"Special Astrology Remedies Help", Make your life better with "Special Remedies help package" and save yourself of dreaded diseases. This helps as a preventive remedy."
"Special Astrology Remedies Help", Make your life better with "Special Remedies help package" and save yourself of dreaded diseases. This helps as a preventive remedy."
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Happiness and sorrows are the results of planetary influences in our birth charts which are based on our deeds of past lives. Exciting results in life are given by the strong planets in birth chart. The weak planets during their sub periods bring setbacks, delays, denials, instability, depression and make the person vulnerable due to natal/transit afflictions. By strengthening the weak benefic planets one reduces the chances of stresses and strains and increases the chance of betterment.
The strong influence of Rahu or Ketu or the most malefic planet to weak planets causes multiple and serious problems.
Astrology helps us (i) in understanding potentialities of our personality to enable us to chart the course of success in our lives in the matters of health, career, finances, love and relationships; (ii) in easing anxiety; (iii) in preventing dreaded diseases; (iv) in developing leadership qualities and (v) in looking into the future. Astrology helps us in enjoying good health, prosperity & spiritual advancement besides helping in avoiding strains in marital relationship, business and professional matters with the help of astral remedies. Blessed ones are impelled by God to make use of astral advice and astral remedies for happiness.

We all know that the full Moon with the entire starry host and even with all the mountains set on fire cannot fight the darkness of the night. Only the rise of the Sun can bring the night darkness to an end. Similarly, the planetary weaknesses and afflictions can only be reduced to a large extent or even removed with the help of the strengthening and propitiatory astrological remedial measures.

“Special Astrology Remedies Help Package"helps for energizing weak and afflicted birth planets, for spiritual advancement and making your life better. It helps in averting professional setbacks, removing hurdles, winning over enemies and blessings. It helps in proper development of the child. You may reduce vulnerability to diseases and financial difficulties.

The Special Astrological Remedial Help package includes:

1. Astrological analysis of the planetary influences for providing astrological help;
2. Energisation of amulet;
3. Providing amulet (spiritual gift);
4. Working out and providing of auspicious time for wearing the amulet;
5. Preparation of dispatch and dispatch.
6. Advice on favourable / unfavourable gemstones & colors;
7. Handling post order queries.

The value of amulet is in its protecting power and the time and energy spent on the various aspects of the process are incidentals. This involves lot of time of the spiritual, knowledgeable people (astrologers and others) and the maker.

The amulet is a medium to confer spiritual protection cover. The expenses involved in the process of energising and dispatching the amulet are part of the process. The amulet has no commercial value. We think this does not call for any import duty in any country as this is for personal use.

If the payment is sent through Paypal, in the remarks column of the payment sending advice there should be clear mention that “this payment is for a special astrological remedial help package”.
The amulet is a medium to act as a protecting shield in the form of a pendant which contains mystical numbers of functional benefics planets of a person energized in an auspiciously elected time which is rarely available. The amulet carries the spiritual blessings of the provider of the same. It is used for improving the strength of the weak birth benefic planets to enable them to provide protection during the unfavorable birth and transit influences of the planets.

The amulet is certainly not a miraculous or magical object. This is part of faith healing. Though its effectiveness and the amount of help is tremendous, it is difficult to be shown in a quantitative manner. The confidence of the amulet providers is based on the feedback of the users.

Amulet helps the user in reducing the obstructions in life and promoting the results of favorable functional benefic planets. However, it is one's own choice and one makes the choice as destined. We are just a medium. Those who use it, consider this as will of God in the form of an opportunity to improve.

US$ 400.00 OR equivalent Indian Rupees.

Indian Customers can get the Service by payment in the BANK account.

When used as a preventive therapy it is likely to help in the following matters:-
-Success in studies
-Success in professional career/business
-Develops leadership skills
-Improves memory and analytical skills
-Protects health
-Gives timely marriage
-Protects in case of inimical activities. -Gives success in relationships
-Blesses with children
-Blesses with achievements and recognition in life
and so on and so forth the list is very long.

Details required for Special Astrology Remedies Package order are:

1. Horoscope details - that is date, time and place of birth of the person desirous of having astrology help.

2. The details of place of stay early next month for the person to use the amulet with longitudes, latitudes and summer time correction, if any.

3.The complete postal address for despatch of amulet through registered air-mail.

The amulet can be worn in a thread or a silver/gold chain around the neck. It can be worn around the neck or can be kept in one's purse. There is no precaution to be taken by the wearer of the amulet.

The thread of the amulet can be changed, whenever it requires a change.