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How to Judge Educational Accomplishments through Astrology




The multi-dimensional educational pursuits, increased expectations from children, persistent development, requirements of the society, advancement of technology and the increase in the rate of literacy demand further light on the astrological analysis of a native’s educational accomplishments.  Development in the means of communications and requirement of modernization in each and every field, be it farming, dairy farming, running a departmental store or even a restaurant successfully, besides the courses in medicine, engineering, scientific research, etc., do call for an advance probe into the shadowy zones of mental capabilities and inclinations of a native in this regard.  The problems of raising children can cause disenchantment to parents due to the discouraging results of their wards; thus drawing them toward Vedic Astrology, the divine science, for an assessment of educational accomplishments.


In addition to the assessment of educational accomplishments, i.e. strength of vidya sthana (second and fourth houses), the significators of education (Mercury) and intelligence required for academic brilliance (fifth house and Jupiter) and the strength of the Moon, the following factors must also be taken into consideration:


1.       Planetary periods in operation between the ages of 16 years to the 24th year of life; as irrespective of the strength of house and significator of education, the unfavorable operating planetary periods will retard the progress of education both academic and professional.

2.       The tenth house; as the results of one's educational accomplishments fructify through the tenth house, together with the operating planetary periods.  These also determine the area of vocations i.e. whether it is medicine, engineering, general administration, analytical, a routine job, etc.

3.       The second house ruling the status and its relationship with the ascendant, third house, tenth house, fifth house, etc., including the planets placed in the second house.  The ninth house; as a strong ninth house has roots for rewarding the native for his efforts in life.


The weak and afflicted planets in their sub-periods between the age of 16 to 24 years of life do not allow the person to (1) acquire education suitable for successful vocation; (2) get a suitable job; and (3) timely settlement in life.  Similarly, exalted, strong and fairly strong well-placed planets give an impetus to the academic pursuits of a person.


The planets influencing the ascendant, the tenth house and operating between the ages of 16 to 24 years become primary determinants of one's educational pursuits.  We will discuss some cases of: (1) break in education; (2) pursuits in the field of medicine; (3) pursuits in the field of engineering; and (4) pursuits in general administration, etc.  The significations of planets with regard to profession have been given in the book, "Self Learning Course in Astrology".  The readers may also refer to our book, “Predictive Techniques and the Application of Astrological Remedial Measures” where this subject has been discussed in detail.

The significations of planets fructify during their own main period and/or sub-periods as per their strength and the significations also are tinted with the significations of the houses where the lord of the tenth house is placed.


CHART 24: Female born 24th October, 1964, 0800 Hrs. 88E21, 22N35, India.

The studies of the native were obstructed in the middle of 1977, after Rahu's main period started.  Rahu is placed in the eighth house which rules obstructions.  In this case though the fourth lord is strong, the operating planetary sub-period had the say.  The significator of education is also incapable of providing protection due to combustion and its placement in the twelfth house.  The lord of the second house is in infancy and weak.  In view of these planetary configurations, the native could not go beyond the tenth class in spite of his birth to educated and financially well-off parents.  Mercury's sub-period in the main period of Rahu finally dropped the curtain on the scene of education.

The lord of the tenth house is not only debilitated but placed in the twelfth house.  The main period of functional malefic planet and weak Mars was in operation prior to the period of Rahu. Mars is debilitated and in extreme old age.


CHART 25: Male born 4th January, 1973, 2115 Hrs. 77E02, 29N42, India.

The fourth house of this chart does not contain a mooltrikona sign and is occupied by the functional benefic planets Mars and Venus. Mars is close to the most effective point of the house and influences the houses occupied and aspected. The lord of the fifth house and the significator for intelligence, Jupiter, is combust and closely afflicted by the Moon, Rahu and Ketu.  The fifth house is occupied by functional malefic and combust Moon as also by weak Mercury, the Sun and Rahu in addition to Jupiter, and is subjected to complex influences.  The Sun is in exact conjunction with the most malefic planet, the Moon, and is closely conjunct with Rahu.  From December, 1987, the main period of the most malefic Moon started which is exactly afflicting the lord of the ascendant in the fifth house.  The native developed strange behavior, enmity with his mother and left school.  There was a break in education.  The remedial measures for strengthening of Jupiter and propitiation of the Moon were suggested.  The native rejoined the school and continued his studies.  Later the strengthening of other weak functional benefic planets was also suggested.


CHART 26: Male born 20th February, 1973, 2030 Hrs. 77E10, 28N37, India.

The native of this chart left school at the age of 14 years during the sub-period of debilitated Jupiter in the main period of Rahu.  Jupiter is lord of the fourth house and is placed in the fifth house.  Mars ruling the house of obstructions and death is closely conjunct with the most effective point of the fourth house and afflicts the seventh, tenth and eleventh houses.  The significator of education, Mercury, is badly placed and the significator of intellect, Jupiter, is weak in the natal chart.  The level of education attained spoiled the scope of livelihood, income and consequently caused delay in marriage. The lord of the fourth house is weak and the fourth house is also occupied by Rahu besides the severe impact of the affliction of Mars. The Sun ruling peaceful sleep is also badly placed in the sixth house.


