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11th & 12th April, 2009
Part I: Forenoon on the First Day

Session-I: Inaugural Address by Prof V K Choudhry: Prof V K Choudhry began his inaugural address at 10 am, with the invocation of Lord Vigneshwara’s Divine Grace - in view of Lord Vigneshwara being the patron God of Vedic astrology in India, especially for the Hindus.
While reminiscing his last visit to Montenegro in April 2008, Prof Choudhry, broadly touching upon the present economic recession, mentioned that the consultations in that distant land, were but focused mainly on materialistic pursuits.

By association of ideas, he now turned to another item, which he wished to touch upon. Mentioning the recently published work of Dr Bhagavadpada on ‘Sri Ramana Maharshi’s Moksha’[which is an SA study in the spheres of Dharma and Moksha]; he mentioned that, “though in India, people are indeed enchanted by the glitter of materialistic pursuits, most of them were still largely undecided as to whether they should adapt fully to a materialistic approach to life or not”. He said, “this book also comes to the defense of Hindu astrology, because Hindu astrology had been undeservedly beaten too hard in our rationalistic age by the rationalists”.

Professor said that ‘The Moksha of Sri Ramana Maharshi’, was another central theme of the work, and added that, the book sought to understand the same from the SA principles. “It refreshes the memory with regard to various astrological themes and sutras”, the Prof further added.

Invoking the Hindu Spiritual-Epic of the Ramayana, Professor Choudhry said: “The author of the Ramayana, Saint Tulsidas, had clearly indicated even then [some 500 yrs ago] that in the coming age, human pursuits will be in the spheres of Artha and Kama, only, and that self-styled Gurus, will emerge in our prophesied age, whose teachings will be at variance with their personal lives”. Going back to the economic recession, with which the Prof began, he said that “the real reason why India has been able to weather this world-wide economic storm is because of her people’s strong anchorage to spiritual virtues and values”. “The Sages with their divine vision, 500 yrs ago [during Saint Tulsi Das’s time], could see that in the approaching Kaliyuga, materialism would overpower human beings to such an extent that the parents will be teaching their children only how to follow materialism, leaving aside the spiritual values and virtues”. And that, “the price human beings have had to pay, for having made this materialistic choice, was the loss of peace in their hearts”. Thus, the Professor reiterated, that “today by pursuing materialistic success, people have all lost mental peace. Greed has come to replace contentment, creating the vicious circle of high-risk growth - leading to the recession, which befell us last year. This has brought people back to the spiritual paths. But that, on the whole, those people in India, who have been adhering to spiritual values and virtues and who therefore refrained from these high risk plunges, have not been affected by this-because of the rich spiritual heritage”.

Regarding the Conference presentations, for the day, Professor mentioned that the PPP[power point presentation] by Dr Bhagavadpada on: ‘The Light of the SA on World Leaders, their Mass Movements, their Monumental Legacies’, will be at 12:00 hrs, followed by its continuation after the lunch-break; and that at 16:00 hrs, Cmdr Ashutosh Pandey was to make a PPP on ‘Marital Problems and Astral Help’. As all delegates were known to each other, the usual introductory part of each delegate introducing himself to the attendees at large was bypassed. With these significant words on the prevailing world trends, which are at variance with the ancient spiritual values of India, & inviting the delegates to begin the Conf by their Qs & As-discussions on Charts [Session-II], the Prof concluded his short and serious address, in his usual inimitable way.

Message from Mr. David Hawthorne from the US:

There was an important message of joy and gratitude from Mr. David Hawthorne, President of the IIPA, Iowa Chapter. He was sending his good wishes to all Conf participants and also telling his life story of how he came to discover Prof Choudhry and his Systems Approach. As SA astrologers we are all in empathy with Mr. David Hawthorne. Pl listen to his own voice at the following link:

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Session-II: Qs & As, and Discussions on Charts: Q1[Bhagavadpada’s]: He asked Prof Choudhry, whether the ‘enigmatic & unexpected’ situation in the Chart of Mr Tony Blair[former PM of UK]: whereby, his coming to occupy the highest office of power[PM], only during the Dasa of the weak planet, XIH lord, Sa, placed in the malefic VIH[and in old age at that]; rather than during the much more favourable Dasa of the strong Ju, ruling the H of fortune[and well-placed in the IIH of status, at that]; was not due to Sa being a benefic lord of status, which was also well-placed in the Dasamsa div chart, whereas, Ju being a malefic & loss and expenditures giving planet in that div chart of the profession?

Chart details: Born 6th may, 1953, 05.40 AM, TZ 1.00 Hr. BST Edingurgh, 3W13 55N57.

