"Weekly Horoscope for Pisces."

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Predictions for the current week

Professional matters face sudden concerns especially midweek.
Jupiter transits your ascendant; helps to some extent.
Partnerships and joint venture continue to suffer.
Your reputation is also vulnerable.
Strictly avoid driving; accident prone spell continues.
Mars travels back to Taurus; initiatives show some traction but affliction of Venus disrupts.
Most of you are dragged in heated exchanges, be alert.
Health of spouse may face sudden emergency situation.
Settlement of inheritance matters should be put off.
Moving to a far away place would be beneficial in the long run.
Kids/students experience slight improvement.
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The prolonged transit planetary influences caused by Rahu/Ketu are difficult, for those whose ascending degree is around 19:40 or some planet is around 19:40 degrees in odd signs.

Jupiter transits your ascendant until 22nd April, 2023, you may refer to the following link for its impact on your ascendant.
Jupiter's Transit in Pisces

Saturn transits Capricorn until 18th January, 2023. You may refer to the following link for its impact on your ascendant.
Saturn's Transit in Capricorn

Strengthen your birth planets through a Special Power Kavach as transit weakness/afflictions of planets can take care of sudden mishaps.