"Weekly Horoscope for Cancer."

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Predictions for the current week

Professional matters continue to be stressful as Mars & Saturn remain close.
Mercury remains weak due to combustion, affliction and debilitation, your efforts encounter hurdles. Avoid any new initiative.
Exalted Venus also comes under stress from nodes; family issues may also flare up.
Lord of conflicts continues to occupy your 10th house; do not prolong differences at workplace.
Avoid being stubborn and aggressive.
Be careful in taking investment decisions; strictly avoid speculation....weak Mercury entails poor decision making which causes mental stress.
Jupiter clears out of Saturn's affliction; your health and finances show improvement.

Nodal axis shifts out of kendra in your horoscope. To read more about its impact for you, click at the following link.
Impact of Transit RAHU in PISCES & Transit KETU in VIRGO.

The prolonged transit planetary influences caused by Rahu/Ketu are difficult, for those whose ascending degree is around 21:30 or some planet is around 21:30 degrees in even signs.

Jupiter transits your tenth house until 1st May, 2024, you may refer to the following link for its impact on your rising sign.
Jupiter's Transit in Aries

Saturn transits Aquarius until 29th March, 2025. You may refer to the following link for its impact on your ascendant.
Saturn's Transit in Aquarius

Continuing peace making remedies for planets Jupiter, Rahu, Saturn and Ketu are likely to reduce the impact of strong transit afflictions.
Strengthen your birth planets through a Special Power Kavach as transit weakness of planets can bring sudden mishaps.