Prof Choudhry: “It is unnecessary to look for an explanation for this pattern from the Dasamsa div chart, because the Rasi chart is itself telling us that on account of two strong benefic planets [namely the Asdt lord Ma(also being prime determinant of professional matters for him) & the lord of fortune, Ju], being placed in the IIH of status, there is bound to be a long-term & even life-long potential for acquiring a high status. In fact, during the Dasa of the strong lord of fortune, many professional achievements were consolidated and the foundational work for rising to the status of the PM was completed in this most favorable Dasa of the lord of fortune. In the Sa Dasa, the gains were realized, that’s all.”

Q2[Sri Gaurav Dhameja’s]:
Pertinent to the chart: 26-10-1984, 7:11AM, Jaipur [75E47,26N55]
Sri Gaurav Dhameja pointed out that as soon as the Dasa of the planet Me commenced, in late Oct 2006, health problems came to the fore, for this lady. The manifestations were convulsions, gastritis, & general illness. He sought an explanation for the onset of these troubles and the relevant Remedial Measures?

Prof Choudhry, pointed out that in spite of the Asdt lord, Ve being strongly placed in the IIH, as the MEP[Most Effective Point] of the Asdt H suffers a close affliction to the extent of 50%, the IH of health was bound to suffer, with the onset of the Dasa of the Most Malefic Planet [MMP], Me - which is placed close to the Asdt MEP, within an orb of about 2.5 degs. He also pointed out that, as the VH rules digestion, and Sa, the lord of the VH, was also weak on account of combustion and in addition, very significantly, due to the affliction from the MMP, Me within an orb of 4.5 degrees, gastric troubles also came to the fore, at this time. The Prof also drew Gaurav’s attention to the debilitation of the Su, in the Asdt, as an additional causative factor, as the Su also signified digestion. From Dec 2008 till Apr 2009, Tr Nodes had also become stationary around 15 degs, thus causing further aggravation of ill-health, in the last four months.

It was also pointed out by Prof Choudhry that in the Ke sub-period, which was scheduled to commence w.e.f. Aug 2009, the affliction to the weak and deb Mo, in the Sign Scorpio was also bound to manifest. Mo ruled the XH of her profession. This affliction to the Mo, in her chart, the Prof said, would make the profession somewhat unstable.

Sri Gaurav also added that the lady in question was quite ambitious professionally and was therefore was now worrying whether she would be able to have fulfillment in the professional sphere at all, in the wake of this health setback? Prof Choudhry’s reply was very encouraging. With regard to health matters, he said, her strong Asdt lord, Ve shows that she will recover her health, but that as the Me Dasa will last many more years, she will have to seriously take up the propitiatory charities on a daily basis. With regard to her profession, he said, the lady in question can indeed continue to have her high professional aspirations [as her IIIH, which grants success is fully strong, and two strong FBs are well-placed in the IIIH], but that she would have to go in for the strengthening of the weak Moon and also simultaneously resort to the Remedial Measures, for Me, the MMP, as well as for the afflicting Nodes, Ra and Ke. Sri Rakesh Sharma raised the Q whether the long drawn out Dasa of the MMP, Me would not pose the risk of the ill-health returning? Prof Choudhry replied that the affliction of Ra to Mo was serious, but that the affliction of the MMP, Me to the Asdt H was even more serious. He added that with the Remedial Measures, in about three months time, she will rally round.

Q3 [Dr. Jonathan Miller’s]: Patient’s
chart: 2-June-1952; 12:55 hrs, Chicago [87W39, 41N51], TZ=CDT=+5 Hrs.
This chart presented by Dr Jonathan Miller, was a very recent case study from his clinical work as a physician. The chart, pertained to a very highly placed proprietor of a giant firm. He seemed to have suffered losses in the ongoing recession, and thus suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. Had to be hospitalized, but subsequently also discharged. According to Dr Miller, there was nothing functionally wrong with him, he also seemed to be in reasonable command of his firm and himself, yet the panic attacks suddenly came about and persisted.

SA light thrown by the Professor: Currently the Me sub-period in the Dasa of Sa was running [See Table of sub-periods]. Between Dec 2008 and Apr 2009, Tr Nodes had long lasting stationary influence around 14degs to 15 degs, and from this Tr stationary position in the VIH, Tr Ra caused an affliction to both Ve, the lord of the IIIH of courage, as well as Me, which signifies his professional status as well as his nervous system. Worse still Tr stationary Ra also caused a persistent affliction [exact] to natal Sa, and that too in the 6th sign of Virgo. Ra from the VIH is well-known in the SA to cause such fear, anxiety and panic attacks. The Professor further explained: “Three planets natal, Sa, Ve and Me, were afflicted by Tr Ra from the VIH, and this gives conflicting situation: professional matters, health- stress, family, Ra gives unmanageable anxiety. Such influences can even cause paralytic attacks.VIH is the H of diseases.”

Dr Miller also gave the good news that the patient resorted to the Remedial measures, and recovered well. From the SA point of view, the strong Su in the chart, and the Asdt lord at that, made him easily accept the Remedial Measures.

