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Predictions for the current week

Professional matters start looking up as the Sun enters exaltation in your ascendant.
Debilitated Mercury moves closer to the nodes in your 12th house.
Take extra care of your health and strictly avoid conflicts and arguments at workplace.
Saturn & Mars combo, in your 11th house, helps in keeping the cashflow stable.
Jupiter's placement is conducive to careers in HR, finance, teaching and counselling.
Kids and students experience a difficult week, take extra care of their health.
Understanding with spouse is impacted as Venus graxes past the badly placed nodal axis.
Travel plans may need some adjustments.
Transit of Saturn and Jupiter affords good support; from father figure.
Transit of Jupiter in your ascendant; positive for spiritual seekers and higher education and those in the role of mentors.

Nodal axis shifts to evil houses in your horoscope. To read more about its impact for you, click at the following link.
Impact of Transit RAHU in PISCES & Transit KETU in VIRGO.

The prolonged transit planetary influences caused by Rahu/Ketu are difficult, for those whose ascending degree is around 21:30 or some planet is around 21:30 degrees in even signs.

Jupiter transits your ascendant until 1st May, 2024, you may refer to the following link for its impact on your rising sign.
Jupiter's Transit in Aries

Saturn transits Aquarius until 29th March, 2025. You may refer to the following link for its impact on your ascendant.
Saturn's Transit in Aquarius

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Strengthen your birth planets through a Special Power Kavach as transit weakness of planets may be stressful.
Continue to perform peace making remedies for Rahu, Ketu and Mercury.