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Strategic long-term investment decisions in business are taken on the assumed continued specific requirements of the market. The stable and bright environmental support is one of the key factors for these decisions. For example, the economic scenario, the trends on the stock markets, if they are stable, upward, downward, or fluctuating, etc., etc., has an important bearing on investment decisions. Now the behavior of the stock markets may be dependent on key factors like fundamentals, economic projections of the country and linkages to the leading economies or the stock exchanges of the world. The global stock markets are developing linkages with the US Nasdaq and the sentiment of the participating people. Now from the point of view of the financial experts operating in or managing the stocks and investments, sentiment is one of the key factors that overrules or supercedes even the fundamentals. For example, the imminent threat of war against Iraq by US and its allies in 2003 affected the stock exchanges all over the world. That is why in spite of the fundamentals remaining the same the stock markets keep on fluctuating.

Now to identify the sentiment of the public at large, the horoscope of a particular country becomes the major factor for governing the sentiment of the public. Irrespective of the strong fundamentals and the acumen of the financial experts, the stock markets and the general sentiment suddenly take a dip and all projections of the planners fall to ground. For example, in the horoscope of India, for a period of 32 months effective 22nd October, 1999, the sub-period of Jupiter was operational in the main period of Venus. Both of these planets are functionally malefic planets for India. These planets and their periods of time indicate strained relationships among the people of the country, strained relations with neighbors, natural calamities, mass deaths in accidents or due to diseases, a weak financial position resulting in devaluation of the currency, etc., etc. This was indicated by Professor VK CHoudry in a TV interview on 22nd October, 1999. During this period India saw:
(1) the worst cyclone involving the lives of thousands of persons in Orissa, an Indian state;
(2) the worst earthquake in another state of India, Gujarat,
(3) India had strained relations with Pakistan, which impelled many countries to withdraw their diplomats in the wake of a threat of war, and
(4) the general economy of the country saw a persistent down-trend.

Now the sentiment, the key factor, continued to remain disturbed on one account or the other and the upward trends in the stock markets were checked. This makes an impact on the commissioning of the large value projects due to overrun, changing the revenue projections, affecting the returns on investments besides adding to the cost of the project significantly. The instability projected in horoscope analysis tells us that we should not decide in favor of projects with long gestation during such turbulent times.


Selecting the Line of Business: The analysis of the horoscope of the key persons of an Organisation helps us in identifying the area of investment and selecting the line of business.

Finalizing the Top Management Group: This is very important for the success of the project. Here the horoscopic analysis tells about the suitability of various persons for specified jobs.

Raising of Funds: The availability of the project finance, once the project has been decided, again depends on the sentiment of the stock market and the economic conditions. For bringing out the Initial Public Offer for project finance one has to weigh all the pros and cons. It calls for tactical analysis so that the efforts put in for the Initial Public Offer or seeking project finance from the financial institutions are successful. For this purpose the horoscope analysis of the key persons of the project becomes necessary besides the scanning of the environment of the country, in general.

Timing of the Investment: Astrology provides the strength and weakness analysis of the planetary influences in the birth chart of the owners or Chief Executive or the Members of the Top Management Group explaining which planets are weak and are causing problems, and which are the positive areas of the chart that indicate success and can be exploited for greater benefits. The ancient knowledge also makes suggestions for improvements through Vastu techniques and astrological remedial measures.

Team Building Analysis: For achieving the synergies of multi-disciplined specialties and managerial competencies various people have to venture into partnerships. For a successful long lasting business relationship compatibility analysis is taken up to see the temperament, team spirit and financial strength of the partners as the absence of the team work can disturb the mental peace of the top management group by entering into a wrong business relationship. Not only preventive analysis is done, but advice is also given for being successful in business relationships.

Each member of the top management team should have:

1. Optimum leadership quality for planning, organizing and monitoring the area of his/her operations, which is represented by the Sun.

2. Good analytical power to take best decisions in the available circumstances, which are governed by the Mercury.

3. Supportive temperament for other members of the team, which is governed by Venus.

4. Intuitive power in managerial decision making, which is jointly represented by the Sun and Jupiter.

5. Capacity to keep all concerned well informed about the activities, which is governed by the Moon.

6. Stamina required for the implementation of the project, which is represented by Mars.

7. Developing the senior and line managers for taking up various positions for operations, which is governed by Jupiter.

8. Trustworthiness and continued relationship, which are governed by Jupiter and the Sun.

Various planets govern the above-mentioned managerial attributes. The horoscope analysis of the new entrant for the management team gives an insight, which is so significant that it cannot be overlooked. None of the present management or scientific tools for recruiting personnel can substitute for the horoscope analysis. Not only the horoscope analysis tells the basic capabilities but it also tells whether the person in question would be able to use his/her capabilities for the benefit of the project. While the strength and weaknesses of the persons under consideration can be evaluated through the horoscopic analysis, the existing members of the team can also be helped through strengthening of the planets in their natal charts for better performance.

