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"Impact of Ascending Signs"

Identifying impact of ascending signs or rising signs is one of the very important fields of horoscope reading. The characteristics of the lord of the rising sign fructify in full depending upon the strength of the lord of the rising sign. In five of the twelve cases there is no mooltrikona sign in the ascendant and we have to identify the prominent significations of such signs. This is more so in the remaining seven cases, when a mooltrikona sign rises in the ascendant. If the sign Capricorn rises in the ascendant and Saturn is utterly weak and afflicted, it will not affect the longevity badly as Saturn is not considered in the role of the lord of the ascendant. The reason is the main impact of the planet pertains to its mooltrikona sign. In case Aquarius rises in the ascendant and Saturn is weak and badly afflicted, it is a drawback for the longevity of the native in addition to the poor physical development of the native for making him industrious.

IMPACT: Regarding the impact of transit functional malefic planets on natal positions and on other transit planets, the Sagittarius and Leo ascendants are better as, apart from Rahu and Ketu, the only functional malefic planet is the Moon. The transit conjunctions or aspects of the Moon with natal or transit positions are more often but short-lived as they take just a few hours in separation. Similarly, Libra and Aries ascendants are also easier as, apart from Rahu and Ketu, the only functional malefic planet is Mercury. Transit Mercury generally takes just two or three days in separation whenever it forms close conjunction or aspect with natal or slow transit positions, but there are more chances of its afflicting the Sun or Venus or both in transit as these three planets are generally in close proximity. The problems, therefore, are frequent but short-lived. The Gemini ascendant is best as it does not have any functional malefic planet other than Rahu and Ketu.

On the other hand, see the Cancer ascendant. Here, apart from slow moving Rahu and Ketu, the slow moving planets Saturn and Jupiter become functional malefic planets. Whenever these four planets form transit conjunctions/aspects with natal or transit positions, they are long-lived and leave scars.

The real persistently sensitive condition is that of the people born in the ascending signs of Taurus, Virgo and Pisces. Here, apart from Rahu and Ketu, three other planets become functional malefic planets. The unfavorable incidents in life are more frequent. The gravity is dependent on the natal weak points. In the case of Virgo and Pisces ascendants, the Sun is one of the functional malefic planets and there are more chances of its afflicting Venus or Mercury or both in transit, as the Sun, Venus and Mercury are generally in close proximity. For Taurus ascendant, Venus is a functional malefic planet and there are more chances of its afflicting the Sun or Mercury or both in transit in addition to any other planet(s) in a particular nativity. For Capricorn ascendant, the Sun is a functional malefic planet in addition to Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu. Here again the chances of the Sun afflicting a few planets in transit are comparatively more. For Scorpio and Aquarius ascendants, the functional malefic planets apart from Rahu and Ketu are fast moving planets. Here again the chances of Venus or Mercury, respectively, afflicting a few planets in transit are comparatively more and the problems created due to transit afflictions are frequent but short-lived. The practical applicability of these concepts has been amply illustrated in the under-mentioned books:

1. Systems’ Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes.
2. How to Study Divisional Charts.
3. How to Identify Significant Events.

Under Impact of Ascending Signs, we are taking up the discussion on the peculiarities of various ascendants. When my article on Systems’ Approach was published in one of the astrological journals in 1992, one of the readers raised the following points:

a) That the Systems’ Approach is in clear departure from the dicta of the ancients.
b) The lord of the ascendant for any native cannot and must not be a malefic for the native.
c) The Sun and the Moon are exempted from the Ashthamadhipati (the lord of the eighth house) dosha.
d) As the Sun represents so many significant things in life it could not be termed as a malefic planet.
e) Exalted and Vargottamma planets do not work as malefic planets.
Apart from the above, the reader quoted some classical and modern commentators and discussed the charts presented by me on the basis of derivatives used by the modern commentators. I have never entered into an argument with those, who have blocked their minds to developmental experience and research based case studies. I am sure, those seeking the truth and validity of the divine science, would certainly benefit by the principles laid down under Systems’ Approach. I now take up various observations and give once again the rationale behind the Systems’ Approach in the succeeding paragraphs.

MISSING LINKS: The predictive competence has been the pursuit of the serious students of the divine science of Astrology. Astrology is a science which is universally applicable leaving aside the bars of caste, creed and nations. However, there are grey areas, which posed hindrance in achieving the predictive accuracy. These grey areas include the functional nature of planets for a particular nativity, afflicted planets/houses, methodology for study of the divisional charts, methodology for study of the triple transit triggering influence, the role of remedial measures, etc. The lack of clarity on these has resulted in mushroom growth of such self-styled guides, who even themselves could not understand the gamut of Astrology, both in the past and the present. The approaches/predictive tools have to undergo an empirical test before adoption. The main point acting as ‘the key’ in Predictive Astrology is the functional nature of planets. Chapter 34 of Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra, dealing with yogakaraka planets, guides us to the functional nature of planets for various ascendants. The salient features are as under:

1. The planets with mooltrikona signs in malefic houses, i.e. the sixth, eighth, and twelfth houses, act as malefic planets for the concerned ascendant except:

a) Jupiter for the Cancer ascendant has been stated as benefic.
b) Mercury for the Libra ascendant has been stated as benefic.
c) The Sun for the Capricorn ascendant has been termed as neutral.
d) Mars for the Scorpio ascendant has been termed as neutral.

2. The lords of the second, third, eleventh and seventh houses have been termed as malefic planets.

3. There are no hints for the following:

a) Nature of the Moon for the Aries and Sagittarius ascendants.
b) Nature of Mercury for the Gemini ascendant.
c) Nature of Saturn for the Virgo ascendant.

