"Handling Queries Astrologically 8"

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"Handling Queries-8"

Chart 31
Query: "I am feeling problems at work place and maybe the present status may not allow the job to go beyond 3 to 4 months. Can wearing another Special Power Kavach help in this situation?"

Male born October, 1972.
The sign Capricorn rises in the ascendant. Saturn, Mars, Moon, Mercury and Venus become functional benefic/favorable planets. The Sun, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu become functional malefic/ unfavorable planets. Saturn and Mercury act as Sun-like planets.

The functional benefic planet ruling the seventh house is strongly placed in the ascendant which indicates good influence from foreign lands. Venus and Saturn are the prime determinants of professional matters. The sign Aquarius rises in the ascendant of Dasamsa (DX) and Saturn becomes an additional prime determinant of professional matters. In Dasamsa (DX) Saturn is placed in the eighth house along with Rahu. The ascendant of DX is occupied by three functional benefic planets of DX namely the Sun, Venus and Jupiter. In the Rasi chart, Saturn ruling the second house is well placed in the fifth house and is fairly strong in the natal chart. Venus, ruling the tenth house becomes weak due to its placement in the eighth house ruling obstructions. Planet Venus closely aspects the most effective point of the second house which is a positive point to some extent. The Sun is well placed but weak due to extreme old age. Mars, ruling the fourth house, is well placed in the ninth house on the most effective point influencing the house occupied and aspected even though it is weak due to combustion. Mercury ruling the ninth house is well placed in the tenth house but is weak due to the weakness of its dispositor, Venus. Transit Jupiter was in the eighth house in close conjunction with transit Rahu. The natal Venus was going to be under a prolonged influence of transit Rahu and Ketu up to the end of November 2016. The native is in the sub period of Venus in the main period of Jupiter. The native is a very highly placed executive in the banking industry.

Advice: “Considering the present prolonged transit influences he was advised that instead of thinking of wearing another strengthening measure he should concentrate on propitiating the functional malefic planets which may help. But the situation in such a prolonged transit influence of the aspect of Ketu on the badly placed natal Venus generally does not allow things to move favorably. Therefore it would be better that he starts exploring a new placement. The native was suggested additional propitiatory remedies in the form of participation in a monthly contributory Yagya program to cope with the severe transit affliction operating in the eighth house. The native agreed to follow the suggestion. The prolonged transits affliction especially in the eighth house is very difficult to mitigate.”

The native was informed by his employer that he should look for another job and he can resign by 15th September, 2016. The prediction was fulfilled.

In the evening of 8th August, 2016 the native sent the following message:-

“Dear Sir - I wanted to let you know that with your blessings, power of remedies and God’s grace. I got the offer today . The past two months were extremely tense but I have full faith in the remedies and your blessings. I will send you a gift voucher for dinner with family once things settle down :). I will be hoping to resign tomorrow . Thanks a lot and best wishes.”

Chart 32
Query: This query was made over the phone from New York involving the case of a serious illness of one of his relations in India. “When will my relative be able to recover from the illness?"

Chart of the relative:
Male born December, 1953.
The sign Libra rises in the ascendant. The planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn become favorable planets. Besides Rahu and Ketu, Mercury also becomes a malefic (unfavorable) planet. Jupiter acts as a Sun-like planet.

He suffered from a brain hemorrhage as a result of stress developed due to serious mental and physical problems. After his treatment in his own nursing home, he was admitted to another big hospital in his hometown on 22nd December, 2013. He was later referred to one of the premier medical hospitals of the country on 28th December, 2013. Because the treatment in this hospital did not show any progress for three days, one of the relatives told them over the phone from New York that since they were in Gurgaon, they should contact Astrologer, Mr. Choudhry and request the aid of astral remedies; this was on 31st December, 2013.

Venus, the lord of the ascendant, is the prime determinant of health in this case. In this birth chart, the most malefic planet, Mercury, is closely afflicting the weak lord of the ascendant. The sign Virgo rises in the ascendant of Shashthamsa (DVI) and Mercury becomes the additional prime determinant for health. Mercury is badly placed in the sixth house of Shashthamsa. The native was in the sub period of Jupiter from 20th October, 2012, in the main period of the most malefic planet, Mercury. From October, 2013, transit Rahu formed an exact conjunction with weak natal Saturn, whose dispositor is weak and afflicted. Since Saturn is placed in the ascendant in the natal chart, the person suffered from health issues connected with mental stress and later a brain hemorrhage.

