"Special Case Studies in Astrology"./>

"Special Case Studies in Astrology"./>
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"Special Case Studies - Astrology "

It is our endeavor to continuously try to enhance the capability of astrologers through the application of Systems Approach (SA) predictive techniques. We continue to share live case studies with the readers not only to identify how the planetary influences manifest in the life of a person but also to show the impact of the astral remedies and the results in the absence of astral remedies.

Predictive Methodology for House Analysis & Handling Queries

The lord of the mooltrikona house, which rules a particular aspect of life, becomes the prime determinant planet for that aspect of life. If the concerned house does not contain a mooltrikona sign then the lord of such a house, which also rules the same aspect and contains a mooltrikona sign, becomes the prime determinant. If no house ruling the particular aspect of life contains a mooltrikona sign, then the significator for that aspect becomes the prime determinant.

Whenever there is a mooltrikona sign in the ascendant of the concerned divisional chart then its lord acts as an additional prime determinant.

When we take up analysis of any aspect of life we consider the following factors:-

1. Prime determinant of that aspect of life.

2. The house(s) pertaining to that aspect of life.

3. Significator of that aspect of life.

4. The additional prime determinant of that aspect of life, if any. It refers to the lord of the ascendant of the concerned divisional chart if it contains a mooltrikona sign.

5. The operating sub period lord.

6. Triple Transit.

The analysis is done through identification of conjunctions, aspects, placements, transits and the operating sub-periods. The closer the conjunctions/aspects are, the higher is the priority for stating the results.

This simple technique leads us to the desired results. When you indicate the areas which are agitating the mind of the person seeking consultation, the person who is seeking the consultation confirms your finding, and seeks remedial measures to come out of the situation.

The case studies in this book are presented for practicing the technique of handling queries. The students have to understand the case studies and planetary configurations in them. They just have to understand the system and they will acquire confidence.

Suppose the most malefic planet is influencing a particular planet or a particular house or a planet other than the eighth lord is placed in the eighth house and its sub-period is running, you can straightaway say that there are obstructions in the significations of the particular planet/house without any hesitation. If the sub-period is not there, even then say in the matters signified by the above referred planet there are difficulties in life.

After narrating the results/indications of afflictions and bad placements, you can proceed with explaining the good placements and strong functional benefic planets. Then concentrate on the prolonged transits of the immediate past and/or the preceding subperiod and prolonged transit influences.

This will give you a good start and your confidence level will start getting higher with each and every case study handled. The future is to be explained on the basis of the strength of the forthcoming sub-period lords and/or triple transit influences. Make astral remedies suggestions.

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