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V K Choudhry

It is really painful when the useful knowledge of astrology is termed as merely a superstition. In our social circles there is a medical doctor, who had been Dean of a medical college.

Whenever I have received a phone call from someone seeking astrological help in the case of a health problem, this doctor friend would always suggest that I should refer him/her to a medical doctor for treatment. My reply has been that usually people contact an astrologer after prolonged treatment with the medical doctors and that is an unfortunate part of life.

No doctor can tell in advance who is vulnerable to cancer or a serious illness related to the malfunctioning of the kidneys, liver or heart; whereas an astrologer can tell this right at birth. If an astrologer is contacted in advance as a one-time preventive medical checkup, the application of astral remedies can protect people from serious illnesses or reduce the impact of the illnesses. The life style changes and due care can help in keeping the serious problems away. It is not only the illness that needs to be addressed, but other issues such as problems related to the job, progeny matters, marital relationships, etc., etc.

On 29th January, 2015, I was contacted for advice regarding a person suffering from arthritis.

It was reported that an Ayurvedic Doctor who had been treating this arthritic patient for the past year could not make any progress in the treatment. The person could not even stand or walk properly. He was crying out of pain. I asked the person who contacted me if in such cases an allopathic treatment would be the right choice. I was informed that the patient received treatment from many allopathic doctors and their failures caused him to go to an ayurvedic doctor. Now, if we see the natal chart of this patient, we find that there are strong afflictions by Jupiter and the Sun in the birth chart. The functional malefic planet, Jupiter, causes an exact affliction to the sixth house MEP (most effective point) which has caused this serious health condition to the patient at a young age.

The patient started the main period of Jupiter in January, 2013, which gave rise to the health problem. The most malefic planet, the Sun, causes an exact affliction to Saturn, which rules joints. Rheumatoid arthritis is said to be a chronic inflammatory disorder that typically affects the small joints in hands and feet. If this person would have taken a preventive health checkup through an astrological analysis, he could have saved himself from such a serious problem with the help of the astral remedies for reducing the malefic impacts through both the propitiatory remedies and strengthening of the weak planets in his birth chart.

This is one of numerous cases regarding sufferings due to not availing oneself of the knowledge of astrology. Application of astral remedies at a later stage cannot make up for the loss already suffered by people.

Let me share an example of a medical doctor who owns a nursing home. He suffered from a brain hemorrhage as a result of stress developed due to serious mental and physical problems. After his treatment in his own nursing home, he was admitted to another big hospital in his home city on 22nd December, 2013. He was later referred to one of the prestigious medical hospitals of the country on 28th December, 2013. Because the treatment in this hospital did not show any progress for 3 days, one of the relatives told them over the phone from New York that since they were in the city, where I live, they should contact me and request the aid of astral remedies; this was on 31st December, 2013.

In the medical doctorís birth chart, the most malefic planet, Mercury, is closely afflicting the weak lord of the ascendant. Venus, the lord of the ascendant, is the prime determinant of health in this case. This doctor was in the sub period of Jupiter from 20th October, 2012, in the main period of the most malefic planet, Mercury. From November, 2013, transit Rahu formed an exact conjunction with weak natal Saturn, whose dispositor is weak and afflicted. Since Saturn is placed in the ascendant in the natal chart, the person suffered from health issues connected with mental stress and later a brain hemorrhage. The family members of the doctor were advised to perform the peace making remedies for Mercury, Rahu and Ketu. Later the doctor also had the help of a Special Power Kavach. On 15th May, 2014, there was feedback over the phone from the person, who had referred this doctor from New York; the remedies helped a lot and the doctor wanted to meet me in person during one of his next visits to Gurgaon. The impact of the remedies was such that during the prolonged impact of transit Rahu and Ketu on natal Jupiter, Venus and Mercury in the latter half of 2014 no serious problems were experienced by the doctor.

No medical science expert by merely seeing a person can tell that a particular person will have problems in the birth of children; whereas, the astrological analysis can tell this by seeing the horoscope of a person even at birth.

On 29th January, 2015, a family contacted me to consult with them regarding the horoscope of their son.

In his birth chart the sign Scorpio rises in the ascendant. Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Venus are the functional malefic planets. Mars closely afflicts weak Mercury. The Rahu-Ketu axis is near to the ascending degree and it afflicts all the houses occupied and aspected. It includes the fifth house ruling progeny matters. When I mentioned this to the family, they immediately responded that though the person was married in 2010, there was, so far, no child. The close affliction to the seventh house even delayed the marriage of the person. The close affliction to the eleventh house was causing income concerns and the close affliction to the third house was not blessing success in the efforts of the person. These predictive techniques are given in my books and on the website and are applied universally by all Systems' Approach (SA) astrologers. In such cases, the performance of astral remedies generally helps and blesses the person.

I am surprised that people donít have greater faith in this branch of knowledge (SA Astrology) and hesitate to seek advice from it.














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