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Rahu enters Aries on 18th March, 2022, where it remains up to the 30th of November, 2023. During this time Ketu will remain in Libra. During the course of the stay of these planets in the signs Aries and Libra the axis will be stationary four times between the following dates:-

1. Around 28:45 degrees 1st April, 2022 into 16th June, 2022.

2. Around 19:40 degrees 22nd September, 2022 into 8th December, 2022.

3. Around 9:50 degrees 3rd April, 2023 into 8th June, 2023.

4. Around 0:30 degrees 15th September, 2023 into 29th November, 2023.

Those natives, who have most effective points of the ascendant around the stationary degrees or have any natal planets at these degrees, in the odd signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius) will have to be not only be careful but also diligently perform the astral remedies for sailing through this time with less difficulty.

Following video helps in understanding, how the nodes impact the Most Effective Point (MEP):-

Impact of Rahu & Ketu on the Most Effective Point (MEP)


For the months of April 2022 and April 2023, Jupiter and Saturn respectively will remain under the close aspect of Ketu from the sign Libra.

The abovementioned time spells would be unfavorable for the general and particular significations of Saturn & Jupiter.

For the various ascending signs the impact of this movement of the nodal axis is explained hereunder:


For Aries ascendant Rahu will be in the first house while Ketu will transit the seventh house. When the nodes are transiting close to the most effective point or the ascending degree of the horoscope they pose serious issues with respect to own health, health of spouse, setbacks in relationships, problems in business/partnership ventures and fluctuations in income. When unafflicting it makes one ambitious, vulnerable to manipulative tendencies; a rise in career and material growth especially when natal Mars is strong and well placed. Some additional stress can be seen when the Sun is transiting the signs of Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces. During the months of April, 2022 and April 2023 there can be some sudden concerns on the income front and the health of parents may also cause worry.


For the Taurus ascendant both the nodes are badly placed, Ketu is in the sixth house while Rahu gets placed in the twelfth house. So, for Taureans this transit movement is going to be especially challenging. In cases where the nodes are afflicting the most effective point of the horoscope for a prolonged period they indicate problems arising out of conflicts/litigations, lots of struggle, prolonged health concerns which often require hospitalisation and it may also make you lose through bad company. Speculative investments should be strictly avoided. Even when the nodes are unafflicting these placements breed problems as whenever they make close contact with natal positions, the significations are badly hurt as the affliction is coming from an evil house. Additional stress is likely when the Sun is transiting in the signs of Libra, Sagittarius and Aries. During the months of April, 2022 and April, 2023 extreme caution is required as some negative developments in professional matters and your vulnerability to injuries increase.


For the Gemini ascendant this transit movement is a welcome change as the nodes move out of their evil houses. Ketu moves to the fifth house while Rahu gets settled in the eleventh house. When unafflicting Rahu makes them full of energy and enthusiasm and promises good rise in income and one makes many new friends. When the nodes go stationary for prolonged periods around the most effective point (MEP) they make one suffer from serious health issues (as well for spouse), emotional sufferings, losses in investments and one may even go into depression if the natal Venus is weak and badly placed as well. Problems are compounded when the Sun is also transiting their malefic houses which are Scorpio, Capricorn and Taurus. During the months of April, 2022 and April, 2023 one may feel fresh concerns on account of health of spouse/parents and partners.


For the Cancer ascendant Ketu is in the fourth house while Rahu transits the tenth house. When unafflicting they indicate material gains, progress in profession and this placement can expedite or initiate thought process for working in a foreign land. When the nodes are causing prolonged affliction to the MEP this causes serious challenges to professional position, threats to reputation, setbacks to domestic peace, losses in assets and things get delayed for those looking forward to marriage. During the months of April, 2022 and April, 2023 extreme caution is required in the matters of health, litigations and you also become vulnerable to injuries.


Rahu will transit the ninth house and Ketu moves to the third house. When unafflicting and away from the most effective point it indicates increased movement or foreign travel, makes you ambitious and you start looking for additional avenues of income to secure your lifestyle. When transiting close to the MEP for prolonged periods it is indicative of setbacks in business, payments get stuck, emotional setbacks and problems for your spouse & children. When the Sun is in the sign of Capricorn, Pisces and Cancer the problems are compounded. During the months of April, 2022 and April, 2023 you should take extra care in handling emotional relationships, health of life partner and avoid getting involved in conflicts.


