"Weekly Horoscope for Libra."

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Predictions for the current week

The professional matters look good.
Partnership ventures especially propser.
Though income matters may face some delay.
The Sun & Jupiter transit your sixth house, stay away from arguments & watch your actions.
Jupiter's stay in 6th house, indicates aggressive pursuance from your side; avoid prolonging conflicts unknowlingly.
Spouse actively contributes to every aspect of your life.
Placement of Saturn helps in business and technical education.
Family support helps you move ahead.
Kids/students excel in competitive examinations.

Saturn transits Aquarius until 29th March, 2025. You may refer to the following link for its impact on your ascendant.
Saturn's Transit in Aquarius

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Jupiter transits your sixth house until 22nd April, 2023, you may refer to the following link for its impact on your ascendant.
Jupiter's Transit in Pisces

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