Special features of the new technology including the hot internet business are the speed, innovation, quality, global reach and economy of cost. Anyone lagging behind will not be successful. So, we have to take recourse to the ancient knowledge to get the full results of our applied resources.

As brought out by Professor VK Choudhry the ancient knowledge of Astrology has a variety of applications. Not only does it help in chartering the course of the lives of persons but it also helps in chartering the course of business enterprises, institutions and nations. The only requirement is the moment of coming into existence of a particular person, an organization or a nation. It removes uncertainties and reveals opportunities.


The success of any business enterprise depends on its managers and their sincerity to the enterprise. The biggest risk business is encountered with is the expected and actual performances of the top managers. A horoscope reading of the persons being considered for appointment as business managers provides advance insight in their trustworthiness, intelligence, physical fitness, leadership qualities, capacity to motivate, ability to adopt improvement measures, mental alertness to identify and utilize opportunities for growth and diversification.

Professionals recruited using scientific methods of induction and proper placement generally fail to fulfill performance and expectations. That is why it is very important to make use of all the knowledge at our command including that of the Astrology in selecting right persons for the right job. Valuable time and large sums of money are spent on advertisements and selection.

Let me give you an example. About two decades back a huge government organization in India, employing more than 25,000 employees in five plants ventured recruitment of a batch of first class qualified engineers and management trainees. After a heavy advertisement campaign on all India basis, short listing by a firm of psychological consultants and interview, 150 engineers were selected at a hefty direct cost. The sad part of the story was that 60% of the new recruits deserted the company within three months of their joining. The company later on attributed these to hostile organizational climate and inadequate and irksome service conditions. How can the deserters, who could not solve their own internal problems, encounter and resolve the organizational problems. Instead of the fighting spirit, they withdrew from the scene. It clearly shows that something lacked in the so-called scientific method of selection. Horoscope reading can act as a third eye for the investment makers and enable them in hiring right persons for the job.

It is a new dimension as hitherto the role of horoscope reading had been thought to be only in the case of physical or mental problems, match making, etc. It can help business in the fields of recruitment of personnel, investment decisions, new product launch, entering into new collaboration arrangements and scanning general and political environment for the business enterprise.


We can learn more on the personality traits through the attributes ruled by the various planets. The intellect is ruled by the fifth house, the planet Sun and the significator, Jupiter. The concentration and imagination is blessed by a strong Moon. Patience is given by a strong Mars. Confidence is given by a strong Mercury. Objectivity is blessed by a strong Jupiter. Creativity is blessed by a strong Venus. Early success is governed by a strong Saturn. Intelligence and concentration are necessary for goal oriented behavior. Goal oriented behavior with patience makes the person wise. The confidence of the goal oriented persons makes them geniuses. A unbiased or neutral genius person derives the strength of the body, mind and soul. That is why the strength of each and every planet is necessary for developing the personality in full. Astrology helps in identifying the strength of the planets and harnessing their strength to meet the challenges of the present era.

Persons with a weak Mercury, which rules planning and analytical faculties, often end up with losses in business because of mainly two reasons:

(1) They depend on the wisdom of others; and

(2) They take wrong decisions when they are under great mental pressure.

The person who has a weak Mercury lacks confidence. Most of the times, such a person becomes an unnecessary source of tensions to all those who are connected with him/her. The weak Mercury results in prolonged deliberations and lost opportunities.


Last but not the least let me discuss the application of astrological remedial measures briefly. The problems in life are caused by weak planets/houses and/or afflictions to them. Therefore, a two-way application of astral remedies is administered after diagnosing the problematic planetary influences in a chart. Firstly, the strength can be provided by various methods, for example; gem-stones, color therapy, the Kavach (a protective shield or yantra containing the mystical numbers of the planets) in an auspicious time. Secondly, the malevolence of the functionally malefic planets is reduced by offering propitiatory charities concerning these planets. The two-way application helps in reducing the impact of malefic planetary influence(s) to a large extent. The preventive use of astral remedies is much more useful than the curative astral remedies.

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