Before commenting on the salient features as mentioned above, I would like to state the indications of the houses mentioned hereunder as per Brihat Parashara Hora:

1. Second House: Wealth, food, family, death, enemies, metals and precious stones.

2. Third House: Courage, servants, coborns, learning, journey and parent’s death.

3. Seventh House: Spouse, journey, commercial pursuits, loss of sight and death.

4. Eleventh House: Income, prosperity, livestock, variety of consumables and daughter-in-law.

There appears to be no justification or logic why the lords of the above four houses are treated as malefic planets as they rule desirable and good significations more in comparison to the inauspicious or undesirable significations. There are no hints as to when the lord of the second or seventh house will inflict death and when the same planet will bestow their auspicious significations. The death may be the result of a weak and/or afflicted lord of the second or seventh house. This had been one of the vital missing links for predictive accuracy.

My empirical studies show that the second and seventh lords do not act as death inflicting planets, except in the case of Saturn for the Cancer ascendant. Here Saturn is lord of the eighth house, as its mooltrikona sign is in the eighth house. Rather, the lords of the second and seventh houses, when functional benefic planets and strong, generate pleasant circumstances in life. When weak and afflicted, these planets are also vulnerable to sufferings as any other planet. The lord of the third house also cannot be a death inflicting planet for the parents if fourth and ninth houses as also their significators, the Moon and the Sun are strong. The lord of the eleventh house is also beneficial for all ascendants except for Pisces and Taurus ascendants. Therefore, for interpreting the effects of planets on a more logical basis I had formed the hypothesis that, in the case of those planets which own two signs, the functional malefic planets are the planets whose mooltrikona signs fall in the malefic houses. Those planets which own only one sign, i.e. the Sun and Moon, there functional nature is decided on the basis of placement of their sign in a malefic or benefic house. All other planets act as functional benefic planets. The malefic impacts are clearly evidenced whenever the functional malefic planet are closely conjunct with or closely aspect the weak planets or the most effective point of a house in a nativity. Whenever, these functional malefic planets in transit form close conjunction with or aspect the weak natal positions they generate unhappy events. The learned friends and readers can test the accuracy of this finding on their own horoscopes or on the horoscopes of the persons with whom they are fully familiar. This is very useful for accurately finding out the nature of events in the near future and for rectification of the birth charts. A meticulous study of chapter 24 of Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra will show that any planet going to the eighth house suffers and the significations ruled by the planet in question suffer badly. The indications of the eighth house have been given as longevity, battle, enemies, forts, inheritance and the incidents of past and future births. Broadly, the nature of the eighth house has been termed as malefic and the close conjunction/aspect of the lord of the eighth house containing a mooltrikona sign is always baneful for the planet or the most effective point of the house involved in such a close conjunction or aspect. It is always helpful in the interpretation of a horoscope if the nature of planets has been delineated on the basis of the tested hypothesis mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

We have extensively dealt with the various inconsistencies, confusions and contradictions in my book, ‘Systems’ Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes’. We have also dealt with the approach for the study of Divisional Charts and Transits in a meaningful way in our books, ‘How to Study Divisional Charts’ and ‘How to Identify Significant Events’ respectively. As stated earlier, the identification of functional malefic planets as per Systems’ Approach and identifying weak and afflicted planets will bring you so near to the accurate results and so simply that you will be wonder struck.

The conjunctions and aspects are effective only if they are close. By close, I mean when the longitudinal difference between the conjunctions or aspects if five degrees or less. The conjunctions or aspects amongst the strong functional benefic planets confer name, fame and wealth. The conjunctions or aspects amongst the functional malefic planets afflict and spoil the indications of houses or planets with which they form close conjunctions or aspects.

It is with this background in view that I have now taken up the subject, ‘The Impact of Ascending Signs’. Without blindly accepting what the version in circulation of the so called Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra says, I would seek the indulgence of learned readers in testing the truth of this principle. The present version may have incorrect record of the slokas or interpolations but I certainly do not doubt and disbelieve the wisdom of the seers. The authenticity of the Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra and other classical commentaries cannot be vouched for inclusion of interpolations and it is a well-known fact that the so-called classical texts and commentaries are not the complete documentation of the principles enunciated by the propounding Maharishis. All of them were recorded at a date much later than their propagation. Several confusions, contradictions and inconsistencies have crept into the available texts. The perfection in predictions can be achieved by anyone learning and practicing Vedic Astrology with the method of science. The method of science is recording and analysing the observations based on the hints available in the classical and modern literature, forming testable hypothesis for logical questions and adopting the principles which stand the test of the time. Therefore, banking solely on the available classical texts might not be conducive for the development of the divine science of Astrology. The adoption of the method of science does not mean denouncing the ancient sages. Rather an attempt is being made to week out the interpolations. To sum up, a systematic approach for analysing horoscopes on the basis of the functional nature of the planets and of close or exact conjunctions or aspects together with reading natal charts in conjunction with the triple transit triggering influences including the transit position (strength) of sub-period lords with reference to the ascendant, treating the degree rising in the ascendant as the most effective point of each house, give infallible results, which establish the divine science of Vedic Astrology as a super-science. The present disbelief in Astrology is because of the continuous dependence of modern savants on the record of classical principles which has been full of interpolations and omissions due to time gap between the propounding time and the recording time of the said principles. To establish it as a science we have to demonstrate to the world the observations recorded by way of case studies based on the universal application of only the valid classical principles. We have to make a creative contribution to the enrichment of the ancient wisdom.

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