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By: Dr. Sankara Bhagavadpada

International Institute of Predictive Astrology[IIPA]

11th & 12th April, 2009

Part III[Session II]: The Second Day, Afternoon

In this last session, Prof Choudhry asked if there were any additional case studies, which needed closer scrutiny? The first one was brought up by Sri Nawal Kishore. This was an enigmatic case of twins, one of whom was perfectly healthy, while the other suffered from Optic Atrophy [First Case Study].

Twin [Healthy]:

[May 22nd 1991, 12:24 PM*, New Delhi (77E13, 28N37)]

MEP= 10Deg 02Mts, Su at 6Deg 57Mts

Twin [with Optical Atrophy]:

[May 22nd, 1991, 12:29PM, New Delhi (77E13, 28N37)]

MEP= 11Deg:08Mts, Su at 6Deg 58Mts

Prof Choudhry said the optical atrophy problem can be with the younger child as the greater influence of the Sun in the elder child’s chart protects him.

This deficiency in vision was detected when the twins were 1.5 yrs old.

The Mo is deb in the Navamsa div chart[thus weak] and afflicted by both malefics Ra and Ke in the sign Virgo in the D-6 div chart, as the IIH lord of vision in the right eye. In the Rasi chart, the Mo however rules the left eye [for males].

Prof Choudhry, pointed out that, in the case of the healthy twin, as the very strong Su in the XH, as the general significator of vision, had provided additional relief to the extent of some 20%, through its impact, it thereby also alleviated the affliction to the Mo by some 20%. He also pointed out that Ju and Ma, which were placed in the malefic XIIH, also had to suffer, because of the affliction from Ra to their dispositor, the Mo. When I had asked Prof Choudhry, whether, the eye-trouble would never have occurred in the first place, if the chart had the MEP at 6degs 57mts, he said, “Yes, this trouble, may not have manifested in such a case”.

As a scribe, writing down the Conf Proceedings, I had to seek further clarification from Prof Choudhry, by raising the Q through an e-mail: That when the TOB of the healthy twin is advanced by just one minute and made 12:23 PM[instead of 12:24 PM]; then the Asdt in the D-6 chart of the healthy twin, receives the blessing from the strong Su, from the VIIH of this D-6 chart; whereas, if the TOB of the ‘optic atrophied’ twin is retained at 12:29 PM[or even advanced to 12:28 PM]; then the Asdt of the D-6 chart does not get the blessing from the strong Su. Whether in view of this data, we should consider 12:23 PM as the correct TOB for the healthy twin?

Prof Choudhry replied that this observation may be included in the Conf Proceedings, as additional SA light on the original Q raised by Sri Naval Kishore. We may also note in passing that with the TOB at 12:23 PM for the healthy twin, we secure the additional impact of the Su, on the whole chart as the significator of vision, amounting to something like 40%.

Second Case Study:

This was brought up by Sri Aman Deep Saini. It was a “short lived problem”. A normal senior citizen, suddenly suffering from a loss of memory, & this making him very angry and irritable, etc. These were the symptoms.

[17-10-1933, 5:48 AM, Delhi (77E13, 28N40)]

Professor remarked that short-lived problems invariably arise on account of Tr afflictions and that the same must be true here also. The Me-Me sub-period had commenced in Aug 2007 and would run till Jan 2010. He also drew attention to natal Sa’s close affliction [10th aspect] to Me, the dasa lord. The affliction to the dispositor of Me, Ve, from the angry planet Ma, is also expected in the SA, to indirectly impact on Me. There was a prolonged stationary Tr affliction from the nodes to natal strong Sa, from mid Dec 2008 to Apr 2009. Worse still, Tr stationary Ke, around 14-15 degs in Cancer, closely afflicted both Ma & Ve in the sign Scorpio, aggravating the whole situation.

Throwing more light on the SA Preventive Remedial Measures as a means of protecting oneself from the onslaughts of such Tr afflictions; the Prof remarked that he organized the Conf, at a time when the Tr afflictions from the nodes[in his own chart] had not in fact fully cleared. “With the help of preventive Remedies, we can keep on going and peacefully sail through”, the Professor said. The Conf was planned in fact eight months ago, when he had foreknowledge of the coming stationary Tr afflictions from the nodes, but that the Remedies had given him the confidence to sail through smoothly. In passing he mentioned that while in the case of modern medicine, doctors are treating symptoms rather than the disease conditions, in Astrology, we are pacifying the causative factors through the daily propitiative charities.

Third Case Study:

This was presented by Cmdr Ashutosh Pandey.

[10 Aug 1958, 14:39 hrs, Delhi (77E13, 28N40), Scorpio Asdt]

The gentleman in question, is a producer of video tapes & music cassettes. By Pandeyji’s account, the gentleman had a hunch that he would succeed in his business, only in distant lands. Once there however, the odds turned out to be against him. Pandeyji sought Professor’s comments.

It was pointed out that the nodes afflicted Ju, one of the professional planets, and that too in the malefic XIIH. Worst still, was the malefic Ma’s exact affliction to the IXH MEP, the XIIH MEP, as well as the Asdt MEP. So Professor said that multiple propitiatory Remedies were called for in this case, to bring relief in distant lands.

It is however interesting to observe that the mutual beneficial yoga between Sa as the IVH lord and the Mo as the IXH lord, does in fact tally with the hunch of the businessman, while the afflictions, to the IXH, XIIH [both distant lands], as well as the Asdt and the IIH lord, which made life in distant lands difficult, did not trouble him with any foreboding.

Fourth Case Study:

This was also presented by Sri Pandeyji.

The chart was that of a famous stage actor, who in spite of securing a contract to go to the US, found to his dismay that every time, some other person was selected instead of him and he sought to understand this conspiracy in his destiny!

