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"Birth Chart Reading with 10 years Predictions"

The sign Virgo rises in the ascendant in your horoscope. The planets, the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury become favorable planets. Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu and Ketu become the functional malefic planets. Venus acts as a Sun-like planet. The persons born in this ascending sign have analytical approach and they shine well when the planets Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and the Moon are well placed and fairly strong in the birth chart. They become engineers, accountants and manager. They enjoy good positions in government and business. We will discuss the strength of planets in your birth chart hereunder.

Mercury ruling health in general and analytical power is strongly placed in the first house/ascendant itself and becomes protector of health to a great extent besides blessing the person with good analytical power and understanding. The nature of the person is sensitive, confident and caring and the urge is for perfection. The strong Mercury is very helpful for research oriented jobs/professions, brings in recognition and gives interest in gaining knowledge in variety of branches including astrology.

The Moon ruling the income, friends, fulfillment of desires and financial gains is strongly placed in the tenth house of the birth chart. It favorably and closely influences the fourth and tenth houses. It blesses with confidence, financial gains and gains through professional ventures/job.

Jupiter, ruling the house of native place, mental peace and assets is placed in the fifth house. Jupiter is weak as it is in its sign of debilitation. The placement of Jupiter in the house of intellect and emotions make the person emotional and gives flare for learning. The weak position of Jupiter is not conducive for the long lived relationships and delays marital alliance. Jupiter needs strengthening for better results.

Venus ruling status, wealth and relationships is well-placed in the chart in its own mooltrikona sign. It is strong but becomes weak as it is under the exact aspect of the most malefic planet, Mars. It causes problems in marital happiness and causes obstructions in professional pursuits. Venus needs strengthening and Mars needs to be propitiated for better results.

The Sun ruling professional matters, father, social position and life in foreign lands is well placed and does not cause any close influence on any other planet or house. The close influence of Jupiter on the Sun is helpful to some extent during the stay of the person in foreign lands. Fairly strong Sun becomes helpful in the matter of job.

Saturn ruling the financial position, health and the position in the matters of conflicts is well-placed but it is under the exact affliction of Rahu and Ketu. The health is protected by the strong placement of Mercury in the chart but for other significations of Saturn there are indications of persistent anxiety and concerns. The weakness and affliction of Saturn is likely to shake the confidence and indicates lack of stability in financial resources.

Mars ruling easy gains, inheritance and interest in mystical knowledge is well-placed in the chart. It causes strong unfavorable influence on Venus. It causes obstructions in status, marriage and relationships. It blesses with some amount of easy gains, inheritance, gains from properties and legacies.

The exact unfavorable influence of Rahu and Ketu afflicts (harms) weak Saturn making the person vulnerable to health problems arising out of stress, persistent tensions and financial concerns.

From 24th July, 2005, the person is in the sub period of Mercury in its own main period and it runs up to 19th December, 2007. This sub period is considered good for some amount of financial gains and rise in job/status. This sub period is likely to bring marriage with the help of propitiatory remedies and strengthening of the weak planets suggested.

From 20th December, 2007, to 16th December, 2008, the sub period of Ketu would run in the main period of the Mercury. During this sub period lot of care of health is required and anxieties are to be managed. Finances and additional expenses may also put some stress.

From 17th December, 2008, to 16th October, 2011, the sub period of Venus would run in the main period of the Mercury. Job and relationships need full attention. Addition to family is also seen during this sub period. Some job elevation is also likely.

From 17th October, 2011, to 22nd August, 2012, the sub period of the Sun would run in the main period of the Mercury. The life and the financial position are going to be comparatively comfortable. The rise in status is also seen during this period.

From 23rd August, 2012, to 21st January, 2014, the sub period of the Moon would run in the main period of the Mercury. Some additional income is seen. Some new assets are likely. Better mental peace is seen.

From 22nd January, 2014, to 19th January, 2015, the sub period of Mars would run in the main period of the Mercury. The continuity of job may be priority. One should avoid any business venture during this time. Lot of obstructions are likely to be faced and family may need more attention. Some easy gains or gains through inheritance are likely.

From 20th January, 2015, to 7th August, 2017, the sub period of Rahu would run in the main period of the Mercury. Things move on with some amount of additional attention to family affairs/responsibilities.

Recommendation of appropriate propitiatory remedies .

Recommendation of appropriate strengthening measures.

Difficult periods to be watched:

1. January to April, 2007.
2. July, 2007, to October, 2007.
3. November, 2011, to December, 2011.

Exercise patience to manage conflicts and health every year on the following dates:

15th of February to 16th of March. Last week of December.
Last week of June.
28th April to 4th May.
28th October to 4th of November.

Favorable colors : Green, yellow, royal blue. and white

Unfavorable colors (To be avoided in the matter of dress and furnishings in the room) : Orange, black, red, grey, golden, pink, navy blue, brown and faded colors.

Favorable stones : Emerald, diamond, pearl and yellow sapphire.

Unfavorable stones (to be avoided) : Hessonite (gomedh), cat's eye (lasonia), ruby, blue sapphire and red coral.

Answer to the Questions of the person, if any.