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The planets Mars and the Sun govern professional prospects. Mercury ruling the third house and analytical powers is very weak. The Sun and Mars are strongly placed. The weakness of Mercury does not show good prospect for mathematical and analytical faculties. Selecting a stream where greater mathematical and analytical faculties are not required would be better.

The choice of chemical engg and informn tech are good. You can go in for bio-engg, as well. You can then go in for MBA. Your health needs care and support as your lord of the ascendant is weak and Jupiter as health ruler is placed in the houses of losses. You are likely to get admission in an institute nearby.

To support your weak natal planets you needs to wear a pearl, an emerald and a special power Kavach. The details of Kavach you can see on my website.

Recommended weight for pearl and emerald is 4.7 carats each approx. Pearl can be worn in left hand little finger and emerald can be worn in right hand little finger. Both of these can be worn in silver. These have to be worn in an auspicious time & the auspicious time worked out for Kavach can be used for wearing the gemstones. These will help you to avoid health setbacks and will harness your analytical faculties.

Favorable colors

White, pink, orange, silver, golden, green, royal blue, red and variegated colors.

Unfavorable colors

Steel grey, dull brown, yellow, navy blue, bright brown, faded colors and black

Favorable stones

Pearl, ruby, red coral, emerald and diamond.

Unfavorable stones

Hessonite (gomedh), cat's eye (lasonia), blue sapphire and yellow sapphire

US$ 100 or equivalent in Indian Rupees.

Analysis report to be delivered through e mail.