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"My Astrological Journey, How to be a good astrologer", Knowledge of a Good astrologer, "Qualities of an Astrologer", "Spiritual healing by Good astrologer","Vedic Astrologer & Author" Feedback_Systems_Approach_Astrology", Jyotish Remedies for financial stability.""Jyotish Remedies for Male child", "Jyotish Remedies for Marriage", "Jyotish Remedies - Kavach for good health", "Jyotish Remedies for good relationships" Jyotish Remedies for professional success, Jyotish Remedies for success in Relationships, Jyotish Remedies & Health, "Feedback_Systems_Approach_Astrology", Jyotish Remedies for black magic,"Jyotish Remedies for Business Ventures", Jyotish Remedies for manglik dosha, Jyotish Remedies for sade sati, Jyotish Remedies for financial stability."
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V K Choudhry

In the last week of February, 2015, I was contacted by a person for an astrological consultation regarding the marriage of his daughter. I saw the birth chart and explained him the planetary weaknesses and afflictions in the birth chart. His daughter was born in February, 1982. The sign Aries rises in the ascendant in the horoscope. The Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are benefic (favorable) planets. Mercury, Rahu and Ketu act as functional malefic (unfavorable) planets. Jupiter acts as a Sun-like planet.

Venus is the lord of seventh house and becomes prime determinant of marriage. It is placed in the tenth house but is weak due to utter infancy and being closely conjunct with Ketu.

The Moon is the lord of the fourth house. It becomes additional prime determinant as its mooltrikona sign is placed in navamsa ascendant. The Moon ruling marital happiness is weak. The Moon is in infancy and its dispositor is weak. The mooltrikona sign of the Moon is under the close affliction of Mercury. It is indicative of mental stress due to incidence of conflicts in married life.

The significator of husband, Jupiter, is weak as its dispositor Venus is weak and afflicted.
The placement of Mars, the lord of the ascendant, in the sixth house lowers the adjustment capability of the person.

All the factors relating to marriage are weak and afflicted and indicate inordinate delay and conflicts in marriage. These indicate denial of happiness in marriage.

I suggested the propitiatory astral remedies for the functional malefic planets and the strengthening of the weak planets relating to marriage through a special power kavach with gemstones. The person said his daughter is wearing a Special Power Kavach created and provided by another astrologer.

To generate good healing power, the Kavach creator/provider astrologer should have any one of the following planetary influence in his/her birth chart:

i) a strong or at least well-placed and unafflicted Jupiter in his/her own natal chart.

ii) a strong fourth or first lord in the ninth house or a strong lord of the ninth house in the fourth or second or first house with an unafflicted Sun.

The Special Power Kavach created and provided by those who have a strong Jupiter are in best position to energize the Special Power Kavach and while providing the Special Power Kavach, the prescriber should follow the under mentioned principles:

• Bath in the morning without any bed tea, etc.
• Prayers to the Lord.
• Performance of propitiatory remedies as per one’s own chart.
• Practice the divine way in life i.e. (1) Be content; (2) Increase utility to humanity; (3) Help poor and needy; (4) Be kind, generous and benevolent; and (5) Avoid deeper involvement in sensual pleasures, anger, pride, greed and envy.

The energy power of the Special Power Kavach created and provided by those astrologers, who have weak Jupiter in their birth charts, remains weak. In such cases the help of Special Power Kavach for raising the natal planetary strengths is less or doubtful.

The application of SA for identifying the planetary strengths in a birth chart is possible for those who have a weak Jupiter. But I have doubt whether such people can create and provide a really helpful Special Power Kavach.

In this case the said astrologer, who provided the Special Power Kavach, has a very weak Jupiter in his birth chart.

The matter of effectiveness of Kavach application was also discussed in the Tenth International Conference of SA Astrologers. One of the astrologers brought up a case of one of his clients. The astrologers participating in the Conference analyzed the birth chart and said that the application of astral remedies and wearing of a Special Power Kavach might help. Then the astrologer, who had brought up the birth chart, said the person had been wearing the Special Power Kavach (created and provided by him) for a couple of years. That is my reason for doubting the effectiveness of the Kavach created and provided by those who have weak Jupiter in their birth charts.









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