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By: Dr. Sankara Bhagavadpada

Proceedings Part III  

Part II[Session II]: Afternoon on the First Day

‘Marital Problems & Astral Help’:

PPP by Cmdr Ashutosh Pandey

As scheduled by Prof Choudhry, this presentation commenced in the afternoon at 16:00 hrs. Six charts were presented in all, and every one of them pertained to serious marital discord, and their understanding [through the SA] & alleviation through the Remedial Measures. To make it easy to follow Pandeyji’s PPP, I will first of all give sufficient information [from his talk], against which background, his presentation will acquire so much more clarity.

Case Study 1:

Army Lt. Col [5 Oct 1966, 6:00 PM, Meerut[77E45,29N01]

This army officer married a model. It was an inter-caste marriage. As it was opposed by families on both the sides, the marriage had to actually take place in court. The officer had a Pisces Ascendant. The Su, as the malefic lord giving conflicts was placed almost on the MEP of the VIIH of marital relationship. The VIIH lord of relationship, namely Me, was placed in the malefic VIIIH of obstruction, whereas the malefic VIIIH lord Ve, was placed in its deb sign, in the VIIH of marital relationship. The benefic lord of family cohesion, namely Ma, was placed in the VIH of conflicts & litigations. Rahu closely influences the house of family cohesion and Ketu closely influences the house of marital tie.

On the benefic side, he had abundant Divine Grace, for love in expression and romantic dalliances, as the Mo, the lord of the VH of love in expression, was placed exalted and strongly in the IIIH of communication, while an exalted benefic Ju, placed in the VH, blessed him with intelligence, knowledge and capacity to advice in the profession.

His extra marital affairs came to the knowledge of his wife, but sadly through his own numerous girl friends. Unable to brook this betrayal of trust, the wife left him for good. After a long drawn out legal battle, their marriage ended in a divorce in Apr 2005. The only child of the first marriage, a daughter, is now 14 yrs old, and the officer has the responsibility of grooming her to become a young lady with noble virtues. In his present position, he is feeling utterly lonely.

Finding the new responsibility of grooming the daughter, a difficult one, the army officer voluntarily asked to be relieved from his official obligations and secured his freedom strangely, just one day before the commencement of the Conf, i.e.; on Apr 9th 2009. When Pandeyji asked him about his infidelity, he remarked, that he was quite helpless in this regard. His present position therefore, was one of being at cross-roads, and for the following reason. In the defense forces, as Sri Pandeyji explained, officers are expected to have a harmonious family life, for this is supposed to make them more productive in their professional work, and conversely when an officer fails to achieve marital harmony, it becomes a taint on him – to the effect that ‘A man who cannot control his wife and keep her happy, cannot also control his troops and make them productive’ Thus the bosses of the army officer told him in unambiguous terms, that even if he were to come back, he would not secure his promotions.

In this state of desperation on two different fronts, when he sought astral help from Pandeyji, the latter prescribed for him, the SA Remedial Measure, only for the MMP Ve. Pandeyji also learnt that 50% of his salary had to go to the first wife [who is now in Australia] as alimony.

Prof Choudhry pointed out that in charts such as these with multiple afflictions, it becomes highly mandatory [if one is to secure relief from such sufferings, at all] to perform the Remedial Measures for all the FMs, and also at the same time, strengthen the weak functional benefic planets. Thus he asked Sri Pandeyji to take this line of action.

Prof Choudhry also pointed out that the correct SA Sutra, pertinent to the marital sphere is:

“PD & GSs of Marital Harmony are= VIIH-IIH-IVH-VIIIH-XIIH-Ve [for men]/Ju[for women]”

And not in the order:

“VIIH – IVH - IIH – VIIIH – XIIH”, as was presented in the PPP.

Case Study 2:

Navy Captain [25 Feb 1957, 5:30 PM, Dehradun(78E03,30N19)]

In this case the naval officer had fallen in love, when he was only seventeen yrs of age. In the naval service there is a rule that one cannot marry before the age of 25. In his case however, he had to seek special permission from the commanding officer to marry, and this became feasible when he was twenty [1977]. Within a year, the wife had become pregnant, but unfortunately, as his misfortune would have it, she ran away to the US, with her paramour, on 10th Oct 1978. The naval officer believed that his wife will come back to him and this gave him the patience to wait for her return for ten long years!

The wife did not however come back and throughout the Ra main period [Jul ’79 to Jul’97], he was feeling lonely and miserable. However, it was only with the dawn of the Ju dasa, in 1997, that he took the step of marrying again, but this time a divorcee. Even this step, which was already coming late in his life, had to face the obstacle of litigation.

