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The red coral is the stone for Mars. Mars, signifies courage both mental and physical. Mars represents younger brothers and comforts and loyalty from the servants. Mars is personified as a commander-in-chief, denotes position in military and para-military forces, police, vocations employing fire and metals, engineering, chemicals, surgeons, dentists and executive posts. The nature of Mars is cruel, unrelenting, active and generous. It governs team leaders, manufacturers, executioners and project erectors.

The weakness of Mars makes a man lacking in courage and not enjoying the help and comforts from the younger brothers. It also robs the men of their physical power and vitality.

When it is weak and/or afflicted it causes, inflammations, wounds, burns, accidents, fractures, piles, fevers, epilepsy, tumours, mental aberration, Cancer in the muscular parts of the body when closely conjunct with Rahu, etc.

The strength to Mars is provided by wearing of a stone red coral whose recommended weight is between 4.6 to 4.7 carats. The stone should be flawless and should not contain silky inclusions. It is very necessary that one wears this stone in an auspiciously elected time only.