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"SELECTING AUSPICIOUS TIME (MUHURATA) FOR INITIATING IMPORTANT EVENTS", "Jyotish Remedies", "Kavach", "Kavach Information" Jyotish Remedies for professional success, Power of Kavach, Special Power Kavach, Energisation Effectiveness of Kavach Jyotish Remedies & Relationships, Jyotish Remedies & Health, Gems as Jyotish Remedies
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The very rationale behind the astrological remedial measures is to mitigate the evil influences occurring because of planetary afflictions or strengthening of the weak functional benefic planets in a nativity. The strengthening of weak planets gives good or desired results when it is initiated in an auspiciously elected time having strong planetary influences. The initiation time has to be selected and advised to the native seeking advice.

Maharishi Parashara stressed the importance of remedial measures and their effectiveness in three ways:

1. The planets can be worshipped through prayers, charities, devotion, etc.

2. The devotion has to be in a dedicated manner with complete faith.

3. Initiation has to be on an auspicious day and in an auspicious time on the advice of a proficient astrologer. Why an auspicious time? We are performing remedial measures to make good certain deficiencies and to mitigate the unfavorable influences. When the propitiatory remedial measures are started at an auspicious time, one may be able to perform these continuously without any problem. The desired strength of the weak functional benefic planets may be coming forth from the measures taken for strengthening the weak planets.

As we all know, by word 'Muhurta' we understand the time elected for initiating a particular event, e.g. journey, starting construction, purchase of movable/immovable property, celebration of marriage, namkaran samskar, etc. The importance of muhurta is understandable as we firmly believe in the growth of everything as per the natal planetary position. The only difference between the natal chart of a person and muhurta is that while we have no control over the birth time, we can time the events for some auspicious planetary combinations.

If the use of a gemstone or Kavach for strengthening of the planets is suggested at a time when the operating planet in muhurata/auspicious time chart is weak, such a gemstone or Kavach would not be in a position to bless the native with the desired strength.

Muhurata can also be elected for delivery of a child when the birth is advised with caesarian operation.

Electing Auspicious Time (Muhurta)

When we believe that muhurta is a controllable factor, we should not hurry and wait for the suitable time. The following systematic approach should be followed:-

(A) Election of Sign in the Ascendant The ascending sign should be such that there is less number of functional malefic planets. To reduce the number of inauspicious influences we should restrict our choice to the signs Aries, Libra, Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius in the ascendant of the muhurta.

(B) Strength of the Ascendant

After deciding a particular sign, we should elect a time when the ascendant is in full strength i.e.

(i) The most effective point of the ascendant should not be aspected by functional malefic planets.

(ii) The lord of the ascendant should be fairly strong and should not be under the influence of functional malefic planets.

(iii) If possible, the most effective point of the ascendant should be under the close influence of functional benefic planets.

(C) General strength

(i) We should try to see that most of the houses of the muhurta chart should be strong.

(ii)There should be no concentration of functional malefic influences.

(iii)No planets are placed in malefic houses.

(D) Strength of Significators

In addition to the strength of the ascendant, the strength of the lord of the ascendant and the general strength of the muhurta chart, the strength of the significator signifying a particular event for which a muhurta is being elected is of importance. For marriages, for example, Jupiter and Venus should, prefereably, be strong.

(E) Operating planetary period This is the key point and the very life of a muhurta chart. In the muhurta chart, the operating sub-period should be of a well placed functional benefic planet. It is preferable to have the operating main period also of a functional benefic planet. The remedial measures suggested after careful analysis of a natal chart and the time for initiation of these in line with the guidance do bless the natives with success. In dire emergencies these remedial measures for offering prayers and charities can be suggested when ascendant lord is strong and the Moon is rightly placed in the nakshatra of a strong functional benefic planet with reference to the ascendant of the muhurta chart.

The practitioners of this divine science should follow righteous conduct that is free from vices, pride, greed, anger and jealousy. The remedial measures produce results when these are dedicated with devotion. The person performing astral remedies or who has been advised to perform astral remedies should also be warned by the advising astrologer for adopting the right course in life. A clue which comes from Sant Tulsidas is that a person enjoying divine grace is not encountered with tragedies in life. Therefore, in the initiation (muhurta) chart, the favorable inclination of Jupiter to the ascendant or the lord of the ascendant has to be properly analyzed.

One should not be afraid of spending time and working hard for electing an auspicious time. Sometimes, even a few thousands combinations have to be tried. It is the experience of the authors that even in a year's time the auspicious spells of time may be quite few that is even less than five in number which can be adopted for suggesting strengthening measures for weak planets. In nutshell, we should select a time when majority of the functional benefic planets are strong.


1. Eliminate the dates when any of the planets is weak

2. Find out if the Moon on the auspiciously identified dates is in the nakshatra of a functional benefic planet with reference to the ascendant and the sub-period is that of a functional benefic planet.

3. Find out the beginning and ending time of the said ascendant.

4. Note down the longitude of the functional malefic planets.

5. Leave the time represented by five degrees on either side of the degrees of the functional malefic planets. For example if the ascendant has been elected as Aries and the longitude of functional malefic planets Rahu/Ketu is 27 and the longitude of the functional malefic Mercury is 4, then we should finalize the time of muhurta when the tenth degree rises in the ascendant and this can extend to the time when the ascendant is 22.

Note: As a perfect auspicious time is rarely available, we have to try and work out an auspicious time with minimum weaknesses and no afflictions.

We hope the readers would be able to elect an auspicious time with the above methodology.

Muhurata Service: US$ 101 or equivalent in Indian Rupees

Please provide your birth details and PURPOSE of election of auspicious time.

To be delivered through e mail.