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Planetary Influences in Zodiac Signs NEW ASTROLOGY BOOK - "Planetary Influences in Zodiac Signs"
This is a new book on the popular readers demand.


• Detailed explanations for: • Placement effect of Planets in all Zodiac Signs • Application of Various Orbs of Affliction • Percentage-wise calculation of Planetary strengths • Case studies on : • Rectification; Cancer Patients; Living abroad; Fits & Seizures; Losses in Commodity trading; Missing persons queries; Death in Adventure sports; Divorce & Child custody cases, etc.


This book fulfils the popular demand of students and advanced practitioners of the Systems’ Approach to Interpreting Horoscopes. It delves deeply into the placement effects of various planets in the twelve zodiac signs. The explanations given in the book seamlessly synthesise the general and particular significations, as well as the effect of the zodiac sign and the house of placement of planets.

When read along with our book titled Impact of Ascending Signs, this work acts as a complete reference for the practicing Astrologers. It helps them in providing the precise guidance on the possible results of a particular planet or a sub period to their clients.

This book contains a simplified method for calculating the loss of strength by the planets afflicted by a Normal or a Special affliction. It also includes a detailed step-by-step guidance for the calculation of precise natal and transit strengths of various planets.

Versatile case studies with complete details of various transit significant events (TSEs) like date of accident, fits and seizures, etc. have been included in the book and an in depth deliberation has been undertaken for easy comprehension of various factors to be considered while elucidating the results of planets. The case studies have been discussed, keeping in mind the needs of practitioners and professional astrologers.

We hope that this book gives confidence to both professional astrologers and the learners of the divine science in their quest for predictive accuracy.

Pages 313
Price : US$ 20

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