"Handling Queries Astrologically 9"

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"Handling Queries-9"

Chart 35
Query: "Will my son get his medical residency in good Hospital in US?"

Male born May, 1984.
Chart of the Son:

The mother of this boy consulted us during the sub period of Ketu in the main period of Venus when he was studying very hard for USMLE. The performance was just average while he was expecting high grades. He became extremely upset on this account and the problems were seen in future for getting residency as an international student.

The sign Gemini rises in the ascendant. The Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are functional benefic planets. Rahu and Ketu are the functional malefic (unfavorable) planets. The planets Saturn and Moon also act as Sun-like planets.

The affairs in foreign lands in this case are governed by Jupiter the lord of the seventh house. Jupiter is well placed strongly in its own mooltrikona sign. The other planets in the natal chart are quiet weak. The query was made in the sub period of Rahu in the main period of the Sun. The prime determinants for the professional matters is the Moon as there is no mooltrikona sign in the tenth house. The Sun is significator for professional matters. The sign Virgo rises in the dasamsa (DX) and Mercury becomes an additional prime determinant for professional matters. The Moon is well placed but weak as it is in extreme old age. The Sun is badly placed and is under exact affliction of Rahu and Ketu. Mercury is well placed but weak due to the weakness of its dispositor, Mars. Venus is weak due to combustion and bad placement in the twelfth house. Saturn and Mars are weak due to weakness of their dispositor Venus.

Advice: “It was explained to his mother about the strong affliction of the Sun and the weakness of other planets which were likely to cause problems for him in life. When she sought Astral remedies for his planetary influences, the wearing of a Special Power Kavach with gemstones and propitiatory remedies for Rahu and Ketu were suggested. The performance of these Astral remedies helped and the native received his medical residency with a very good hospital. In view of the very weak situation of the planets other than Jupiter it was stressed upon them that regular propitiatory remedies for Rahu and Ketu are must. These Astral remedies will also help him in other aspects of life and his father, as well.”

Chart 36
Query: "Whether my daughter would be able to finish her studies successfully and will she get a good placement?"

Female born September, 1980.
Chart of the daughter:

The sign Sagittarius rises in the ascendant. Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Sun, Mercury and Venus are the functional benefic (favorable) planets. Besides Rahu and Ketu, the Moon is the only other functional malefic for the Sagittarians. Saturn acts as a Sun-like planet in this case.

This query was made for a doctor in London who was not doing well in her PG studies due to an unsuitable placement regarding her job. The prime determinant for professional matters is Mercury and the significator for job is the Sun. The sign Aries rises in the dasamsa (DX) and Mars becomes an additional prime determinant for professional matters. Mercury ruling the tenth house is strongly placed in its own mooltrikona sign in exaltation, in the natal chart. The Sun is well placed but weak due to utter infancy. Saturn ruling the house of initiatives and drives is weak due to combustion. Venus ruling the house of income is weak due to its bad placement and the utter weakness of its dispositor. The Moon ruling the eighth house is badly placed in the twelfth house in debilitation and old age. The Moon is under severe affliction of Rahu from eighth house. The bad placement of the lord of the eighth house causes problems and setbacks to the father of the native. Mars is well placed but is weak due to the weakness of its dispositor. Jupiter ruling the ascendant is well placed in the ninth house of higher studies but is weak due to combustion and old age. The planetary positions were explained to her mother. The query was raised in the sub period of Moon in the main period of the Sun.

Advice: “She was advised that her daughter needs strengthening of weak functional benefic planets and regular propitiatory remedies for the functional malefic planets. It will not only help in finding a good placement in job but also in successfully completing the post graduate studies. The Astral remedies suggestion was followed and the daughter of the native became FRCA and got good placement in job. The native was advised that the continued performance of Astral remedies will benefit her in relationship matters and also to the father.”

Chart 37
Query: "When will the problems in our business operations be resolved? Is it the influence of some evil eye?"

Male born July, 1951.
The sign Cancer rises in the ascendant. The planets Moon, Sun, Mars, Venus and Mercury become functional benefic (favorable) planets. Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are the functional malefic (unfavorable) planets. Mercury acts as a Sun-like planet.

