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Proceedings of the Eighth SA Intl Conf[December 15 and 16, 2012], at Gurgaon, India:

Prof V K Choudhry commenced his inaugural address with the invocation of Lord Ganesha’s Grace, by the chanting of Sri Ganesha Mantra

He welcomed all the delegates to this December, 2012, conference, and conveyed verbatim the warm good wishes that many SA astrologers (mostly, living outside India) had sent for this special occasion-because they could not actually be present at this conference. The SA astrologers, Dr. Sankara Bhagavadpara, Chennai, India; Mr Thor Thorgiersson (Iceland); Dr Shayn Smith (US); Ms Mary Wright, USA; Mr Jo Cohen (France); Mr Remi Panisett (France); Mr. Smarth Chidanand, Bangalore, India; Mr. Ajay Sehgal and Sateesh Batas (UK). Reproduced verbatim below are the good wishes for the conference, which they have conveyed.

Thor (Iceland): “I would like to join Shayn, Sankara and others to wish you much success at the conference. Having spent time with you and other SA students in September 1999, my dear Professor, I know that those who attend are truly fortunate to do so, not only do they benefit by your uplifting company but they also share time with each other as scholars with a focus on the most accurate and sentient form of astrology there is, SA. It is a blessing to be able to study with the source of this wisdom and in the company of like minded people.”

Jo Cohen and Rémi Panisset (IIPA France Chapter):“On behalf of the IIPA France chapter, Remi and I send all our good wishes to participants in this eighth International Conference of SA astrologers, held under the enlightened guidance of both Professor Choudhry and his son Rajesh. We hope creative discussions on real life cases will help participants to improve their skills in reading charts and establish deeper confidence in System’s Approach; two points of major importance in these troubled times. They condition the way SA astrologers can give better assistance to their clients, which means bringing light wherever there is obscurity and consolation whenever there is suffering; this with the help of the regular practice of remedial measures and through the development of the divine way in life.

Dr. Shayn Smith, Colorado, US: “Please accept my best wishes for a successful eighth international conference of Systems Approach astrologers this weekend in Gurgaon. I remember you telling me the history of this ancient city to where seekers would travel to gain wisdom from their Guru, hence the origins of the name. The tradition continues as the world's finest astrologers converge this weekend to discuss charts, learn new sutras, and enjoy each other's company in your esteemed presence. I am sure I speak for many when I say that I am grateful for the light you have shed on this divine science. It has been a blessing to know you and experience your teachings. May you all be profoundly enriched this weekend...
Warm regards,

Ms Mary Wright, USA: Really interesting history regarding Gurgaon ... thank you for sharing that with us Shayn. I also extend my best wishes and thanks to the Course Participants in this coming weekend's conference ... the knowledge you share is indeed very precious!
With Best Wishes,
Mary, US.

Prof Choudhry opened the Conference with quick horoscope analysis techniques in the light of which the case studies in the Conference were planned to be discussed.


PLANETS & LIFE Exciting results in life are given by the strong planets in birth chart. The weak planets during their sub periods bring setbacks, delays, denials, instability, depression and make one vulnerable due to natal/transit afflictions. By strengthening weak benefic planets one reduces the chances of stresses and strains and increases the chance of betterment. The suggested propitiatory remedies are based on the planetary tastes and bhoota yagya - one of the five great sacrifices.
AFFLICTION TO PLANETS :The strong influence of Rahu or Ketu or the most malefic planet to weak planets causes inflammation, deformities to children, congenital defects in children, professional setbacks, depression, strains in business relationship, persisting infections, allergies, over ambitiousness, losses through risky or speculative ventures, sexually transmitted diseases, problems of black magic/evil spirits, litigation, sudden mishaps and problems in marital relationship. The planetary afflictions diagnosis is as important as immunisation care for the newly born child. It helps in growth of the child. Remedies help in reducing problems.
HOW ASTROLOGY HELPS: Astrology helps us (i) in understanding potentialities of our personality to enable us to chart the course of success in our lives in the matters of health, career, finances, love and relationships; (ii) in easing anxiety; (iii) in preventing dreaded diseases; (iv) in developing leadership qualities and (v) in looking into the future. Astrology helps us in enjoying good health, prosperity & spiritual advancement besides helping in avoiding strains in marital relationship, business and professional matters with the help of astral remedies. Blessed ones are impelled by God to make use of astral advice and astral remedies for happiness.

