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By: Dr. Sankara Bhagavadpada

11th & 12th April, 2009

11th & 12th April, 2009

Part III[Session I]: The Second Day, Forenoon

Sri Roop Saranji , presented six case studies, as illustrations of: ‘The Importance of the IIIH in the SA’. He preceded his case studies by a talk, which emphasized the importance of the IIIH and its numerous significations in the SA, from a number of different angles.

He first of all emphasized the ‘Sun-like’ character of the IIIH. This meant that the IIIH is recognized in the SA as a very powerful H, with its lord, having ‘as much power’ as the Su would have. [In an aside, I may do well to confess that, the full realization of the significance of any ‘Sun-like House’ in the SA had suddenly dawned upon me only when Prof Choudhry, went into it more deeply, during one of my dialogues with him after the Conf hours].

Sri Saranji considered the various significations of the IIIH, one by one. Firstly he said, the IIIH’s essence was life & motion. Secondly he said, the IIIH, was an expression of life itself. Thirdly he said it was the H of communication. He reiterated the fact that the IIIH, more than any other H, dealt with the movement of life and that all activities in the spheres of the arts and the sciences were covered by it. Next he emphasized that the desire to succeed is given by the IIIH, and that this indeed is the initiative, which is the most important signification of the IIIH. All in all, he was stressing only the paramount importance of the IIIH.

Among other significations of the IIIH, he marshalled, for bringing home its importance in the field of medical astrology, he dwelt on respiration and noted that all achievements in life revolve around this central function of respiration. He included the signification of hands and even the nervous system*. He added the signification of energy and included the medical astrological signification of the Thyroid glands*.

Sri Saranji included the signification of Karmayoga, as well as that of short & long journeys. Finally he also included as the IIIH signification, the Puranic legend of lord Shiva as Neelakanta, retaining the poison in the throat when the same emerged as a result of churning of the milk ocean, by the Devas & Asuras. In invoking the Neelakanta signification of the IIIH, Sri Saranji had taken the IIIH to also signify the neck. He thus completed enumerating all the significations of the IIIH.

*I raised a Q at this point, wanting to know how, the significations of the nervous system, the Thyroid glands, and Neelakanta, fell into the domain of the IIIH?

In the SA, I had learnt from the Professor’s writings, that the nervous system was represented by Me and that when the VIH was afflicted, one may also suffer a nervous breakdown. But any connection of the nervous system with the IIIH, seemed to me to be not correct – which was the reason, I raised the Q. When I turned to Prof Choudhry, for verification, he requested Dr. Batra [who had researched Medical astrology in the SA thoroughly] to come forward and throw light on these aspects of Medical astrology in the SA.

Dr. Batra, taking up first the Q of the Thyroid glands, mentioned that this is a ductless [endocrine] gland, which secretes directly into the blood stream, unlike the more familiar sweat glands, which were exocrine in nature and that Ju signified all glands in the body. But that, in terms of the Hs, Thyroid glands, must be assigned to both the IIH as well as the IIIH [SA Sutra].

Turning to the signification of the nervous system, she said Me was the main significator of the nervous system. Prof Choudhry also pointed out that in the SA, the head and the VIH, governed and represented the nervous system [SA Sutra]. Thus it became clear that the nervous system is not one of the significations of the IIIH. Dr Batra, answering a Q from Smt Sunita Singhal on brain hemorrhages, mentioned that the IH, Ma & Me signified brain hemorrhages [SA Sutra].

We now go to the six case studies of Sri Saranji, through which, he sought to illustrate the multiple significations of the IIIH.

Case Study 1[A quarrelsome person]:

[May 9th, 1971, 8:04PM, Calcutta (88E22, 22N22), TZ=-5Hrs 30 Mts]

This was a Scorpio Asdt chart of a lady, who in spite of having the strong sattvik benefic Ju in the Asdt, had a reputation in her office for being so highly courageous and aggressive that she created a lot of enemies around her. Saranji, attributed so many enemies to the close affliction of the IIIH by the Ra-Ke axis, to Ke’s close aspect on the Asdt, and to the angry & quarrelsome malefic exalted Ma, placed as the lord of the VIH in the IIIH of team work. It was not surprising therefore that in the office atmosphere; she acquired a bad reputation for her rudeness and quarrelsome nature.