This query was made in early December, 2015 in the sub period of the Moon in the main period of Saturn. The prime determinants for professional matters and business matters in this case are Mars, the Sun and Mercury. In dasamsa (DX) the sign Sagittarius rises and Jupiter becomes the additional prime determinant of professional matters and is badly placed in DX. In dasamsa the Moon is in bad placement and debilitation.

The Sun is well placed in the natal chart but weak due to infancy. Mars is weak due to combustion and placement in the twelfth house ruling foreign lands. The business ventures of the native were in a foreign land. Mercury ruling the third house of business venture is strongly placed in the ascendant. The lord of the ascendant Moon is strongly placed in the seventh house. The Moon and the Sun mutually aspect each other and indicate some venture in a foreign land. Venus ruling the fourth house of assets is well placed but weak due to the weakness of its dispositor and close affliction of the Rahu/Ketu axis. Saturn ruling the eighth house is well placed and is fairly strong in the third house of business ventures. Jupiter ruling the sixth house of health and financial strength is well placed and fairly strong in the ninth house. The influence of many planets indicate business ventures in a foreign land. During the sub period of the Moon in its beginning the native was running a shipping company and had problems with the operation of one of the ships. When the problem persisted for some time the query was made for an astrological insight. At the time of the query transit Rahu/Ketu axis was afflicting natal Saturn in early December, 2015. Transit Jupiter was afflicting the most effective points of the second, eighth and tenth houses. Transit Saturn was afflicting natal Venus from the fifth house. These multiple transit influences caused the problems for a prolonged span and later the transit affliction of Rahu and Ketu to the most effective points of the houses also became applicable up to the end of May 2016.

Advice: “The position was explained to the native and Astral remedies suggestions were also made which was followed by the native and he was able to manage the situation with some repair work and finally decided to dispose of the ship. Whenever some planet is closely conjunct with Rahu or Ketu in the natal chart the native always suspects some evil eye influence in his/her life. The Astral advice also covered measures to check the impact of the evil eye influence.”

Chart 38
Query: “I want to know about my job, if it’s safe or not, can I expect any promotion or change in job, foreign stay, health, married life and chances for a second kid. I lost my mother and my brother in car accident at the age of 18 when my whole family was ruined and I got settled back only after my marriage. I have got a kid who is four years old. I don’t want a similar instance to be repeated in my family. Do u think there are such indications in my chart, where my son will lose me before even he gets mature. Middle life span means 50-60 years or earlier? Please let me know my exact life span and reasons in my chart for same. What period or sub periods can be dangerous for me? Is there any chance that I will have to suffer from loss of any immediate family members (kids or husband) in my life time. What are the chances of fatal accidental/hazardous death for me? Are there any chances of suicidal death for me?”

Female born May, 1983.
The sign Virgo rises in the ascendant in the horoscope. The planets Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury become favorable planets. Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu and Ketu become the functional malefic planets. Venus acts as a Sun-like planet.

Sudden and fatal accidents/misfortune happenings are caused by exact or very close conjunctions of the most malefic planets and functional malefic planets.

In this case the lords of the eighth and twelfth houses are in exact conjunction and are closely afflicting the lord of the fourth house Jupiter. The lord of the sixth house is exactly on the most effective point of the second house and also is under the close aspect of Rahu. Saturn afflicts all the houses aspected and occupied. Rahu and Ketu cause mild afflictions in the natal chart. Mercury the lord of the ascendant is weak and afflicted as it is badly placed in eighth house and its dispositor is in exact conjunction with the lord of the twelfth house. The lord of the second house is utterly weak due to infancy and exact affliction to its mooltrikona sign house. The Moon is also weak due to exact affliction to its mooltrikona sign house. Such a planetary configuration gave misfortunes to the native and cause persisting apprehensions about various aspects of her life. In view of these close afflictions and planetary weaknesses in the natal chart making the analysis of divisional chart is irrelevant as planets cannot gain any additional strength in the divisional charts.

Advice: “The native was informed that the planetary influences do indicate vulnerability to her apprehensions. She was advised astral remedies which the native indicated to us that she would follow. There are afflictions in her birth chart to indicate middle span, but the propitiatory remedies and the amulet lower the impact of afflictions. By continuing the propitiatory remedies advised, such things will not happen in her life. The remedies help in removing the chance of fatal accidents.”