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Our studies of ancient sciences and experience of application of gemstones reveal that besides medicines the jyotish/astral remedies - gemstones, Kavach, Special Power Kavach and colors - are capable of providing good health, mental and spiritual happiness. The efficacy of the gemstones as a part of jyotish/astral remedies is recognised by the Ayurveda, the ancient system of medicine.

The importance of time, which means the planetary influences at a particular point of time and at a particular place has always been recognised since ancient times. The references have been found in the Hindu scriptures, Islamic literature, Shakespearean era and the New Testament. It is also firmly believed that the potency of medicines and its curative power increases when the medicine is administered at a particular time of the day and in a particular season. So, it is true for the jyotish/astral remedies.

Different planets represent the various colors. To provide strength to the weak birth (natal) planets, the divine science of astrology recommends use of gemstones as part of jyotish/astral remedies for the favorable planets in an auspicious time.

The strength of the planets is raised through the application of influence of concentrated rays of a particular color of a gemstone as part of jyotish/astral remedies, which represents a particular planet.

The gems as part of jyotish/astral remedies represent the rays of light peculiar to different planets. The men and women use them for raising the power of planets besides wearing them for ornamental purposes.

Gems as part of jyotish/astral remedies can be worn in a pendant or in rings in fingers or in an armlet in an auspiciously elected time. They are usually worn in a ring in the following fingers:

Ruby in left ring finger;
Pearl in left little finger;
Red Coral in left/right ring finger;
Emerald in right little finger;
Yellow Sapphire in right index finger;
Diamond in right ring finger;
Blue sapphire in left middle finger.

We indicate the gemstones and colors ruled by each planet. These are the gemstones as part of jyotish/astral remedies recommended to begin use in an auspicious time for particular planets if they are favorable in one's birth chart. The weight recommended for all the gems except diamond is between 4.6 to 4.7 carats. The recommended weight for diamond is either 1 carat.