Case Study 2:

[Oct 21st, 1961, 1:50AM, Calcutta (88E22, 22N32), TZ=-5Hrs 30 Mts]

This Leo Asdt chart, Saranji explained, belonged to a renuncient [notice Ke’s close influence on the deb Asdt lord, the Su], who was a Saivite, and a Tantra Master as well. In spiritual sadhana, Tantra means methods & techniques and in this chart, Ma the lord of the IXH of spirituality and techniques, being placed in the IIIH of profound interest, gave this Master the Tantra inclination, as Saranji explained.

The Master’s weak Sa & deb Ju are placed in the malefic VIH, thereby creating odds against marital relationship, but paving the way for Karmayoga & Service. Significantly, the deb III lord Ve, placed close to the MEP of the IIH of status, brought him recognition and status as a painter, artist, writer & orator. Among these multiple skills, we may note that painting, artwork, and writing are IIIH significations, while oration is a IIH signification. From the SA point of view, 3 benefic planets placed in the IIIH, and enjoying placement benefit, add to the fruits of the IIIH. Me, the intellectual planet placed in the IIIH and that too close to the MEP, makes him a writer and gives him religious/spiritual inclinations as well.

Saranji’s main point about this chart, was that the deb of the IIIH lord, made the person lethargic, indecisive & prone to procrastination and delays in all undertakings. At this point, in writing up these Proceedings, one Q occurs to me, for which I seek the Professor’s clarification.

Q: I have seen the charts of people, whom I have known well in life, and who have been lethargic, and who had weak Sa & Ju. In this chart also, Sa, which gives dependability, dutifulness, responsibility, dedication, diligence, and love of meticulous details, is seen to be very weak. So too, is Ju, weak. Thus are we to trace his indecisiveness and his procrastination, to the weakness of Sa & Ju, in addition to the weakness of the IIIH lord, Ve, the weakness of the significator of the VIH, namely Me?

Prof Choudhry: “Weak Jupiter and weak Saturn contributed significantly to her being lethargic, indecisive & prone to procrastination and delays in all undertakings.”

Case Study 3:

[Feb 16th, 1956, 4:50AM, Allahabad [81E51, 25N27], TZ= -5Hrs 30Mts]

In this Capricorn Asdt chart, Saranji pointed out that the highly successful nature of the individual in his professional work, as well as his extensive travels[and in addition considerable communication in the profession] – all came from his strong exalted Ve, as the professional lord, placed in the IIIH. Saranji added that Ve, so strong in the IIIH, also made him somewhat ostentatious, though it also gave him a good aesthetic sense.

Ra’s exact aspect on the Moon as well as the mutual affliction between the malefic Su & Ju, were not elaborated upon, as Sri Saranji’s main point in these case studies, was only to bring out the different facets and importance of the IIIH in the SA. In response to a query from Prof Choudhary Sri Saran confirmed that these influences gave problems on the relationship front.

Case Study 4:

[Aug 27th 1956, 7:15AM, Calcutta (88E22, 22N32), TZ=-5Hrs 30Mts]

Sri Saranji maintained that this Virgo Asdt chart belonged to a member of a very big business family of Calcutta. The strong Ve [family status & family wealth] and the strong Su [comforts & luxuries and authority] speak for the family wealth & status. Saranji’s point was that all the failures of this individual in his life, his broken relationship with his siblings, his lethargic temperament, his lack of inability to solve his own problems – all of these were centered around the multiple close afflictions to the MEP of the IIIH, and deb Ke’s close affliction to the Asdt & Asdt lord. Through this example he was illustrating the converse SA Sutra that when the IIIH and the IIIH significator are afflicted and/or weak, the desirable fruits of the IIIH, such as success, grace through siblings, good vitality and courage will be found to be missing in life. [The direct Sutra is what we are familiar with most of the time: namely that, “When the IIIH is strong, its fruits, such as courage, vitality, success, Divine Grace for team work and leadership therein, profound interest, good breathing system, all become available in Life.”] Another SA Sutra is that: “whenever the third house MEP is under the close influence of the sixth lord one is involved in conflicts and disputes”.[Prof Choudhry]

Case Study 5:

[Nov 11th, 1986, 10:11AM, Coimbatore (76E58,11N00), TZ=-5Hrs, 30 mts]

This is a Sagittarius Asdt chart, presented by Sri Saranji. The individual in question was known to be lazy and procrastinating. Saranji attributes this to the IIIH lord Sa, being weakly placed in the XIIH of losses.

