affliction. It also includes a detailed step-by-step guidance for the calculation of precise natal and transit strengths of various planets.

Versatile case studies with complete details of various transit significant events (TSEs) like date of accident, fits and seizures, etc. have been included in the book and an in depth deliberation has been undertaken for easy comprehension of various factors to be considered while elucidating the results of planets. The case studies have been discussed, keeping in mind the needs of practitioners and professional astrologers.

We hope that this book gives confidence to both professional astrologers and the learners of the divine science in their quest for predictive accuracy.

Pages 313
Price : US$ 20

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Planets & Children IMPACT OF RAHU AND KETU - Pages 233
First Published June, 2015.

About the book

Salient Features:
A Book for the study of the role of Rahu and Ketu in Horoscope Analysis,
Impact of Mysterious Rahu
Results in the sub periods of Rahu
Impact of Ketu
How to analyze main period or dasha of Ketu
Ascendant-Wise And House-Wise Impact of Natal/Transit Rahu & Ketu In a Horoscope
Kalsarpa Yoga - The Myth and its Impact .....
Case Studies:
Vulnerabe Longevity, Delay in Marriage, Serious health problems, Denial of Marriage, Professional problems, Early death, Early death of husband, Addiction,Black Magic Apprehensions, Accidents, Critical Illnesses, Transits, Oath-taking Charts, etc.

The book covers nearly all dimensions and facets of impacts of Rahu and Ketu. It is a very interesting book on Rahu and Ketu, to be read with patience. One may find several methods to give correct and precise prediction, putting a fresh breeze for examining their assimilation in traditional astrological thoughts.

The impact of Rahu and Ketu is a key analytical factor in the interpretation of horoscopes. Whenever the chart is brought up for interpretation, the analysis starts with the impact of the functional malefic planets and especially that of Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu become the key factor as they can impact six houses and the planets placed therein, if the placement of Rahu and Ketu is on or close to the most effective points of the houses of their placement. This placement can bring frequent challenges in life and threatens longevity. The close impact of Rahu on otherwise strong planets brings ambitiousness, greed, recklessness, short lived materialistic prosperity, incidence of addictions and medication.

The book has a foreword by
Justice S.N.Kapoor (Retd.)
Member Law Commission of India
Former National President Of ICAS

Planets & Children NEW BOOK - PLANETS & CHILDREN - Pages 224 Published 2014.

By Krishan Rajesh Chaudhary, M.B.A. and V.K.Choudhry, M.B.A.
A Book for study of fundamentals and Predictive Techniques for interpreting all aspects of the life of a child.

Timing of Birth of the Child
Progeny Problems & Astral Remedies
Care of the Newborn through Astrology
Impact of Child Birth on Family
Health of Child in Infancy
Birth of Younger Siblings
Talent of Child
Education Prospects of Child
Sports Talent
Career Counselling for children
Order of Seeing Significations

Predictive techniques & Application of Astrological Remedial Measures BOOK - Predictive Techniques and the Application of Astrological Remedial Measures.

By: V.K.Choudhry, M.B.A. and Krishan Rajesh Chaudhary

Unique features are:
**Advance & updated Predictive Techniques.
**Astrological Remedial Measures
** Impact of evil lords and planets in dusthana (evil) houses
**Timing of events
**Recovery of patients
**Return of missing persons
**Financial prosperity
**Progenic problems
**Psychiatric problems
**Delay in marriage
**Early widowhood
**Identifying Criminal tendencies
**Relevance of Vastu
**Case studies added for application and understanding of Predictive Techniques

How to Study Divisional charts BOOK - How to Study Divisional Charts.

New print with updated Preface giving latest Predictive Techniques.
By: V.K.Choudhry, M.B.A. and Krishan Rajesh Chaudhary

Unique features are:
Use of vargas relative to rasi
Analyzing debilitated planets
Analyzing combust planet Ketu dasha
Case studies using various vargas
Discussion of Vargottama planets, exalted planets

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All Books are mailed within 2-3 days of receipt of payment.