The karma results manifest through the principles of divine justice which is shown through planetary influences in the birth chart. Jyotish remedies are the means for alleviating the karma results.

LEARNING ASTROLOGY: You can learn predictive astrology successfully through Systems'Approach for greater confidence, speedy analysis, dependability and accuracy. Systems'Approach books and free access to learning material on this website make learning easy.

Tips for quick horoscope analysis are given hereunder:

1. Identify the strong planets and indicate positive results for the aspects/significations ruled by the planet and the house which contains mooltrikona sign of the said planet. The aspects ruled by houses and planets are indicated after the tips. The positive results are indicated in the sub periods of the strong planets. The close conjunction or mutual aspect of strong or fairly strong planets give enhanced results of both the planets.

2. Identify the afflicted planets of the birth chart and indicate setbacks and problems for the aspects/significations ruled by the afflicted planet and the house which contains mooltrikona sign of the said planet. This setbacks are indicated in the sub periods of the afflicted planets.

3. Identify the afflicted planets of transit and indicate setbacks and problems for the aspects/significations ruled by the afflicted planet and the house which contains mooltrikona sign of the said planet. The impact of these transit afflictions may be over when the transit impact comes to an end.

4. Identify the weak planets in the birth chart and indicate delay and setbacks in the results for the aspects/significations ruled by the weak planet and the house which contains mooltrikona sign of the said planet.

5. Identify the close afflictions of nodes to MEPs of houses which make the life of the person sensitive and troublesome.

6. Identify the close affliction of functional malefic planets to the MEP of houses.

The lord of sixth house causing affliction will give stress through disputes, diseases and financial difficulties.
The lord of eighth house causing affliction will give sudden setbacks, accidents, obstructions and death like experiences.
The lord of twelfth house causing affliction will give stress through hospitalisation, expenses, problems in foreign/distant places, losses and problems with law.

7. Identify the placement of planets in the sixth house. Indicate incidence of conflicts / disputes related to the aspects ruled by the planet and the mooltrikona sign of the house ruled by the said planet.

8. Identify the placement of planets in the eighth house. Indicate incidence of obstructions and setbacks related to the aspects ruled by the planet and the mooltrikona sign of the house ruled by the said planet.

9. Identify the placement of planets in the twelfth house. Indicate incidence of losses, expenses and complications related to the aspects ruled by the planet and the mooltrikona sign of the house ruled by the said planet.

10. Identify the strong afflictions to planets which give following general problems besides the aspects of the houses where the mooltrikona sign of the afflicted planet is placed:

The strong affliction to Sun gives problems to father, problems in job, problems to son, problems to husband, health problems, digestion problem, high blood pressure, eyesight problem, lack of recognition.
The strong affliction to Mars gives problems through disputes, problems to properties, lack of younger brother, problems to younger brothers / sisters, problems with law, problems in job, blood infections and serious muscular infections.
The strong affliction to the Moon gives problems to mother, problems relating to property, mental unrest, problems in school education, loss of assets, problems in marriage, addiction, lung disorders, immunity problem, gynae problem to females, etc.
The strong affliction to Mercury gives problems in studies, problems in relationships, problems of health, nervousness, stress, depression, problems/losses in business, speech problem, skin problems, undiagnosed health problems.
The strong affliction to Jupiter gives problems relating to studies, relationships, finance, job, problems to husband, problems to male child and health problems arising out of malfunctioning of liver or arteries.
The strong affliction to Venus gives problems in relationships, problems to wife, problems in business, kidney problem, urinary problems, skin problems, and potency problems.
The strong affliction to Saturn results in job problems, struggles, unsuccessful ventures, problems in knees, constipation, congestion, etc.

