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Jupiter enters Pisces on 2nd May, 2010, and it will be staying there upto 8th May, 2011, except between 2nd November, 2010, to 5th December, 2010, when it appears to be in Aquarius in its apparent retrograde motion.

Depending upon the natal strength of Jupiter the impact of Jupiter in Pisces with varying degrees of influences for various ascending signs is likely to be as under :

1. ARIES - It brings the incidence of travel, expenses, celebrations and relocation in distant places. In some cases the move may be necessitated with a view of earnings. Businessmen may open their offices in foreign lands. Strengthening of Jupiter helps and is recommended.

2. TAURUS - It gives anxieties and mental stresses. It gives worries for professional matters/progression. When on MEP, it will cause trouble to children, yonger brothers, business ventures, sources of income and health problems. When not on MEP, it is good for financial gains to father and spouse. Maintain good relations with friends and parents. Continuous propitiation of Jupiter is recommended recommended.

3. GEMINI - It gives new professional opportunities, promotion, recognition, addition to family, new assets, good healthand journeys in foreign lands/distant places. It is likely to bring spiritual initiation and progress. It is likely to bring marriage for the unmarried boys/girls. Strengthening of Jupiter is recommended.

4. CANCER - It brings inimpatience, obstructions and conflicts. It gives new challenges. The lack of patience can cause conflicts and injuries. When close to MEP it brings health problems, conflicts in relationships including with parents. Continuous propitiation of Jupiter is recommended.

5. LEO - It brings in the incidence of obstructions in professional/academic knowledge. Students may find concentration difficult. Child will need more support. Strengthening of Jupiter isrecommended.

6. VIRGO - It brings some amount of relief in the continued stress. Up to September, 2010, one has to take care to maintain mental peace. Parents become helpful to the native. Some of you may relocate or visit foreign lands.Strengthening of Jupiter is recommended.

7. LIBRA - One needs to exercise lot of patience to avoid conflicts / disputes. Health needs extra care. Businessmen needs lot of care. Investments may show losses or stagnation. Strengthening of Jupiter is recommended.

8. SCORPIO - Good financial gains through professional success, new opportunities and investments are expected. Handle delays and obstructions with patience. Strengthening of Jupiter is recommended.

9. SAGITTARIUS - It brings new rewarding professional and business opportunities. Some of you are likely to buy new assets. If natal Jupiter is weak, strengthening the same is very important.

10. CAPRICORN - It is expected to cause set backs in new ventures in foreign lands. Between July and September, 2010, the person may find problems with status, wealth and family. When near MEP brothers, friends, spouse and parents of the person may find problems and new expenses. Continuous propitiation of Jupiter is recommended.

11. AQUARIUS - The transit influence is good for income. Elder brother or friends may receive recognition or promotion. Strengthening of weak natal Jupiter is recommended.

12. PISCES - Good for relief in professional stress with new opportunities after September, 2010. Likely to give long journeys. Strengthening of weak natal Jupiter is recommended.