The first wife’s sister had filed a case against him, when he was contemplating marrying the divorcee, on the grounds that this second marriage would not be legally tenable as the first marriage was not yet nullified through a divorce. To meet this stringent condition which now came to be imposed on him [in spite of his Sattvik approach of waiting for his unfaithful wife to come back to him], he had to make a public announcement in the news papers, to the effect that if anyone had any objections to this second marriage, then they should make this known to him, at this point, and it was only after such an announcement that the court granted him permission to go through with the second marriage.

Sri Pandeyji had prescribed the SA Remedial Measures for this naval officer.

Prof Choudhry in reply to Qs regarding this chart, drew attention to one particular marriage lord, namely the lord of the IIH of family cohesion being badly placed in the VIH of conflicts[which from the SA point of view, would tantamount to an affliction], as the main cause for this tragedy. He also gave a simple and succinct SA Sutra, applicable to this chart, in the form: ‘Whenever the IIH lord goes to the VIH, there will be problems in the sphere of married life, as well as in that of the profession.’

Case Study 3:

Travel Agent[11,Jun,1960,8:00PM,Mumbai(72E51, 18N56)

This is the chart of a travel agent. It shows a strong Sagittarius Asdt, with a strong Ju and strong Sa in the Lagna. It was a traditional Marathi marriage and the marriage took place on 21 Feb 1986, ostensibly in the propitious sub-period of the strong planet Ju, but in the inauspicious dasa of Ra – because, Ra afflicted the Mo[the lord of the VIIIH], exactly. The chart also had a strong Me placed strongly in the VIIH of the spouse, and enjoying a mutual influence from the strong IIIH lord Sa. There were two daughters from this marriage, but the wife left him [because of temptations given to her by her boy friend] in the Ra-Ve sub-period in Jun 1995, some nine yrs after the marriage had taken place.

In the wake of this disgraceful loss of the wife, the travel agent fell into a state of depression. Prof. Choudhry was asked to throw Light on the Astral causes of this marital tragedy.

The Prof said that the close association between Sa & Me, blessed him with enough will power & courage in action, so that he could pull himself out, of the misfortune. With the dawn of the favourable Ju dasa[as reported by Sri Pandeyji], he bounced back to normalcy and has been doing the Ra Pariharas, ever since. Prof Choudhry reiterated that the bad placement of Ve, the significator of the wife in the VIH of losses, and Ra’s exact affliction to the Mo, in the dasa of Ra, had toppled the apple cart of marriage.

[In an aside, I would like to make the following pertinent observation, even though during the actual Conf Proceedings, I did not draw attention to this point, because of my slowness in deciphering the chart in the North Indian format!

[The Sagittarius Asdt, from the SA point of view has a marked disadvantage, when it comes to the marital sphere. As none of the marital Hs: VIIH, IIH, IVH & XIIH, have MTH lords, the onus of making the marriage stable and happy, naturally falls squarely on Ve[the significator of the wife] & also upon the Mo, the only marriage lord, for the Sagittarius Asdt[ruling the VIIIH]. In view of the Mo being the only marriage lord, for the Sagittarius lord, and in view of the Mo also being the secondary significator of the wife in the SA; when, these two important Marriage lords, Ve & Mo, suffer bad afflictions or are badly placed, then the grace for the Sagittarius Asdt’s Marital happiness, drastically dwindles. This is what actually happened in this case.

[It is also interesting to note that as the SA considers, the Mo to be the secondary significator of the wife, its affliction from Ra, tallies well with the disgraceful Marital reality, as the disappearance of the wife may be considered to be caused by the Rahuvian nature of the wife (SA Sutra on Pg 286, Systems’ Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes, fourth revised edition, May 2006).]

Case Study 4:

Movie Actor [2 Dec 1971, 11:41 AM, Kanpur (80E14, 26N27)

This is a Rasi Sandhi birth chart, very very early Aquarius Asdt. It was a love marriage to begin with, but as both were movie actors, marital discord commenced just 6 months after marriage. Sri Pandeyji mentioned that he opted for the birth time of 11:41 AM [Aquarius Asdt], as this showed the lord of initiatives and artistic expression, placed strongly in the Asdt. The marital discord is intelligible, he explained as the discord giving planet, the malefic Mo, ruling the VIH of discord, through its direct aspect afflicted the Su, which signified marital relationship. The affliction occurring in the sign Scorpio, of course worsens the situation further [SA Sutra].