Q4:[Sri Kaushik’s]:The below mentioned patient has been in a state of coma[unconsciousness]for the last two months. So there is anxiety and fear-as to when at all he will emerge from the coma? How long must his relatives wait?

Chart details: 22nd , Oct, 1962; 7:30am; TZ=-5.5 Hrs, Delhi [77E13, 28N40]

Prof Choudhry pointed out that the natal chart has many serious afflictions. The MMP afflicts the MEP of the VIH, making health vulnerable to serious damage. Natal deb Ma being significator of health and natal Sa are under exact affliction of Ra & Ke. The Su is in debilitation. The Asdt lord Ve is well placed and has fairly good strength. However, so many afflictions make the chart weak, in so far as health is concerned, the Prof explained.

“In view of these afflictions, and the unfavourable sub-periods, which will occur in the coming months and years”, Professor said, “recovery will be difficult, and that the situation may even deteriorate, as the periods of strong planets are not coming”.

Q5:[Sri Rakesh Sharma’s]:

Sri RakeshSharma explained to the Prof that this was the chart of a very ambitious Civil Servant [IAS officer], and that he had a professional fall, recently, and consequently also had a nervous breakdown. The question pertained to the timing of the recovery-whether he would regain his lost position? Presumably, he was put under suspension, for some corrupt activities.

Professor Choudhry maintained that as there are many strong planets in this natal chart, in spite of the Nodes having become stationary around 14 degrees [since Dec 2008], and afflicting natal Me in the IIH of status [Me rules both the profession, as well as the nervous system]; with the clearing of this prolonged Tr stationary affliction, in this currently running sub-period of the strong professional planet, Me itself, things would revert to normalcy. In an aside, I like to remark that the Civil Servant in question, had succumbed to some ‘temptations’, given to him by stationary afflicting Rahu in the IIH, so that the professional fall came to pass].

Q6 [Sri Kaushik’s second Q]:
Chart details: Born 8th September, 1980, 0245 Hrs. 77E00 25N25, TZ -0530 Hrs. INT/IST.

Sri Kaushik in this second case study [Cancer Asdt, a working woman who is also a married lady], asked the Professor, some guidance, which could be given to this suffering lady. She was married some 2.5 yrs ago. She had problems in conceiving, and on the professional front, was facing a crisis, which a week ago had come to the head: She was given two options by her employer. Either she has to quit, or she must accept a transfer, and move to another city. She has in fact decided to accept the transfer, only because it was better than being jobless and moneyless. Professor Choudhry, pointed out that the very important IIIH, ruled by Me, was in fact weak. He emphasized that a strong Me, not only safeguards health [being the significator of the VIH of health, and also as the lord of vitality and Pranashakti], but also was a significator of the profession. Prof pointed out that, her Me was weak, through combustion, and though placed in its own MTS, it suffered from a close affliction from the MMP, Sa. He added that the professional crisis was precipitated by Tr Sa slowing down and becoming stationary around 21degrees and afflicting the weak Su[deb in the Navamsa div chart], in the IIH of professional status. Professor, therefore recommended that the Remedial Measures in the form of propitiatory charities for the MMP, Sa, and Rahu & Ketu when performed with sincerity and faith, besides strengthening of the weak planets, will bring in relief in both spheres-health and profession. It appears that the lady also had some pains in the legs and Prof said that in all spheres the Remedial Measures always gave relief. The Su-Me sub-period was running till the date of commencement of the Conf.

In this context, Prof Choudhry mentioned in passing that “Astrology will definitely provide good relief, when the suffering people, approach Astrologers, in such times”. He said, however, that those with foresight, “who resort to preventive Remedial Measures, are the more fortunate, as they do not even have to face such challenging problems”. Alluding to a recent SATVA mail in which a Doctor, who had an affliction [which the SA knows well, would lead to Cancer, in due course] had sought Remedial Measures, it was mentioned that such ailments as Cancer are basically difficult to diagnose by clinical tests, whereas in the SA, it can be known well in advance, which chart has the vulnerability for Cancer”.

Q7[Sri Kaushik’s third case study]:

Presenting a Virgo Asdt chart [a male, MEP at 7degs 46mts], of a married person, who was very unhappy in the marriage, Sri Kaushik, asked how long would such an unhappy marriage[full of discord]last?

Professor Choudhry drew attention to some basic difficulties in this chart-the bad-placement of Sa, as lord of the house of disputes, in the XIIH of losses and expenditures. He said, this implies that litigations and disputes will result in losses in life. The Professor pointed out that, the marital relationship will in the course of time breakup, but the afflictions in the chart are such that[See Ma’s affliction to so many Hs and affliction to Sa, by the Nodes], there will be prolonged troubles and sufferings, and the dissolution will come later. With these significant remarks and commentaries of these seven charts, Professor Choudhry, brought the First Part of the first day’s Conference to a close and adjourned the house for lunch.