However, here, not only is the IIIH lord Sa weak, even the significator of the IIIH, namely Ma, on account of the exact-affliction from Ke, is rendered weak. There is no self-empowerment either, in view of the weakness of the Asdt lord, Ju. Even the two planets of vitality , both significator of the IH, namely Ma and Su-are both weak. These seem the cumulative factors which made the individual have very little élan vital [drive, vitality].

It was pointed out that as the Ju dasa was running in his childhood and in view of Ju aspecting the IXH MEP, and significantly[also in view of Sa’s third aspect energizing the IIH MEP and the tenth aspect, energizing the IXH MEP], the boy showed spiritual inclinations at a young age and was attracted to philosophy. The placement of Sa, in the XIIH of renunciation and it’s impact upon the IXH resulted in his taking Deeksha and moving into a Renunciant’s life. Sri Saranji, was throwing light on another aspect of the weak IIIH, when the same, goes to pave the way for a spiritual life, even though, he becomes bereft of élan vital, due to this bad placement.

Case Study 6:

[A woman student-leader, June 26th, 1985, 5:43AM, Nagpur (79E06, 21N09), TZ=-5Hrs, 30Mts]

In his last example to illustrate of the ‘multiple manifestations and beauties of the IIIH in the SA’, Sri Saranji had a Gemini Asdt chart, which had the powerful blessing of the strong Su, being conjunct with the Asdt MEP, and also the significator of the IIIH, namely Ma, as the XIH lord, placed in the IH [though suffering from the 64% weakness of combustion]. The placement of both the Su, as the strong lord of the IIIH and Ma, another fiery planet, and the significator of the IIIH, may be expected to make the lady have stupendous motivation, and a fiery temperament.

In fact, Saranji described her as: ‘Dynamic, a student leader, an orator [IIIH signification], traveler [IIIH signification], and who has carved out her own niche in the professional sphere [IIIH gives success, Su also gives success].She is ambitious[Ma rules XIH, Su gives seeking], a no-nonsense woman, fully energetic, energetic work is real life to her.’

Ve was of course exactly afflicted by the Ra-Ke axis. Ju was deb and placed in the VIIIH. Me suffered from extreme infancy weakness in the IIH and the Mo was well-placed in the IVH. But these configurations were not important in Sri Saranji’s illustration, as he had concentrated on studying how the IIIH, either shapes the profession, or the personality, making them either valiant heroes, or when it is weak and/or afflicted, failures and ‘weaklings’!

At the end of Sri Saranji’s talk, I had time to bring to a conclusion, my PPP, which remained incomplete on the first day. After my talk was completed, Prof Choudhry, gave a very useful summing up of the important SA Sutras.

SA Sutras given out by the Prof:

1.   That “the IIIH is very important for success and fulfillment in all spheres”.

2.   That in the ‘Final Fruit of the Monumental Legacy’, mentioned by me in PART II[as a result of the six Essential Ingredients being present in the birth chart], as given by the generalized ‘Accumulated Wealth Sutra’; the XH, would also have to be considered, on par with the IIH. This would mean that the PD and GSs of the ‘Final Fruit’ of the Monumental Legacy will now be given by the new Sutra:

“Final Fruit of Monumental Legacy= IIH [and/or XH] –IVH-IXH-IH-Ve”

3.   “Any controversial chart, in which there is a pronounced influence of the VIH, when discussed in a Sabha, will also bring into manifestation, that very inherent VIH quality of controversy.”

4.   “Mere placement of the Su in the XH [and not necessarily near the MEP], brings in courage into the sphere of the profession”.

5.   This is not a Sutra, but a commentary only. Going more deeply into “the 5 wounds of Christ, which Padre Pio received as the Blessing called, the Stigmata”, when an SA astrologer [probably Sri Pandeyji, but I am not sure, in this case] suggested that the Saint could be a reincarnation of the Master Jesus; Prof Choudhry had pointed to a similar situation of a so-called reincarnation of Swami Vivekananda taking place, some years ago in New York, with a horoscope also similar to the Swami Vivekananda’s.

6.   Also a commentary. That the affliction to the Su and the income lord in the VIIIH in Padre Pio’s chart, was quite good for the spiritual life, though it denied income, for life in the Artha and Kama spheres.