Prof Choudhry explained, when he was asked to comment, that Ve, the planet of wealth & marriage, placed in the XIH, gave income, success in profession as well as grace for continuation of marriage. Pandeyji added that the couple realized that both of them working, round the clock, was what aggravated marital tension. When it was suggested by his wife that he should reduce his hours of work, his willfulness and aggression[arising from the strong IIIH lord Ma, placed in the Asdt], did not permit him to reduce his work or change his job, so as to make marital life more pleasant.

Prof remarked that the strong IIIH, and the strong Asdt lord, managed this discord, in spite of malefic Ra’s close affliction to the Mo, which would have created, negativity, fear, depression and confusion. Pandeyji also added that daily propitiatory charities, for Ra, did not as yet, come into the picture, because the marriage did not break as yet! Prof Choudhry remarked that those who are fortunate in having the inclination to perform preventive Remedial Measures, always secure Divine Grace of God for surmounting various kinds of sufferings.

Case Study 5:

Young Lady from Abu Dhabi [11Feb 1978, 1:00 PM, TZ= -4hrs, Abu Dhabi (54E22, 24N28)

This was the case of a young married lady whose father was Turkish, while the mother was from Hyderabad. Both parents were of course Muslims. After the father’s death, her mother returned to her native city of Hyderabad. The young lady, who was married in Abu Dhabi, saying that “it is too boring to live with her husband”, reverted back to Hyderabad, to continue life there with her mother and her two sons. The young lady, according to Pandeyji was desirous of a second marriage and in this context, sought the guidance of astrology.

It was a highly afflicted Taurus Asdt chart, with the MMP Ju, exactly afflicting, Ve, the significator of marital happiness. Ve also suffered a second close affliction, from the loss giving deb, malefic planet, Ma. In addition, the malefic Ve, afflicted exactly Sa, the lord of profession, and action. The Mo ruling the IIIH of initiatives also suffered a close affliction, as it was placed in the nodal axis, in the sign Pisces, within a orb of 4.5 degs. The MMP Ju, as well as Ma, making a close affliction to the IVH lord the Su, denied her domestic happiness and inner contentment. Ra’s close aspect on the Mo & Me, seems to have aggravated her discontent.

Prof Choudhry noting that Pandeyji is always prescribing Remedial Measures for one or two afflicting FMs and not for all the FMs of the chart [as is usually done in the SA], emphasized that to get relief, one must always raise the low energies of the weak FBs and also simultaneously involve oneself in daily propitiatory charities, for offsetting the transit & natal afflictions from all the FMs. And that unless this is done in the comprehensive way, as suggested in the SA, good relief will not be forth coming.

Case Study 6:

Air Hostess [4 Feb 1963, 5:15 AM, Jorhat (94E12, 26N45)

Sri Pandeyji explained that this is the worst case of domestic violence, wife beating and cruelty, that one may possibly see. The husband was a police officer, posted in Assam and not only, was he used to drinking, but was also coercing his wife to do the same. He used to burn her thighs with red-hot cigarette butts and used to beat her so hard that she had to be hospitalized. Because she began to drink with her husband, she soon became an alcoholic addict and it took her more than 3 yrs to recover from this miserable condition.

She suffered profoundly during the entire Ra dasa and it was only when there was the dawn of the Ju dasa, that she mustered enough courage to ask for a divorce. The intimidation seems to have been all the greater, in view of the husband having been a police officer. The first husband was a good 10 yrs older to her and Pandeyji mentioned that at the present time, she was contemplating seriously marrying a British pilot, who was also unfortunately addicted to the bottle.

The boy’s people, realizing her helplessness and the cruelty inflicted on her by her heartless husband, took her to the Gauhati Airport manager and pleaded with him to use his influence to recruit her as an Air Hostess, so that her life of humiliation and physical abuse may come to an end.

Her Capricorn Asdt chart shows nodal affliction to the IH and the VIIH [very close] and in addition the lords of the family Hs, the IIH & the IVH are also exactly afflicted by the MMP, the Su.

As the Air Hostess sought astrological guidance, Prof Choudhry told Pandeyji that as this is a severely afflicted chart, all round Remedial Measures for the afflicting Ra, Ke, Su, as well as for the un-afflicting Ju will have to be taken up on a daily basis, if she is to turn a new leaf in her marital life. He once again stressed intense Remedial Measures for her, as this alone, could bring her some alleviation from her present miserable condition.

It was also mentioned that the police officer had married again and that his only child from the first marriage, a son at that, was being taken care of by a nanny.

When this doc is carefully read, by placing the respective charts by the side, even new comers to the SA will find it all the easier to thoroughly understand Pandeyji’s PPP on: ‘Marital Problems and Astral Help’.