"Pearls of Wisdom", Timing of Marriage & Relationship for marriage, Timing of Marriage & Relationship for birth of a child, Timing of Marriage & Relationship for success in meditation; timing of Marriage & Relationship - for peaceful life.

"Indian Vedic Astrologer guides on Timing of Marriage & Relationship", Timing of Marriage & Relationship for marriage, Timing of Marriage & Relationship for birth of a child, Timing of Marriage & Relationship for happiness, Timing of Marriage & Relationship - Birth of childrenTiming of Marriage & Relationship - with the soul mate.Timing of Marriage & Relationship for success in meditation; timing of Marriage & Relationship - for peaceful life. "Indian Vedic Astrologer guides on Timing of Marriage & Relationship", Timing of Marriage & Relationship for marriage, Timing of Marriage & Relationship for birth of a child, Timing of Marriage & Relationship for happiness, Timing of Marriage & Relationship - Birth of childrenTiming of Marriage & Relationship - with the soul mate.Timing of Marriage & Relationship for success in meditation; timing of Marriage & Relationship - for peaceful life.
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Passions constitute the army of ignorance. For attaining mental peace, light, spiritual advancement and universal brotherhood we can follow the path shown to us by the Gita/Ramacharita Manas as a crux of Vedic teachings.

To attain the purpose of human birth, we have to master and control the six passions; namely lust, anger, greed, infatuation, pride and jealousy. Feeling content with the blessings of Param Brahm (God) with mastering of passions, we can enjoy sinless, pure, truthful, inspired, guileless and learned life free from delusion on the path of dharma (righteousness).

The above helps all human beings in becoming abodes of virtues, above the sorrows of the world and free from doubt. One lives the life of righteousness, austerity, self-denial and religious observance. It helps in maintaining good relations, bestowing honor on others, moderating diet for good health, uniting with Param Brahm (God) and makes one free from pride.

Those following the above become like saints. Such people are devoted to the feet of their Guru, Param Brahm (God) and the learned people. They are full of piety, forgiving, friendly to all, compassionate, cheerful under all circumstances and are sincerely devoted to the Almighty. Once enlightened they never take recourse to hypocrisy, pride or arrogance nor set their feet on the evil path even by mistake. They are immersed in divine hymns and are intent on doing good to others without any consideration.

The attributes to saints are numerous and cannot be exhausted even by Ma Sarada, the goddess of speech. The continuous singing or hearing of hymns brings us to steadfast devotion to lord and finally brings us in unity with Param Brahm (God) - moksha.


At some point of time in life everybody is faced with the question as to what is the mission of one’s life. A poor man may think that he is only living for toiling and facing hardship in life while a rich man may think that he is only living for enjoyments in life. Though all human beings are born with different fortunes, depending upon their past karma (deeds), their journey in life is towards moksha or nirvana or liberation from earthly bondage. There are impediments in life in the form of diseases, accidents, lack of financial resources, emotional setbacks, deeper involvement in sensual pleasures, anger, greed, attachment, etc.

How to reach one’s ultimate goal of attaining moksha or how to realize the mission of life is the most important question faced by both haves and have-nots; that is the rich and the poor. One has to fight one’s way through the impediments. The sure way to realize the mission is to pass through divine conduct as described by Ramayana. The contentment in life with one’s lot and increasing one’s utility to the humanity is the real short cut. The divine conduct includes practices of kindness, generosity, benevolence; being free from greed, excitement, attraction or aversion, envy, fraud, hypocrisy and deceit; and to avoid deeper involvement in sensual pleasures, anger, arrogance and pride. Seeking blessings of saints, especially in person wherever possible, helps the person in mitigating sins. Knowledge helps a person in being free from attachments. Contentment helps a person in defeating greed, lust and anger.

The planets, the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn rule the divine qualities and impediments depending upon their lordship in their charts. Rahu and Ketu rule the impediments. The positive role of a strong Sun in the birth chart of an individual is the evolution of one’s soul through sound health, good fortune and strong will power. A weak and/or afflicted Sun impedes the evolution of one’s soul through greed, lack of will power, envy and pride. The positive role of a strong Moon in realization of one’s mission is through easy availability of the necessities of life; a fully developed mind with clarity and contentment with one’s lot is very important. One can then continue one’s mission oriented journey in life. Aweak and/or afflicted Moon robs one of the proper care by Mother, causes retarded/slow mental growth, a disturbed marital relationship/peace of mind. While a strong Mars gives tremendous initiative to the person to pursue one’s pursuits in life, a weak and/or afflicted Mars confronts one with impediments through anger and involvement in excessive sensual pleasures.

