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V K Choudhry
V K Choudhry, Spiritual Guide and Astrologer

Spiritual progress is an imperceptible feeling which comes to us through faith that God will take care of us, feeling content and moving forward on just simple life feeling happy with the blessings of the God.

Moksha becomes the aim of life for those who are pursuing spiritual advancement. This can be attained by knowledge and devotion. The path of knowledge is difficult while the path of devotion is simple and easy to follow.

Srimad Bhagvat Gita – Adh.13, explains that Supreme Wisdom is free from all blemishes enumerated as under:-

1. Absence of pride;
2. Freedom from hypocrisy;
3. Non-violence;
4. Forgiveness,
5. Guilelessness;
6. Devout service of one’s perception;
7. Purity of Body and Mind;
8. Steadfastness;
9. Subjugation of the mind;
10. Aversion to the objects of senses,
11. Absence of egotism;
12. Pondering again and again on the painful character of and the evils inherent in birth, death, old age and diseases;
13. Absence of attachment and the feeling of mine-ness in respect of one’s family, home, etc.
14. Constant equipoise of mind both in favorable and unfavorable circumstances;
15. Unflinching devotion in the Lord through exclusive attachment living in secluded and holy places and finding no enjoyment in the company of the men;
16. Fixity in self knowledge and seeing God as the object of true knowledge.


The feeling of I, Mine, You and Yours is Maya. Whatever is perceived by the senses and that which lies within the reach of the mind is Maya (Illusion).

One who has spurned all supernatural powers as well as the three gunas - Sattva, Rajas and Tamas, and considers everything like a blade of grass is called a man of supreme dispassion and one who has become free from Maya.

If you are looking for spiritual guidance, inspiration, mental peace, enlightenment, fulfillment, bhakti, salvation, path for moksha and want to be helpful to mankind, you are welcome.

Besides receiving the guidance and inspiration, you can share your experiences, seek opinion in case of confusions and discuss ways to further the course of your spiritual journey.

The guidance can also be linked to your birth planets giving you further advice. Recognising and energising our inner divine strength is harnessed through regular prayers and meditation. It helps us in developing trust and controlling fear, anxiety and depressing thoughts. Meditation helps you in leaving the materialistic attachments on the world. Together we can bring more light to the world by transforming our lives by following the divine teachings. We can bring peace while living our past karma by being in touch with good and spiritual people.

The mental peace and contentment are important milestones on the spiritual journey / path of moksha.

Spiritual planets for persons born in various ascending signs can be strengthened for better results and are as under:

1. Aries: Jupiter and the Sun.
2. Taurus: The Sun.
3. Gemini: Jupiter, the Sun and Saturn.
4. Cancer: The Sun.
5. Leo: Jupiter, the Sun and Mars.
6. Virgo: Jupiter.
7. Libra: Jupiter and the Sun.
8. Scorpio: Jupiter, the Sun and the Moon.
9. Sagittarius: Jupiter and the Sun.
10. Capricorn: Mercury.
11. Aquarius: Jupiter, the Sun and Venus.
12. Pisces: Jupiter.


Trust in God.
Help the needy - wherever possible.
Keep company of good people.
Study spiritual literature.
Practice contentment.
Enjoy blessings of God.
Strengthen spiritual planets.
Follow Divine Conduct.

PUNYA (Benevolence)

Doing good to others/needy is Punya (Good deed) and it takes one close to the God.


The divine conduct includes

(i) practice of kindness, generosity, benevolence;
(ii) being free from greed, excitement, attraction or aversion, envy, fraud, hypocrisy and deceit; and
(iii) to avoid deeper involvement in materialistic pursuits, sensual pleasures (lust), anger, arrogance and pride as they take one to the path of challenging experiences in this life.

Seeking blessings of saints, especially in person wherever possible, help the person in mitigating the sins. The divine conduct or spiritual practice brings contentment and peace. It helps the person in being free from attachments. The contentment, in turn, helps the person in winning over greed, lust and anger.

We also provide a special spiritual Kavach which helps in spiritual development of the person. It is in laminated form and it can be kept at the place of reverence or in the wallet.

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