11. The planets show their results in their sub periods. A planet gives results pertaining to its general significations explained in this page and the significations to the house which contains the mooltriknoa sign of the planet. For example the Sun will results of its general significations and the results of the house which contains the sign Leo in the particular birth chart. All good / bad influences on the house containing Leo sign will also simultaneously fructify irrespective of the strength of the Sun in the birth chart.

12. Suggest astral remedies when asked for. Advise continuous propitiatory remedies for the functional malefic planets.

12. Suggest wearing of appropriate Kavach / Special Power Kavach / Special Purpose Kavach for strengthening natal weak planets.

14. Ask for feedback.

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During the sub period of Mercury things work with stresses and strains even when Mercury is strong and or well placed in the natal chart. This is due to the volatile strength of Mercury in transit. When Mercury is weak in the natal chart the results in its sub period do create stresses and strains. The situation becomes further difficult when either of the Sun or Mercury is a functional malefic planet.

Whenever the lord of the twelfth house is placed in the sixth house or afflicts some planet from the sixth house closely, there are chances of problems with government which may result in arrest, legal penalties, imprisonment, etc.

The problems and mishaps are represented by the weak and weak and/or afflicted planets.

When the natal Moon is afflicted by Rahu, Rahu-like planets or is placed in the Rahu-like houses the person becomes more sensitive and especially to unfavorable incidents.

The exact affliction to badly placed lord of fourth or second or ninth or third house lord (most benefic planet) reduces the strength of other strong planets in the natal chart.

The weakness of the lord of the eighth house makes the father vulnerable to damage, both in terms of longevity and in terms of finances.

The weakness of the lord of the eighth house or fourth house curtails the financial resources or longevity of father. In Pisces ascendant there is no MT sign in the ninth and fourth houses. So, the eighth house becomes pertinent significator of the longevity of the father. We also consider the strength of the Sun in the natal chart as it is significator for father.

A strong natal planet protects and promotes its general significations and the significations of its mooltrikona house. Any planet is considered strong when its longitude is between 05º to 25º in a particular sign and it is not in the state of weakness. It can increase its strength further if:

The results of planets placed in the Sun-like houses that is the second, third and ninth houses get magnified.

Any planet has capacity to bless the native with its results if its natal strength is at least 60% and it is unafflicted. In such a situation the results may come with some delay and of slightly lower order. With the help of the strengthening measures - gemstones or Kavach - the strength of the planets, where it is less than 60%, can be brought to the level of 60% so that it blesses the native with the significations ruled by it.

A weak natal planet is not capable of fully protecting/promoting its general significations and the significations of its mooltrikona house during the course of its sub-periods and during the triple transit functional malefic influences.

Fairly strong planet: A planet which has at lest 70% power, is unafflicted and well placed, is considered as fairly strong planet.

Mild affliction: An affliction to the extent of 25% or less to a strong or fairly strong planet or the most effective point of a non-mooltrikona sign house is considered as a mild affliction.


Whenever a planet is already weak for any other reason and is under the close influence of any functional malefic, it is treated as an afflicted planet. But when the planet is not weak for other reasons, it can only be considered afflicted under the exact influence of any functional malefic, becoming a weak planet for that reason. So whenever any planet is afflicted, it becomes weak. The significations of the house having a mooltrikona sign of an afflicted planet are harmed.

Afflicting Planets

Only the functional malefic planets can be afflicting planets.

It is very necessary to understand the difference between afflicting planets and afflicted planets.