Strong Mercury gives the power of understanding and communication while a weak and/or afflicted Mercury confuses a person and impedes the mission oriented journey. The impediments are caused by pride. A strong Jupiter makes a person kind, charitable, benevolent and contended while a weak and/or afflicted Jupiter makes one selfish and cruel. A strong Venus provides material comforts while a weak and/or afflicted Venus impedes the mission oriented journey through material pursuits in life. A strong Saturn blesses the person with a long, secured and healthy life while a weak and/or afflicted Saturn makes one suspicious in nature and the person feels insecure. Rahu rules materialistic pursuits. If it is well placed in the chart and is not forming a close conjunction with any of the other planets/houses, then its power to cause impediments is reduced. Its close connection with any other planet or house tampers with the positive role of the said planet or house. The extent of damage to the afflicted planet or house is more if the said planet is weak. Ketu signifies miseries and obstructions. Its close relationship with weak and/or afflicted planets is always indicative of serious problems in life impelling one to seek divine solace through spirituality. The close impact of Ketu shows the helplessness of the man to fight the impediments with one’s material resources. People who continue their journey through divine conduct are always in the service of God and they need not affiliate with any particular religion or place of worship for meditation.

The divine will in store for a person is foreknown in astrology through the position of planets noted from the time of birth of the particular person. The strength, placement, inter-relationship of planets, the operational periods of planets and the continuous impact of current position of planets on the natal position of planets guides us through the course of life including the spiritual evolution and attainments of the mission of life.

In the background of the above, we all see in our day-to-day lives affluent persons exerting themselves to achieve their greedy plans unsuccessfully and digressing from the true mission oriented journey of their lives while the blessed ones are never tempted by greed, pride, lust, arrogance and excitement. The saintly personalities keep on coming and going for showing the true path to the human beings. The crux of their teachings is capable of saving the mankind of numerous problems created by one’s own lust, anger, arrogance and greed.


God lives in the hearts of those who have no lust, anger, arrogance and pride and those who are without greed, excitement, aversion or attraction and are free from fraud, hypocrisy and deceit.

God lives in the hearts of those who always think of God as their master, companion, father, mother, preceptor and everything.

For peace and enjoying bliss, we can follow these Pearls of Wisdom:

1. Patience is very important in life and at all times.

2. If there is a mistake or misunderstanding one should not hesitate to accept.

3. There is always some scope of learning.

4. Wise people ignore the acts of foolish persons.

5. Anger, greed, encroaching tendencies, pride and lust make a person blind.

6. For literary/intellectual understanding/creativity one requires:

Exploratory mind

7. Understanding, adjustment, a sense of unity and tolerance are important for continuity of a relationship.

Some more pearls from Ramayana, the epic:

1. While describing the character of saints (holy persons) and those who are unholy, Saint Tulsidas, the writer of Ramayana, says that the holy persons give happiness to others while the unholy persons live for making others unhappy. So, those learning and practicing astrology should follow the conduct of holy persons.

2. Ramayana says that without going into the merits of advice or sayings, one should follow the advice of one's parents, guru (teacher) and God, as this always bless the person with happiness and peace.

3. Those who do not respect or heed to their parents and God and those who seek service from holy persons are just demons. Such persons always cause sufferings to others and perish after experiencing sufferings in life.

4. While patience and self-control are necessary for being successful and peaceful in life generosity remains a virtue, above all.

In Ramayana, lord Rama says, "Only those who are simple find me. I do not like those who are involved in manipulations and cheating."

The mighty and invincible foe of the man is attachment to the world. While the planets like the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus and Saturn breed attachment, Rahu turns it into the greed. Greed turns one blind and then one loses the sense of righteousness to satisfy the greed.

To effectively conquer attachments and be a winner in all situations, one needs the following attributes:

Valor and fortitude;
Truthfulness and good conduct;
Strength, discretion, self-control and benevolence;
Forgiveness, compassion, evenness of mind;
Adoration of God;
Highest wisdom;
Pure and steady mind;
Various forms of abstinence;
Religious observance;
Homage to Brahmins and to one's own preceptor;