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Predicting future is one part of the story in case of Astrology while remedial measures are the essence, which helps us in providing umbrella during cloudy days. Astrology offers help in the form of astral remedies. Those who do not want to do astral remedies, there is little which can be done for such people except telling them about the period of suffering or the time to come.

When planets are indicating tragic happenings then people usually do not perform astral remedies to protect themselves against the expected losses and the weakness of Jupiter and the lord of the ninth house is always a contributing factor in this regard. The planetary relationships give results according to the indications in case no preventive remedies are performed.

Indications of time can only be modified with the help of the astral remedies. Until and unless the astral remedies are performed, in our views the extent of the services of the divine science of Astrology is very much limited. Some people hold the view that those who prescribe astral remedial measures are incompetent to make predictions. We can only pity at their lack of power to understand. Such people forget and disregard Maharishi Parashara, who propounded the theory of remedial measures. The preventive remedial measures provide relief from sufferings while remedial measures after some tragic incidence help in rehabilitation. Astrology helps through predictions and astral remedies and enables wise people to charter and manage the course of success in life for health, career, love, relationships and financial matters. The interpretation and the effective Jyotish remedies suggestion is based on the planetary influences in the individual horoscopes. The blessed ones are impelled by the divine forces for making use of the ultimate knowledge through application of astral remedies - both propitiating astral remedies for functional malefic planets and strengthening weak functional benefic planets through "Kavach" or a "Special Power Kavach" or Gems. Preventive Jyotish remedies are best.

We all know that the full Moon with the entire starry host and even with all the mountains set on fire cannot fight the darkness of the night. Only the rise of the Sun can bring the night darkness to an end. Similarly, the planetary weaknesses and afflictions can only be reduced to a large extent or even removed with the help of the strengthening and propitiatory astrological remedial measures, respectively.

The strengthening astrological remedial measures are suggested for all the functional benefic planets even if they are not weak and afflicted in the natal chart. The strengthening measures provide a preventive cover to the planets against their transit weakness. Similarly, the propitiating remedial measures are advised for all the functional malefic planets even if they are not forming close afflictions in the natal chart. The propitiating remedial measures provide a preventive cover for transit and natal afflictions.

The problems in life are caused by weak planets and/or afflictions to them. To help people overcome their problems, the astrologer advises appropriate astral remedies, such as meditation and spiritual practices, color and gemstone therapy and the wearing of a Kavach or amulet as a protective shield. Therefore, two way application of astral remedies is administered after diagnosing the problematic planetary influences in a chart. Firstly, the strength is provided to the weak functionally benefic planets. The strength can be provided by various methods, e.g. stones, color therapy, Kavach (the protective shield containing mystical numbers of the planets) in an auspicious time. Wherever the prime determinant planets are very weak and afflicted double strengthening measures are recommended in the form of a special power Kavach and the gem stones or a special power Kavach cum gemstones pendant. Secondly, the malevolence of the functionally malefic planets is reduced by offering propitiatory charities concerning these planets. The two way application helps in reducing the impact of malefic planetary influences to a large extent. The preventive use of astral remedies is much more useful than curative astral remedies.

Generally, people resort to astral remedies in the end after trying all other therapies ignoring the distinct advantage of preventive diagnostic power of astrological science. It is needless to stress the benefit of preventive medicine/redressal measures as against that of the curative measures.

Whenever practiced with faith and sincerity, the efficacy of astral remedies in terms of immediate results depends on many things including the ascendant and the strength of the natal planets. If the functional malefic planets are more in the natal chart, with multiple close afflictions, and the functional benefic planets are weak, one benefits with delay. For example, the people born in the Virgo, Cancer, Pisces, Taurus and Capricorn ascendants need lot of time for sincere and faithful performance of propitiatory remedies. Then the further factors to be seen are the strength of the planets and especially the lord of the operating sub-period and the transit influences.

For details on strengthening remedial measures, ascendant-wise recommended propitiatory remedies and initiation of remedial measures, the readers may refer to the information on our websites or to our books, (a) Predictive Techniques and the Application of Astrological Remedial Measures; and (b) Systems’ Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes.






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