[Mar 18th 1960, 8:30 AM, Mumbai (72E49, 18N57)]

This chart had many strong benefic planets, but Ra & Ke caused close afflictions to the Su and the deb Mo, placed in the malefic XIIH & VIIIH respectively. In Prof’s view, Remedial Measures for all FMs, Ra, Ke & Me, were called for, if he is to have success.

When Pandeyji mentioned that many people are reluctant to perform Remedial Measures, Prof Choudhry mentioned the case of a young beautiful lady, who was a post graduate by qualification and who was working in a bank in Parliament street. It was mentioned that she was also from a good family. When initially Remedial Measures were recommended for her, she was indifferent and probably thought them unnecessary! She was actually seeking a life partner. When after two years of her search, still no life partner turned up on the horizon, she came right back, in all earnestness, ready to do the Remedial Measures.

Special Note to Conclude Part II[Session II]:

Before the Concluding Remarks by the Prof, I had sought his permission, to add the significant point, which I had made, actually made during the Conf, towards the end of Part II [Session II]{My PPP on ‘The Light of the SA on World leaders,… etc’}, but which I had failed to insert in my writing up of the Proceedings, because I was under tremendous pressure, on account of multiple deadlines.

When I had applied all the six ‘Essential Ingredients’ to the chart of the Professor, I found that, the chart had in fact passed the test, just as well as the other charts of the World Leaders had. As I am placed in the rather lucky position of actually being able to understand, that his Astrological research work is of Monumental Proportions and would tantamount to a Monumental Legacy[because even the Sutra for the ‘Final Fruit’ gives excellent results for his chart]; I would like to make this concluding statement, without in any way, causing him embarrassment. That the profound significance of his Mission Work is being appreciated internationally and would find still better recognition in the times to come.

We are living in a Science and Technology-centered World, and in such an age, Vedic knowledge systems like Astrology, simply will not find favour, with the establishment. However, we may hope, that in spite of this prevailing blindness of our age to Ancient disciplines of learning, the day may not be far off, when even Astrology may come to be recognized, for the immense healing and relief it is bringing, to its adherents, the world over.

This has been said here, not to create any ‘special aura’ around Prof Choudhry [for he will be the first person to be thoroughly uncomfortable with such a thing in the first place!], but only to be fair to his work, in the light of my PPP.


The following question was raised by me, in an attempt to ensure that the SA of Prof Choudhry must gain firmer ground and wider acceptance among the world of astrologers world-wide. I addressed this Q to Prof Choudhry, seeking an answer from him.

Q: I find many ‘Vedic Astrologers’, a few of greater renown, but many of moderate standing also, using ‘Vedic Astrology’ as the appropriate name for their system of astrology. As we know the SA to be so powerful and efficacious in its predictive accuracy, analytical clarity, as well as in the functional nature of planets; should we not consider renaming your ‘Systems Approach’, as ‘Prof V. K. Choudhry’s Vedic Astrology’, so as to keep the door more wide open for other Vedic astrologers to discover this precious SA?

My Q was answered by the Professor in the concluding session.

Prof Choudhry’s Concluding Remarks:

In his usual self-composed manner, Prof Choudhry began the concluding session, by mentioning the benefits of the PPP by Dr. Sankara Bhgavadpada on: ‘The Light of the Systems Approach on World Leaders, their Mass Movements and their Monumental Legacies’; the benefits of Sri Roop Saranji’s PPP on: ‘The importance of the IIIH in the SA’; the benefits of Cmdr Ashutosh Pandey’s PPP on ‘Marital Problems & Astral Help’. He also added that a number of Qs, seeking clarifications and fruitful discussions on charts had taken place.

It was explained by the Professor: ‘The number of the Practitioners of the SA, does not become large, because we are not interested in the lay people. Technical discussions are our forte, not mere propagation.’ It was also mentioned by him that constantly, new areas come under the purview of the SA, because it has been a long standing tradition in the teaching of astrology, that new knowledge is always added, only as new Qs are raised by the students and learners of astrology. He held that this was the sure way in which true astrological knowledge will expand. In this connection he pointed out the ‘open house’ policy, whereby all people, whether fully knowledgeable or not can well become SATVA members. Professor also made it known that the SA knowledge is constantly upgraded on his website and that new developments are often posted on the Home Page itself.

In reply to my abovementioned Q, Prof remarked that the name: ‘The Systems Approach’ [SA], has done excellently well, as it has spread in more than seventy countries, even through the translations into the European foreign languages of French, Portuguese and Serbian. He did not seem interested, in accelerating the pace with which SA was reaching out to seekers the world over. In his view, he said ‘Good things in life will be available only to sincere and deserving people.’ Looking back, he reminisced as to how, many sitting in the Conf as delegates, originally came to him to consult on life’s sudden setbacks. He said Sri Gaurav Dhameja’s father had come for a consultation originally, and here we have the son, sitting as an astrologer with us.

Summing up, he said, “Till humanity lives, the SA will be alive. I have no great craving. Whatever God has blessed me with, that is more than enough.” [Here we see, from close quarters, the spiritual disposition and the nobility of the Professor’s soul.]

He added that at the next SA Intl Conf, we could have Conf Proceedings for three consecutive days, with the third day, devoted exclusively to Consultations.

In this way Professor Choudhry, by sharing the new Sutras and laying down clearly his spiritual philosophy, which is his foundation for his astrological research in the form of the Systems Approach, concluded this session, with the handing over of the Intl Conf participation certificates, to all the delegates, one by one. There was also a group photograph at the end of the certificate ceremony and with that the fourth Intl Conf of SA astrologers came to a close on an amicable and peaceful note.