By way of summing up, Professor Choudhry, to refresh the memories of the Conf delegates, recapitulated many SA Sutras regarding the Hs & planetary significations:

S1: “Placement of the planets in the IIH brings recognition.”

S2: “Placement of various lords in the XIH, shows various types of income and earnings and gains”.

S3: “Placements in the IIIH creates motivations, and endeavours, inclusive of the profession”.

S4: “For studying the level of Professional success, one must consider, comprehensively, many Hs: the XH, the IIH, the VH, the XIH, and the IIIH.”

S5: “The placement of the IIIH lord and strongly at that, matters, for the profession.

S6: Taking an illustrative example of a diplomat’s chart, who had secured a diplomatic assignment, on the basis of her writing and authorship, Prof Choudhry, pointed out that, even when the IIIH lord was debilitated on the MEP of the IIH [Leo Asdt chart], the lady succeeded in securing a ‘Sun-like’ professional status of a diplomat, because of the ‘Sun-like nature of the IIIH lord’,[ in spite of the deb of the IIIH lord on the IIH MEP].

S7: “One must distinguish between the SA strength of a planet, and the influence of a planet. Prof maintained that one FB planet can mutually influence another FB planet, in which case, the fruits of both the benefic Hs are mutually aided and enhanced, or when a FB planet influenced a H MEP, through its benefic conjunction or aspect, that H which is thus influenced, prospers, because of the influence of the conj /aspecting FB planet.”

S8: Referring to the Gemini Asdt chart of Prof Albert Einstein, Prof Choudhry said, the mutual yoga between Me and Sa is beneficial for both Hs, ruled by these two FB planets, even though both lords, Me and Sa were weak only. Me was actually weak and also deb, and exactly afflicted too by Ke. Sa was closely afflicted by Ke and combust. [This yoga had actually contributed to ‘the Nobility of Einstein’s Soul’ and also made him a Mystic during the Me and Sa sub-periods.]Prof said, such yogas enhanced the energies and strengths of both Hs and planets, to the extent that the two FB planets contributed, mutually.

Finally, Professor Choudhry mentioned the professional significations of the planets in the SA system.

1.Prof Choudhry said, Me gives power for professions requiring the power of analysis: such as in the field of computers and IT, legal professions, in those of chartered accountants, dealing with accounts and audits, professions requiring speculation such as trading and commerce, stock-trading, and in professions requiring analytical perfection, as in research.

2.Regarding Ve, the Prof said, it aids in professions, which are based on design and creativity; life-saving drugs; glamour and art work; and that even doctors who have a favorable Ve[apart from a well-placed and strong Su] will prove to be better physicians.

3.For the Su, Prof said, the Su indicates professions centered on: managerial ability, administration of companies and organizations, Politics and political work, Medical work, dealing with drugs, and physician’s occupations.

4.Regarding the planet Ma, the Prof said, the suitable professions are those of project management and erection [because these can be done only with stupendous expenditures of energy and Ma is foremost the planet of energetic exertions and executive action], heat-treatment of metals, professions centered on land-development.

5. Touching on the Mo’s professional significations, the Prof said, Mo, rules the professions of money management and money lending, home-keeping, and public relations, etc.

6. Taking the planet, Sa, the Professor said, Sa, rules large numbers of workers, and that a strong Sa is usually found in the charts of industrialists. He said, if the individual has an Aquarius Asdt chart, with a strong Sa and strong Ma[strong IIIH], much can be accomplished, through their Saturnian work forces.

7.Coming to Ju, the Prof said, Ju rules all those professions, where advisory roles are involved. And that it also plays an important role in the management of financial institutions, and banks, and in teaching professions as well.

By association of ideas, as ‘collective wealth’ figured in such financial institutions, this brought him to dwell briefly on the VIIIH, which gives Inheritance in the case of individuals, and the collective beliefs and ‘cultural heritage’ in the charts of nations. The Prof was indirectly drawing attention to the ‘Essential Ingredient # 5’, in the charts of World leaders, which specifically pointed to such ‘wealth’.