Cdr. Ashutosh Pandey made the following presentation:

Personality and Personal Development (hereafter referred to only as Personality) plays a key role in society which requires constant touch with the external environment, be it family, friends, neighbours, office, peers, subordinates, staff, the boss or the billing accountant in the shopping mall. Phrases such as charming, enthusiastic, action oriented, focused, sensitive, humorous among numerous others have sponsored an avalanche of research in psychology to understand the root cause of an individual’s mental make-up and improve upon any defects. Some of the causes have been narrowed down to good parental upbringing, good school, nurturing office atmosphere and a devoted spouse. Conversely, the same factors were blamed as sufficient cause for personality disorders such as a difficult childhood, an aggressive and dominant parent, an unhappy marriage, a tragedy in the family or other unforseen occurrences. This paper examines the astrological factors involved in personality development using Systems Approach (SA) developed by our beloved Guruji Prof VK Choudhry, Jyotish-Vachaspati, Vastu-Shastra-Samrat, Sthapatya-Ratna, MBA and also to narrowly examine five sample Case Studies (CS) where everything looks excellent on the outside but deep rooted feelings of rejection, over-reaction, hostility and alienation lie immediately below the surface.

Personality and Personal Development Using Systems Approach

1. Introduction. While browsing at the airport book-stall looking for something to read, a catchy title drew my attention i.e ‘Get The Life You Want’ by Richard Bandler, the creator of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). The book listed five ‘tools’ to get rid of fears and phobias, anxieties, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, painful memories and a host of predicaments which exist in the mind. I was intrigued, as during the course of my studies in Astrology, people frequently approached me for help regarding similar problems which I had grouped under the heading Personality Issues. These individuals genuinely believed the cause of their difficulties were shaped either by the internal (home, family friends) or external (work, friends) environment. I would do a preliminary examination of the Natal Chart and the root-cause of their personality related issues would be identified. The nature of the Planets, the Mool-Trikona (MT) Houses involved and the nature of their Signs were key factors used to decode their personality. Most cases were successful where a breakthrough would occur after the individual grasped the essence of the advice. In a few cases, there would be anger, hurt or antagonism as the person refused to acknowledge the truth, especially in CS-03 where the mother of a rebellious teenager expressed complete disbelief in the analysis and expected any other reason except that her son was by nature a ‘difficult’ child. A quick recap of the Planets, Houses and Signs is offered in subsequent paras to aid our memory. 2. Planets and Their Relation to Personality. Planets have a direct bearing on the type of personality, given their qualities as Mool-Trikona (MT) Lord or Significators.

The Sun when strong gives administative capability and leadership. Wehn weak it gives pride, egoism and tendency to brag / talk too much, show off, etc.

The Moon when strong gives understanding, hospitality and imagination. When the Moon is weak it makes the person hyper-sensitive and the person almost always over reacts.

The strong Mars gives control through physical and rational power. The weak Mars gives lack of courage, inconsistency, impatience and haste.

The strong Mercury gives power of discrimination, confidence and analysis. The weak Mercury gives lack of confidence, indecisiveness and nervousness.

The strong Jupiter gives the qualities of benevolence, kindness, morality, sincerity, discipline and generosity. The weak Jupiter gives over confidence, immorality, greed and materialism.

The strong Venus blesses the person with etiquettes, understanding, team spirit and benevolence. The weak Venus gives lack of charm, lack of refineness, lack of taste and lack of manners.

The strong Saturn gives dutifulness, honesty, humility, discipline,etc. The weak Saturn makes the person selfish, insecure, miserly, cheat, immoral, harsh toungued, hard-hearted and indolent.

Rahu when strong gives the art of diplomacy and when weak makes the person manipulative and qualities of a weak Saturn.

Strong Ketu takes the person to mystic sciences and spirituality. The weak and afflicting Ketu brings miseries.