CHART 27: Female born 30th August, 1965, 0430 Hrs. 76E44, 29N10India.

The lord of the fourth house, Venus, is placed near the most effective point of the third house but is weak as it is debilitated and closely afflicted by Rahu.  The fourth house is occupied by a weak Mars due to its dispositor being weak. The lord of the second house is in the second house but is also weak as the most effective point of the second house is under the affliction of the most malefic planet.  The significator of education is weak and is in close conjunction with the ascendant.  Saturn is fairly strong giving birth to the person in a resourceful family. The second lord counters the afflictions of Saturn to the tenth, second and fifth houses only to a limited extent.  The Moon and Mercury are placed in each other’s house, which is good as both the houses involved are benefic houses.  The presence of the lord of the tenth house in the fourth house and position of the lord of the second house in the second house indicates a profession for earning of wealth by the significations of Mars and the Sun.  The placement of the Sun as lord of the second in second house and the close influence of Venus and the Moon on the most effective points of the third house connect the planetary influences with indications of the fields of medical education.  The native is a medical graduate.  The functional malefic Jupiter does not cause any affliction in the nativity.


CHART 28: Male born 11th September, 1937, 0750 Hrs. 70E13, 30N00, India.

Mercury, the lord of the ascendant, occupies the ascendant in its sign of exaltation.  Mercury is weak due to infancy and combustion.  The fourth house is occupied by its own lord, strong Jupiter.  The lord of the second house, Venus, occupies the eleventh house.  Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter become the prime determinants for indicating the line of education together with the operation of Mercury main period from the age of 16 years.  None of the influences on the tenth, second and fourth houses are close except the aspect of Saturn to the fourth house.  The lord of the ascendant Mercury and close aspect of Saturn to the ascendant sent him to an engineering course.  The native worked with the Govt. as the Sun is strong due to its being in its own sign and receiving the close aspect of a functional benefic Jupiter.  Weak indicators keep the level low i.e. instead of going in for post-graduation and graduation one may go in for the diploma course in the indicated field.


CHART 29: Male born 1st October, 1953, 1738 Hrs. 77E13, 28N39, India.

The lord of the house of status forms a close conjunction with Venus in the sixth house.  There is no close aspect to Jupiter which is placed in the fourth house.  The weak Jupiter closely influences the most effective point of the tenth house.  The sign Sagittarius rises in the ascendant of dasamsa whose lord aspects the ascendant of dasamsa. The functional malefic Saturn closely influences the eighth, tenth, second and fifth houses as also Mercury. Saturn and Mercury receive the close influence of a benefic aspect from Jupiter. At the age of 16 years the person was running the sub period of Jupiter.

The influences of Mars, Jupiter and Venus took the native to the medical education on the teaching side.  As already indicated, the influence of the functional malefic planets on a house disturbs the significations of the natal planets/houses afflicted but their close influence creates results connected with the significations ruled by them.


CHART 30: Male born 22nd January, 1964, 1500Hrs. 77E13, 28N39, India.


Mercury, the significator of education and lord of the fourth house, occupies the seventh house.  Mercury is strong.  The strong Jupiter, the significator for intelligence, occupies the tenth house.  The ninth house is occupied by the lord of the fifth house, Venus.  The Moon, lord of the second house, occupies the eleventh house and its dispositor, exalted Mars, although badly placed and combust, closely aspects the Moon.  The good placement of the lord of the second house, strong Mercury and Jupiter and the operation of the main period of Venus, lord of the fifth house placed in the ninth house, indicated a prosperous job.  Due to the combined influence of strong Jupiter, strong Mercury, Venus and Mars, the native is a distinction holder engineer and enjoys a government assignment.


CHART 31: Male born 4th January, 1959, 2153 Hrs. 85E52, 20N29, India.

Mercury, the lord of the second house and the significator for education, and Jupiter, the significator for intelligence and the lord of the fifth house, are occupying the fourth house.  Both Mercury and Jupiter are weak due to old age and infancy, respectively.  The lord of the ninth house, strong Mars, occupies the ninth house in close conjunction to the most effective point and closely aspects the fourth house.  The Sun is close to the most effective point of the fifth house.  The functional benefic planet Saturn is well placed in the fifth house.  Saturn is combust and weak.  Ketu closely afflicts the most effective point of both the second and fourth houses as well as the planet Mercury, which does not indicate brilliant educational achievements.  At the age of 16 years, the sub-period of Rahu in the main period of Jupiter was in progress.  The planets becoming significators of education are Jupiter, Mercury and Mars.  During the sub-periods of Saturn and Mercury in the main period of Saturn, the native went in for graduation in commerce.  The results were average.  As the lord of the ascendant, the Sun, is well placed, the native during the sub-period of the Sun in the main period of Saturn got a job of finance executive in the public sector.


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