General Comments:

Talking of the discipline of Astrology, he mentioned that, even in the highly respected field of medicine, what is prescribed today as a trust worthy medicine[that is capable of providing immediate relief], is often withdrawn after a few years, because some side effects come to be discovered; whereas Astrology alone stands tall, unchanged, with a timeless quality. And that it is for this very reason that the SA has come to be practiced in as many as 70 countries. Thus, he said, that Astrology is indeed, the highest discipline of systematized knowledge-even better than the sciences, because it gives knowledge of all the aspects of man’s life, from birth till death.

And that, even where precession was concerned, it was very accurate, as each degree corresponded to just 4 mts diff[In this connection, I may also mention that, in the SA, the Prof considers, the precise moment of cutting off of the umbilical cord, as the correct time of birth, as only after this, does the baby, become an independent living organism of its own, without any dependence on the mother.(Reproduced from a conversation with the Prof in the Restaurant, during the evening meal)].

In this connection, he brought to our notice, that even one single minute difference in the time of birth, would make a profound shift, in the planetary influences, as in the case of Rasi-Sandhi births. Such striking differences in the destinies, show up, in the charts of twins as well, even when there is a small diff of only 3 mts in their times of birth, Prof Choudhry pointed out.

He also drew our attention to the importance of fixing the Asdt Sign correctly, for otherwise, the astrologer cannot prescribe the Remedial Measures correctly.

Mentioning the case of one of the students interested in astrology, who had the habit of bringing new people in distress to the Professor, whenever, he came into contact with them; Professor Choudhry mentioned that to meet this endless demand [!], he had devised an ascendant wise list of astral remedies, which enabled the students to offer the correct Remedial Measures to the persons seeking astral help. These anecdotes and incidents, made the Conf more interesting and lighter, without diluting the serious tenor of the proceedings, appreciably.

A Vedic Astrologer Receives Mahakaleshwar’s Blessings in the Ancient City of Ujjain:

I might mention here, as not out of place, a very curious ‘miracle’[from my legitimate perspective], which happened to Sri Roop Saranji, as far back as one year, when he was stationed in Raja Vikramaditya’s famous capital of Ujjain. There, there is a renowned Mahakaleshwar Temple’ of Lord Shiva, a very ancient one, even mentioned in the Puranas. Here Shiva exists as a Jyotirlinga.

The astrologer Sri Roop Saranji narrated this to me, in the lobby (in the presence of Prof Choudhry), after the Conf was over. It was in reply to the question, as to how it came about that he ‘discovered’ the SA of Prof Choudhry?

Roop Saranji prayed in utter desperation to this God Shiva in Ujjain, for on that day he had the unusual good fortune to gain access to the garbhagriha [sanctum sanctorum] of the Temple. The prayer was short, for a few mts only, but very deep and sincere. He fervently asked Mahakaleshwar to show him the way, as to how best he may bring peace and truth to his clients, who had invested so much of their faith in him. The prayer was possible on that day, only because of his despondent condition. Two incidents happened in Ujjain in the immediate wake of this prayer- which dramatically and irrevocably introduced him to the SA of Prof Choudhry.

He was asked to astrologically advice the then Vikram University Vice Chancellor’s son [who was then deeply enmeshed in a romantic affair with a certain girl of ‘questionable character’ [from the VC’s point of view], and lo! when he met this young man, to take him on, the young man told Saranji: “Yes, I also know astrology and have been studying” and had a defiant tone. When questioned further, as to what was the kind of astrology that he was using, pat landed Prof Choudhry’s introductory book on the SA on the table!

In a second incident, almost in quick succession, someone from his home town of Vizag called, asking for a consultation and hearing that he was to be stationed in Ujjain only, for the coming 15 to 20 days, said that as he was moving to Delhi, he would pick up the books he wanted and come to see him. This gentleman finally arrived, with the complete set of Prof Choudhry’s SA writings (all the books) from Sagar Publishers and after handing over the book bundle to him[!], promptly left the premises, saying he will come again for the consultation. However, that was the last he heard of this gentleman, for Sri Saranji never saw him again in life! So, when I heard this narration[being very familiar with the miracles of God], I declared that this was a veritable miracle Mahakaleshwar [Kalapurusha or the God of Time or the God of Vedic Astrology]had wrought, for answering the prayer of his beloved devotee Sri Roop Saran.

In the last PART IV [pertaining to the afternoon Session of April 12th ,] I shall cover four more case studies that were discussed and also cover Prof’s concluding remarks.