Note 1: source: Prof VK Choudhry, Impact of Ascending Signs (Sagar Pub, First Pub 1992) p 23 ‘How to Analyse a Horoscope in Three Minutes Prof VK Choudhry, Impact of Ascending Signs (Sagar Pub, First Pub 1992) p 23 ‘How to Analyse a Horoscope in Three Minutes

Note 2: Source: Prof VK Choudhry, LEARN ASTROLOGY - LESSON 53, "How to Judge PERSONALITY & STATUS"

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Dr. Jonathan Miller made a presentation.

We all acknowledge that the duty of an astrologer is to enter consultations with clients and conduct our personal lives in accordance with the intent to benefit others. Besides the fact that the source of authentic astrological precepts transcends ordinary human intelligence, it is this intention that makes astrology truly a ‘divine science’. So the aspiration motivating astrological work is to reduce the distress and increase the happiness of clients.

It could be criticized as a betrayal of common sense to attempt to do this without considering the underlying causes. So we recognize also that our experiences of happiness and suffering, and the basis of astrology, are determined by the cause and effect process of our own actions of body, speech and mind. Astrological calculations reflect the potentials in the stream of cause and effect present at the time of birth, something like a balance sheet.

Mercifully, not unlike our genetic potential, the continuity of cause and result is modifiable by our current actions. This is the principle upon which the skillful interventions that we term the ‘remedial measures’ are able to modify the results and improve the karmic outcome to reduce suffering and unease. Reflecting on this, the rest of my comments were mainly sharing questions that I was asking myself…

If a patient who suffers from heart disease or diabetes is not taught the importance of the lifestyle factors: eating properly, not smoking, adequate exercise, managing stress, supplementing documented deficiencies, etc. the medications and acute interventions will not be enough to prevent recurrence. Likewise, wouldn’t it be best if we were able to, the prescription of valuable astrological remedial measures, help clients to understand that their future happiness and suffering are produced by the sum total of all their thoughts, words and deeds?

As it’s said, a bushel of corn can relieve the affliction of hunger for a short time, but giving the materials and means for farming can relieve hunger for the long term. Could I be doing a better job in this regard? Considering the mental habits of people nowadays how realistic is it? If approached with sensitivity on an individual basis would it elevate the benefit and, perhaps, the spiritual integrity the astrologer?

There are a few things we know for certain:

• All conditioned phenomena, everything we are experiencing, are impermanent.
• It’s hard to know for sure when it will happen and where we are going afterwards, but we are definitely going to die.
• There is nothing that we are experiencing now that is not the result of our previous actions.
• There is nothing that we are doing now, even the slightest action, that we will not experience the result of later.

This being the case, should we in SA Astrology be embracing a formal determination to include fundamental instruction in the universal law of karma as tenet of astrological practice? Should we, in addition to prescribing strengthening agents and charitable actions, always endeavor to remind clients of these points and educate them in the basic discrimination between actions that produce suffering and those that result in happier conditions, so they can have a sure grip on the ‘steering wheel’ of their own destiny? Should cultivating the skill in doing this according to the nature and capacity of each client be a regular part of our training?

Enough of these ramblings, but they are what was on my mind when I shared some comments with our colleagues at the recent SA Conference. If it ends up helping anyone to remember that we produce happiness and suffering by own actions perhaps there may be some slight merit to it.

The ten Positive and Negative Actions are taught accordingly. Of the ten, there are four pertaining to the mind, three to speech and three to the body.

The ten Negative actions to be avoided:

1. Killing conscious living beings.
2. Theft
3. Sexual misconduct.
4. Falsehood
5. Slander
6. Irresponsible chatter.
7. Verbal abuse.
8. Covetousness.
9. Vindicativeness (malice).
10. Holding wrong views (such as "actions motivated by hatred produce benefit").

