"Weekly Horoscope for Sagittarius."

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Predictions for the current week

Professional and business matters look ok.
Those working in connection with foreign lands or distant places, perform comparatively better.
Saturn's impact shows strength of your efforts & helps you out of tricky situations.
The Sun, Venus & Mercury transit your 12th house, sudden travel, expenses likely.
Handle emotional relationships with patience, weak Mars makes things challenging and conflicting.
Your family and close associates provide very good support.
Your social work, efforts add to your profile.
Avoid haste and impulsive reactions.
Better spell for students pursuing higher studies.
Kids need hand holding and their health needs extra caution.
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The prolonged transit planetary influences caused by Rahu/Ketu are difficult, for those whose ascending degree is around 19:40 or some planet is around 19:40 degrees in odd signs.

Jupiter transits your fourth house until 22nd April, 2023, you may refer to the following link for its impact on your ascendant.
Jupiter's Transit in Pisces

Saturn transits Capricorn until 18th January, 2023. You may refer to the following link for its impact on your ascendant.
Saturn's Transit in Capricorn

Strengthen your birth planets through a Special Power Kavach as transit weakness/afflictions of planets can take care of sudden mishaps.