For Virgo rising natives Rahu's movement to Aries would be negative as it moves to their eighth house while Ketu has a depressing influence of the house of family that is their second house. When unafflicting and transiting away from the MEP these indicate increased interest in the spiritual as well as mystical sciences and overseas travel. In cases where the nodes are causing affliction or prolonged influence to the MEP they indicate sudden and severe problems in health, injuries, separation, financial setbacks especially in speculation and harm to the family cohesion. Rahu's placement may cause additional worries when (1) Venus is in Aquarius, Aries and Leo; (2) when the Sun is in Libra and Aquarius. During the months of April, 2022 and April, 2023 one should make a conscious effort to avert any kind of conflicting situation be it in family, workplace or among friends.


For Librans Rahu's movement into Aries is a big relief as it moves out of their eighth house while Ketu transits their ascendant. When unafflicting and transiting away from the MEP they indicate prolonged stay in a distant place or a foreign land, success in finding a life partner and increase in material comforts. When transiting close to the MEP for prolonged periods they make one vulnerable to penalties from the government, prolonged problems in partnerships & health of spouse and one's social status also comes under scrutiny. You should be watchful of your health when Venus is in Virgo, Pisces and Taurus. During the months of April, 2022 and April, 2023 one should go a little slow on new ventures as your initiatives face unexpected hurdles and you are caught on the wrong foot.


For Scorpions this movement of the nodes is very challenging as they move to their evil houses. Rahu will transit the sixth house while Ketu transits the twelfth house of losses. Even when unafflicting Rahu and Ketu do not indicate any material positive developments. While severe setbacks are seen when they get into prolonged affliction with natal positions of the most effective point. They indicate financial setbacks, negative developments in ongoing litigations/health, conflicts in married life and it also unsettles the long term financial position. During the months of April, 2022 and April, 2023 one should actively protect his/her reputation and family peace also comes under threat. Problems are compounded when the Sun transits in Libra, Aries and Gemini.


Sagittarians welcome the transit of the nodes as they vacate their evil houses and move to their fifth (Rahu) and eleventh (Ketu) house respectively. When unafflicting and away from the MEP they indicate gains from investments, success in creative field and one is able to handle sensitive/relationship matters diplomatically. When afflicting one has to remain cautious in the matters of health of spouse, relationships with friends, cash flow and adopt a little less aggressive approach to things. One should be vigilant when the Sun is in Scorpio, Taurus and Cancer. During the months of April, 2022 and April, 2023 one should take extra care of health and one should keep a low profile and put the brakes on undertaking any new venture.


For Capricorn rising horoscopes Rahu will transit their fourth house while Ketu travels through their tenth house. Both the planets are well placed and when unafflicting indicate acquisition of assets/vehicles and some natives may move to a foreign/distant place. When afflicting and transiting close to the MEP for prolonged periods they threaten with loss in assets, setbacks in job, shift to an obscure position in the organisation, wasteful expenses and involvement in intoxication, etc. Special periods to be watched are when the Sun is in Sagittarius and Gemini. During the months of April, 2022 and April, 2023 one should not indulge in speculative/risky activities and these months pose challenges for health especially for chronic patients.


For Aquarians Rahu transits their house of initiatives (3rd house) while Ketu travels through the ninth house of fortune. When unafflicting and away from the MEP Rahu indicates increases in the risk appetite of the native and one is inclined to start multiple lines of business. Ketu's placement increases interest in the spiritual and religious areas. When causing close afflictions to the MEP they indicate repeated obstructions in business ventures, problems in marriage and difficulties in the management of cash flow. During the months of April, 2022 and April, 2023 one is likely to face setbacks in income, friendships and health. Extra precaution is required when the Sun is transiting in Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn.


For Pisceans Rahu transits their second house while Ketu has a difficult house to negotiate, that is the eighth house. When afflicting and transiting close to the MEP they indicate manipulative tendencies for material gains or to become famous. But such ventures ultimately get exposed and cause setback to the reputation by way of penalties. Rahu involves the natives in highly risky options which may lead to financial setback as well. Health of parents, self and kids is also vulnerable during such afflictions. When unafflicting one may feel an upliftment or boost in social status and material gains. Additional problems crop up when the Sun is in the signs of Libra and Aquarius. During the months of April, 2022 and April, 2023 one should be very cautious in professional matters as unwanted movement may be necessitated. Also, one should stay away from risky investments as financial setbacks are also seen.


1. Service to parents.
2. Helping old aged and needy persons.
3. Feeding stray dogs and some fried & sweet article to birds, wherever possible.
4. Strengthening the Sun, Mars, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter when Functional benefic planets for your ascendant in the birth chart through a Special power Kavach or wearing the favorable gemstones in an auspiciously elected time.

Also one can book a personalised yearly transit report for 2022 to plan the things in advance.

Write to for auspicious time and checking requirement of a Special power Kavach or suitability of the stones besides knowing the weight and the relevant finger and Ordering an Yearly Transit Report.

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