He also elaborated the Ten Positive actions to be engaged in as under:

1. Protecting life.
2. Not stealing.
3. Not engaging in sexual conduct that harms others.
4. Speaking the truth.
5. Not slandering or engaging in divisive speech.
6. Speaking meaningfully and with a positive purpose.
7. Not saying things that harm the hearts of others.
8. Maintaining a content mind that does not covet the resources of others.
9. Abandoning malice and cultivating the intention to benefit others.
10. Seeking the truth and understanding the natural laws of life and existence.

Furthermore, we can practise a way of life in general that supports happiness and the power to help others by endeavoring to engaging in the following:

1. Be content.
2. Act to benefit others.
3. Especially help the poor and needy.
4. Diminish anger, desire / attachment / greed / pride, envy and ignorance o ourselves and the way things are.
5. Increase loving kindness, compassion, equanimity and rejoicing for the well being of others. These four qualities can become infinite within us, and are thus known as the four immeasurables.
6. Increase the six qualities of generosity, moral discipline, patience and tolerance, diligence in accomplishing what is meaningful and beneficial, mental composure and meditative concentration, and wisdom that penetrates the truth of things and existence.
7. The last is the conduct of the bodhisattva, the noble individual who seeks enlightenment - ultimate wisdom and compassionate power - for the benefit of all living conscious beings. These are known as six transcendental perfections.

Col. B K Kailash (Retired) made a presentation on the word and its power. He said that each word results into vibrations which touch the life of individuals significantly. Therefore, we should be very careful in choosing our words for conveying the right meaning and generating right vibrations.

About 75 case studies were discussed in the conference based on the analytical techniques brought out in the beginning of the Conference. There was wide spread participation by all the participants. The case studies discussed included matters pertaining to health, setbacks in life, early death of father, twins, profession and transit influences.

Mr. Rajesh Lohia raised the issue of use of application of knowledge of astrology for entering into partnerships and employing of manpower. The matter was discussed and it was stated that the knowledge of astrology helps a lot in such matters. While entering the partnerships one has to see that there should be no implication of the close inflluence of lord of the sixth house in the birth chart of the person being considered for partnership. While employing a person, we have to avoid the close influence of the lord of the sixth house and the close influence of Rahu on the planets / houses ruling personality of the person. At the same time the planets ruling the personality traits required for the job requirements should be well placed / fairly strong in the chart of the person being considered for appointment.
Know more about business application of astrology, investment decisions, team building, recruiting managers and personality traits.  

The participants were given Conference participation certificates. A group photograph was taken.

The Conference ended and the vote of thanks was conveyed by Col. B. K. Kailash (Retired). It is reproduced below:

The present addendum to the earlier acquired dissertations through the scheme of fresh and original discerning are very useful morals for the future.

Let me share with you all, we are so lucky that through Guruji, Prof Choudhry, our own Karmas improve by getting and imparting knowledge to the society.

That calls for a big Applause.

His style of discerning is so simple and also, his language is so simple that it is easily understandable, purely logical and there is no question left in the mind. Such a knowledgeable conference for two days supplements actual knowledge available on his website.

Let me share with you one thing, I have been surfing the net quite regularly and extensively, I generally spend 2/3 hrs a day on the web, that there is no other website on any subject which is so extensively elaborates covering each and every aspect which you can imagine and visualize. All this is available absolutely complimentary without any registration or fee. Its a good source to learn and I learnt whole Astrology from this website.

Does that call for another Applause?

And on top of that this support is continuous. Let me share with you another thing. Time is no constraint for calling Guruji for questions, I have not yet experienced a time that when I called and there was no response, whatever the time of day may be.

Another Important thing of this Conference is total discipline and involvement of the participants, in fact that is the highlight of this Conference.

I would grade this Conference a Grand Success and we all need to give another Cheer to our Guruji.


Lets clean our souls.

In fact I was discussing with somebody that there is a terminology called YUGPURUSH. It may be a synonym to our Guruji. He has totally redirected Astrology in the entire world.


I am sure we all are carrying lot of fresh knowledge and lets use it for elevation of our Souls.