Advice: “The family members of the native were advised to perform the peace-making remedies for Mercury, Rahu and Ketu. Later the native also had the help of a Special Power Kavach. On 15th May, 2014, there was feedback over the phone from the person, who had referred this doctor from New York; the remedies helped a lot and the doctor wanted to meet us in person during one of his next visits to Gurgaon. The impact of the remedies was such that during the prolonged impact of transit Rahu and Ketu on natal Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in the latter half of 2014, no serious problems were experienced by the native.”

Chart 33
Query: "I am having problems in business matters and I am unable to settle. How to improve my professional matters?"

Male born October, 1972.
The sign Aquarius rises in the ascendant. The planets Saturn, Mars, Sun, Venus and Jupiter function as favorable planets. Rahu, Ketu, Moon and Mercury function as unfavorable planets. Mars and Venus act like Sun-like planets.

The prime determinant for professional matters in this case is Saturn and for business matters it is Mars, ruling the third house. The sign Leo rises in ascendant of Dasamsa (DX) and the Sun becomes an additional prime determinant for professional matters. Saturn is well placed, in the fourth house, in the natal chart and is fairly strong. The significator Sun is weak due to debilitation, infancy and being placed in an afflicted house. In dasamsa (DX) also the Sun is in the sign of debilitation. The most malefic planet Mercury closely afflicts the most effective points of the ninth house, where it is placed, and the third house which it aspects. Jupiter ruling the eleventh house is strongly placed in its own mooltrikona sign house. Rahu and Ketu do not cause close afflictions in the natal chart. Mars is weak due to bad placement and being combust. Venus is well placed but is weak due to weakness of its dispositor and close affliction to its mooltrikona sign house. At the time of the query in January, 1996 the native was in the sub period of Mercury in the main period of Jupiter.

Advice: “Considering the close affliction to the third house and weakness of the Sun, Mars and Venus the native was advised that he would do better to keep away from the idea of business as there are less chances of success and more chances of losses and bad management of the business. The native was advised to find job in banking or the financial industry where he can be more successful as Jupiter is quite strong in the birth chart. The strengthening measures for weak planets and propitiatory measures for the functional malefic planets were suggested. It was stressed upon the native that the propitiatory measures are to be performed regularly and throughout life. The advised Astral remedies helped the native. He was also advised to invest his own funds in safe avenues for steady income in his life.”

Chart 34
Query: "I am facing problems in the office and disputes in family properties. How to come out of these situations?"

Male born September, 1960.
The sign Cancer rises in the ascendant. The planets Moon, Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury become functional benefic (favorable) planets. Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are the functional malefic (unfavorable) planets. Mercury acts as a Sun-like planet.

The prime determinants for professional matters are Mars and the Sun. The prime determinants for family properties are Saturn and the Sun. The sign Gemini rises in dasamsa (DX) and therefore there is no additional prime determinants in this case. The Moon is badly placed in the dasamsa. Mars ruling the tenth house is badly placed and it is in infancy and hence utterly weak in the natal chart. Mars is also under the exact affliction of lord of the sixth house Jupiter indicating conflicts and problems in job. The lord of the ascendant Moon is exalted and well placed but is weak due to infancy. The Sun is strongly placed in the birth chart in its own mooltrikona sign. Saturn ruling the inheritance and family properties is placed in the house of disputes, indicating disputes in inheritance and family properties. Venus is well placed but weak, debilitated and afflicted due to a close affliction of most malefic planet from the sixth house. Mercury is well placed in third house in its mooltrikona sign and is fairly strong.

The weak and afflicted Mars resulted in a charge-sheet in office to the native in October, 1995 during the sub period of Venus in the main period of Rahu. The transit Rahu was also causing a close affliction to badly placed natal Mars while transit Saturn was causing a close affliction to natal Sun. Transit Ketu was also causing close affliction to natal Jupiter, lord of the sixth house.

Advice: “These Astrological factors that were causing disputes, problems in the office and family properties were explained to the native. The native was also suggested propitiatory remedies for the functional malefic planets and strengthening of his weak functional benefic planets. The native was also advised to work with patience. With the due performance of the Astral remedies the native found relief in both the areas of concern, in the sub period of the strong Sun in the main period of Rahu.”